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Celemony Melodyne Black Friday 2023: Up to 80% off

With the Black Friday plugin deals now in full swing, Celemony have decided to join us with 50% off Melodyne Essential, and up to 80% off upgrades!

To make use of this deal you have until November 30th and January 1st 2024 for the upgrades.

Melodyne Black Friday: All Live Deals

Melodyne Edition Discount Purchase Link Expiry
Melodyne Essential 50% off 49$ instead of 99$ 2023-11-30
Melodyne Assistant 50% off
 (199$) 98$: Essential 49$ + Upgrade 49$
Melodyne Editor 50% off
 (399$) 198$: Essential 49$ + Upgrade 149$
Melodyne Studio 60% off
 (699$) 298$: Essential 49$ + Upgrade 249$

Included in the Melodyne Black Friday deals will be up to 80% off Melodyne upgrades. These will include Essential, Assistant & Studio, as well as upgrades from all previous Melodyne versions.

Melodyne Upgrades Black Friday 2023 Deals

Melodyne Edition Upgrade Discount Expiry
Studio 5 80% off 2024-01-01
66% off 2024-01-01
55% off 2024-01-01
60% off 2024-01-01
Editor 5 70% off 2024-01-01
33% off 2024-01-01
50% off 2024-01-01
Assistant 5 60% off 2024-01-01
66% off 2024-01-01

So, if you already have a version of Melodyne, you can save a huge amount by choosing to upgrade over the sale period.

Melodyne are also offering 50% off their entry level plugin: Melodyne Essential.

This means you can get into the Melodyne ecosystem for pretty cheap, and then purchase some upgrades to save money. Rather than buying the full version of studio, for instance, you could grab Melodyne 5 Essential, then upgrade to studio from Essential.

Example of saving upgrading with Melodyne Black Friday promotions

  • If you were to grab Essential on the promo, it would cost you $49.
  • Then to upgrade to Studio, it would be an extra $249.
  • Total = 298$

The original price of Melodyne Studio alone is $699

Upgrading from Essential to Studio this Black Friday will save you 400$ (60%) on Melodyne Studio!

What version of Melodyne should I choose?

To put it simply here are the basic differences between Melodyne versions:

  • Essential – basic time & pitch
  • Assistant – includes audio to MIDI, tempo detection & more in depth pitch control.
  • Editor – introduces Polyphonic Direct Note Access, which allows you edit things like piano pieces.
  • Studio – Polyphony, Quantization, Tempo, Advanced pitching tools & more.

You can find all the differences here: Melodyne Version Comparison

What Is Melodyne?

melodyne black friday deal

Melodyne is the industry standard in vocal editing, pitching & production.

You’d be hard pressed to find a studio that doesn’t have Melodyne installed on one of their computers. And, in fact, pretty much every modern track you listen to, will have been processed by Melodyne or some other form of auto tune.

It allows you to edit the notes of any sample in a MIDI roll-like format. So that means you can change the key of a vocal performance, or just do a little touching up, if it needs it.

Melodyne also prides itself on being extremely transparent – meaning you can pitch a sample to almost any key and it won’t sound hard-tuned, or give a robotic, T-Pain-like effect that is so loved in today’s rap & pop music.

If you’re more interested in that, you might want to check out Auto Tune by Antares.

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