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Black Friday Plugin Deals 2023: Full List (Updated Daily)

So you’re looking for the best Black Friday plugin deals because you’re overwhelmed with all the releases and are looking to get the most out of your money this holiday season. We’ve spent the last 3 years covering all the Black Friday vst deals as they launch, spending hours updating this article throughout November, December and January so you can find all the best deals in one, easy to search table, with tags so you can find your favorite brands, a certain type of plugin and check if the deal is still available.

We are spending hours each day updating this list manually. It’s a painstaking process, but it allows us to find the best deals for you, and add tags so you’re able to filter through the deals that are useful to you. You will find all of the best Black Friday deals listed on this page, and we pride ourselves in offering the most up-to-date list on the internet. Make sure to bookmark this page for the latest updates!

You will be able to find every Black Friday plugin sale in 2023 through 2024 on this page, including all of the last year’s deals (at the bottom) to get an idea of what sales might drop again this year.

Make sure to bookmark this page and check it daily!

Our Top Picks

Ableton Live 20% Off + Free Update to v12

Widely considered the best DAW available, it's our preferred choice for its versatility. Steep learning curve for beginners.

FL Studio 25% Off (up to 50% on upgrades)

Unique and intuitive interface with a pattern-based workflow. Easy-to-understand piano roll and step sequencer, a favorite when you prefer a visual approach to music composition.

Native Instruments Komplete Select 50% Off

A curated collection of 18 high-quality virtual instruments and effects including the revered synth Massive, 8 expansions and 15,000 sounds. Versatile and comprehensive toolkit.

Perfect starting point to upgrade to the premium KOMPLETE bundles. Grab it on sale and upgrade to Sandard (to get Kontakt), Ultimate or better.

Celemony Melodyne Up To 60% Off

Melodyne sets the standard in pitch shifting technology, offering unparalleled precision and control to seamlessly shape notes with crystal-clear sound quality. While the price might be steep, the features make it a compelling buy.

Cableguys Shaperbox Bundle 73% Off

ShaperBox 2 is the perfect tool to use to turn static loops, samples, pads, synths, melodies… whatever you want into, alive, texture-rich samples that make your hairs stand on end. Incredibly easy to use, extremely affordable, and capable of creating jaw-dropping sound – Shaperbox is a must-have for every producer.

XLN Audio RC-20 50% Off

A stellar, vintage effects unit that injects all kinds of warmth, color & analog oddities into your tracks with the click of a few buttons.

XLN Audio Addictive Drums 50% Off

Addictive Drums sets the standard for drum VSTs. It delivers fantastic realism, flexibility, and ease of use for professional-grade drum tracks.

XLN Audio XO 50% Off

An innovative beat-making playground to help you find your groove and get the most out of your sample library.

Izotope Creative Mix Bundle 91% Off

Includes VocalSynth 2, Neoverb, Stutter Edit 2, and Neutron Elements, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for creative vocal production, intelligent reverb, and rhythmic editing.

Izotope Neutron Up to 50% Off

A comprehensive AI-powered channel stripping & mixing suite acclaimed for its sound quality and ease of use. Significantly streamlines and enhances your mixing process.

Izotope Ozone Up to 30% Off

iZotope Ozone is an all-in-one mastering plugin that offers a comprehensive suite of tools for audio mastering, including EQ, dynamics, and audio processing, designed to enhance the quality and polish of audio tracks.

Black Friday Plugin Deals 2023 (The Full List – Updated Daily)

Here’s the complete list of Black Friday plugin deals for 2022 and 2023:

We’ve included all the best music deals in one space, with a search function, so you can find what you want easily. Use the search bar to filter the entire table below for Particular Developers or Manufacturers (‘Soundtoys’, ‘native instruments’), for types of VSTs (‘reverb’, ‘EQ’, ‘Kontakt Libraries’) & so on. You can also sort all the columns.

wdt_ID Manufacturer/developer Type Deal Link Discount % Expiry

Black Friday Plugin Deals: When Do They Start?

The Black Friday Plugin Deals period starts on the 1st of November 2023, with deals lasting until Christmas, through January 2024. Deals will begin to rapidly release around the 11th-15th of November, with multiple savings dropping every day.

Once the Black Friday deals finish, Christmas plugin deals will begin to drop. These are generally worse than the savings found during the Black Friday period (apart from the 12 days of UAD which are great).

Last year’s Black Friday event went all the way into January 2022, so you can expect this year’s to last until January 2023. You’ll additionally get Cyber Monday exclusive deals after Black Friday too, which is typically when Waves releases their free plugin.

We recommend you make use of the free Waves plugin each year because you can build up a nice collection of fantastic plugins just by being patient. In the years before Waves has given away full licenses to plugins, but in recent years it seems they release a free version of a plugin for Black Friday, with the option to upgrade to the paid plugin at a discounted rate. Either way, these free plugins are still great.

Important note: Some deals say they have ended, but they often extend the dates because the company is getting so many sales. If you see something you like and it’s expired, click through to see if it’s still up – many of them usually are up past their expiry date.

You can expect Black Friday plugin deals in 2023-2024 from the likes of:

Free Black Friday Plugin Deals: Where To Look

Waves’ Free Black Friday Plugin Last Year: Lo-Fi Space (2021)

For those of you looking to not spend a dime, there are many free Black Friday plugin deals that allow you to get great plugins, sample pack bundles, and instruments entirely free.

Search for “100% off” in the table above for all the free plugins

As mentioned above, Waves typically releases its free plugin on Cyber Monday. To find out how to get the free Waves plugin, we have a full guide to show you exactly what to do.

An important note: many companies use these as bait for you to upgrade, or to upsell you to something after, but they’re still good to make use of. You also might have to give your email to get the “free” product. Just set up a burner email and use that.

Black Friday Plugin Deals: How To Prepare

melodyne black friday sale 2021 - 50% off
Melodyne’s Black Friday sale

There are a lot of deals on Black Friday, and it’s important to be prepared to make the most of the season because you can save a tonne of money just by waiting to purchase your plugins during this period.

Here’s how to prepare for Black Friday in 2023:

  1. Start saving your cash now. The amount of discounts on music software, instruments & sample packs on Black Friday is crazy. To get the most bang for your buck start putting aside a bit of money each month, so you have some to play with when those juicy deals drop.
  2. Sign up to mailing lists. Get one of your promo emails and sign up to lists (like ours), so you can get updates straight to your inbox!
  3. Bookmark this page. We update this hourly during the Black Friday period, and you’ll get all the most up to date deals by doing so.
  4. Join our Facebook community over at Whipped Cream Sounds – Music Production & Audio Gear. There you’ll be able to stay up to date with all the latest deals, and start discussions about what to get/what are the best.
  5. Make sure to join other communities. Places like Reddit and Facebook can be great places to find more information about these deals and stay informed.
  6. Create a Plugin Boutique account to make use of the freebies & get the best plugin deals about.

The best place for plugin deals every year is always Plugin Boutique. They hands down offer the best sales and rewards on the market.

So we strongly suggest you make an account over there because you get bonuses for doing so:

  • Tokens
  • Virtual cash
  • And extra discounts

You’ll gather up quite a few tokens if you buy from Plugin Boutique solely this year, and might even have enough to knock a few off some more plugins you’ve had your eyes on.

It’s also great to have an account because they’re always doing deals all year round. They actually give away a free plugin every month, so it’d be stupid not to sign up!

When Is Cyber Monday This Year (2023)?

cyber monday vst deals 2021

Cyber Monday starts on the 27th of November 2023. This is when the Black Friday period finishes. The Cyber Monday plugin deals will last until the 30th of November 2023, with many deals continuing further than that if they sell well.

Where Do I Get The Best Black Friday Hardware & Instrument Deals in 2023?

If you’re looking for instruments & hardware this year, then Black Friday also has some incredible deals to offer here. Audio plugin savings are always more, but you can definitely knock a few off a set of new monitors, headphones, or even an awesome hardware synth.

But where do I find those deals?

Here’s where to find the best instrument & hardware deals during Black Friday 2022:

What About Music Course Discounts in 2023?

PML Black Friday music production course deals

What about music production courses, or learning tools for piano?

During Black Friday, we saw some awesome music course deals including synthesis courses, piano courses, production courses & a load more!

Here’s a the complete list of the best Black Friday music course deals:

  1. Rocket Powered Sound
  2. Udemy (Music Production Course Deals)
  3. Production Music Live (Sound Design Course Bundles)
  4. ImprovPianoTips (Piano Course Bundles)
  5. EDMProd

You can also bet that the best music distribution companies will be taking part in the madness, and the deals they’ll be offering this year could save you a large sum of money.

What if I’m Looking For Sample Pack Sales in 2023?

loopmasters black friday deals 2021 sample packs

As always, this year there’ll also be some incredible savings on sample packs, alongside all the incredible audio plugin savings.

If you want to make the most of the sample pack deals this Black Friday, then it’s best to check out some of the companies we’ve listed below.

We’ll also be updating the complete list of Black Friday plugin deals with samples, sampler instruments, and other music production goodies, so you can stay up-to-date by checking this page.

Here’s the complete list of Black Friday sample pack deals in 2023:

Check this page throughout the Black Friday period, we’ll be updating it every hour of every day!

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday originally started on American soil, back in the 1950s as a seasonal promotion for people to save money throughout the holiday period. Although it’s been around for such a long time, it has only recently become a big thing in Europe.

With the increase in popularity of Black Friday, the deals & discounts you can get in 2022 are now more than ever! It’s a time of year where all the biggest music retailers, software & plugin giants pull out all the stops to bring you the best pre-Christmas discounts & sales.

We’re from the U.K. and can remember a time not so long ago that Black Friday didn’t even exist – so count your lucky stars it has increased in popularity, because the savings on software, hardware & plugins has been exceptional every time around.

The name is said to have its origins in Philadelphia. Apparently, the local police used it to describe the traffic disruption that happened the day after.

Black Friday is now the name for the day of the best discounts and sales available on everything.

What Is Cyber Monday?

cyber monday plugin sale

If you don’t know what Cyber Monday is, it’s a day that usually happens after the Black Friday weekend period, which offers even more sales & exclusive plugin deals.

It was originally called ‘Blue Monday’ and is essentially another day where you can pick up some great plugins for cheap.

Starting in November 2005, Cyber Monday was created by retailers to encourage those manic Black Friday shoppers to shop online – making it one of the biggest online shopping days of the year.

Not that you didn’t shop online anyway & of course with lockdown, well…

This means that all of the deals are only available online.

And while this doesn’t make a difference for plugins, if you’re the type that likes to go to the store to pick up hardware, then you won’t be able to make use of the deals in store on Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday is a great day to pick up deals on tech & hardware, with certain retailers offering site-wide discounts across all items.

What’s The Difference Between Black Friday & Cyber Monday

online shopping

It can be hard to see an actual difference between Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

With so many sales going on, it can feel like one gigantic godzilla-like sales event.

The key difference to note is that Cyber Monday is entirely online, while Black Friday is both online and in-store.

Both sales will have tonnes of great deals on plugins, hardware and new music tech. So, whether you’re looking for a new pair of studio headphones, a synth or a new MIDI keyboard – you’ll be able to find a good deal.

On Cyber Monday, we can expect to see better deals on some music products than others.

For instance, if you’re looking for tech (like a new music production computer), it might be worth waiting until November 30th to see what deals are offered over the Black Friday ones.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for audio plugin deals – they’re usually much better throughout the Black Friday period and span from the 27th – 30th.

Some places even offer free downloads of plugins/software on Cyber Monday, so be sure to keep an eye out for that!

(check back here to see all the updated Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals)

Final Thoughts

Every Black Friday comes with the most incredible plugin deals known to man and 2023 will be no different. To make use of the festive period in 2023, we wanted to give a complete run down of the best places to find all your music deal needs.

This list includes the best deals on plugins, samples, courses, instruments & more. We hope you find this useful and we can’t wait to update this list with all of the juicy savings we’re going to see in 2023.

Be sure to bookmark this list so you can check back on all the best audio plugin savings.

We wish you the happiest of holidays and hope you pick up some awesome audio plugins this year!


Where Do The Best Black Friday Plugin Deals Take Place?

Typically the best savings take place at these plugin retaillers:

How Do I Know if My Favorite Brand Is Having A Black Friday Sale?

Most brands take part in the Black Friday plugin deals, however, there are some that don’t. We’ve written guides for all the major brands so you can know (based on what’s happened previously) whether your favorite brand will have a sale or not.

Does Plugin Alliance Do Black Friday?

Yes. Plugin Alliance has a Black Friday sale every year and has done for the past few years. We would expect to see Plugin Alliance have a Black Friday Sale in 2022, going until 2023.

What About Hardware and Music Instruments?

The best places to check for Black Friday deals on music instruments and hardware are:

Where Can I Save Money on Plugins After Black Friday?

The best VST plugin websites hold sales all year round. Typically the best 3 brands to save money are Plugin Boutique, Plugin Fox, and Audio Plugin deals. However, there are many more brands you can make use of.

We recommend using these lists to find the best plugins and deals:

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