Will FabFilter Have A Black Friday Sale?

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With the Black Friday plugin deals slowly approaching, you've found yourself searching for whether your favorite brands will be having sales or not.

Well, in this article, we'll be answering whether a Black Friday FabFilter sale will happen this season or not. We'll also be providing some extra tips on how you can make the most out of the sale period.

FabFilter Black Friday – Will There Be a Sale? (TL;DR)

FabFilter will have a Black Friday sale. You can expect anywhere between 15-20% off FabFilter products during the sale. You will be able to make use of the sale on their website, or on any plugin retailer.

fabfilter black friday sale

FabFilter typically has a sale on their entire range. So you can save money on bundles (such as the FabFilter mixing bundle) and you'll also be able to save money on individual products like Pro Q3.

FabFilter mixing products are incredibly precise and transparent and are among the most popular tools used for mixing and mastering purposes, alongside iZotope's range.

Pro Q3 should be a definite pick up if you haven't got it already. It's the most user-friendly, precise EQ that trumps all others for clinical mixing purposes. Another one to add to your watch list, should be FabFilter Pro C2 and L2. They are among the most transparent compression and limiting devices available.

Great for adding thickness and squashing dynamics, without adding any color or artefacts to your sound. L2 is particularly good for mastering when you want to squeeze the maximum loudness out of your track.

We would tend to avoid their instrument plugins, as they're nowhere near as good as other products like Omnisphere or Serum.

Did FabFilter Have A Black November Sale Last Year?

FabFilter had a Black November sale last year. They offered up to 26% off the entire FabFilter range, including individual products and bundles. We expect to see something similar to this number, this time around.

They don't seem to offer a huge saving on their products, but this is probably the best deal you'll find on FabFilter all year round. This is most likely due to their popularity.

FabFilter products are the most industry standard mixing and mastering tools, so they can charge the premium.

What About Upgrades?

There will be a sale on FabFilter upgrades. You can expect to save the most on upgrades as these prices commonly have the biggest percentage cuts on most Black Friday sales during the period.

If you're still on FabFilter Pro C1, Pro Q2, or any of the older range products, you can upgrade to the newer versions for a lower price. Unfortunately, FabFilter does not offer free version upgrades for its products.

We imagine this is because a business model like this would be pretty unsustainable.

Last year we saw the introduction of Volcano 3 (the upgrade from Volcano 2), so we could potentially see another upgrade for the plugin range. This means there will be an intro sale on the upgrade, allowing early buyers to save money on the newer versions.

If you can't make use of the upgrade this time around, don't worry there's always next year, when the price will indefinitely be slashed again. However, intro prices are usually much bigger savings than just sale prices.

How To Make The Most of FabFilter's Black November Sale

If you only want a single FabFilter plugin this season, then a 15-30% saving is all you're going to make. However, if you want the full range, it's best to make use of the bundles that FabFilter offers.

These bundles are already discounted, meaning that, when they're not on sale, you save money anyway. With the extra percentage off you'll save even more by making use of the Black November saving as well as the bundle saving.

Look through the bundles and see which suits you most. We suggest getting the mixing and mastering bundle as it contains all the best, most used plugins.

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