About Us

What is Whipped Cream Sounds UK?

Let me introduce myself first…

My name is Harry , I'm a 24 year old lad who lives in Birmingham and I'm avid about all things Music Production.

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I stumbled across my first DAW (digital audio workstation) at 14 and, like many, I downloaded a version of Fruity Loops (FL 12 maybe?).

Image Line FL Studio

I remember not being able to wait for the load up the screen and to start creating music that I'd always dreamed of making.


Once it loaded something happened.

I became overwhelmed and didn't know where to start.

We all know that feeling of overwhelming confusion when we dive straight into something we don't have any idea about, and I felt it hard.


I'm not proud of this, but I gave up at the first hurdle.

Fast forward 3 years (after tossing and turning the idea in my head) I decided that; despite all the naysayers I wanted Music Production to be my life, my income and everything I knew.


I signed up to study Music Production instead of my A-Levels ?.


Everything else was boring to me without Music Production and if something in my life wasn't about it, I didn't want to know.

I even learnt to love a few topics I hated – like science – through learning this craft.

But I'm going off track here.

Anyway, since that giant leap my life changed drastically. I was much happier and suddenly I found that I wanted to work hard towards something because I was passionate about it.

This was new to me (I'd usually work hard, burn out and then give up because whatever I was pursuing made me unhappy).

So I decided that,

I wanted to study at University, and chose to enrol in a Music Production Course at BIMM.

Three graduate students

Fast forward a few more years I moved to Birmingham and started running underground nightclub events, all from promoting through my phone using Instagram.

If you're from Birmingham you might remember them: Gelato (yes the ice cream and now here I am running something called whipped cream ?).

This is where I truly learnt how to make something out of music. Something about this just clicked in my head and I learnt the most I've ever learnt from an experience in my life.

Gelato has since now stopped due to personal issues and having to move away from the rave scene for my health, but I haven't given up!

I'm now working on an absolutely ridiculous amount of projects and I'm so excited that this is one of them.

So, now you know who I am…

What is Whipped Cream Sounds?

I want it to be a place where I can share everything I've learnt about music through my long journey, in the hopes that it can help someone put a big middle finger to the normal way of life (a 9-5 that you hate, but work just to scrape by every month), follow their dream and not stop until they've explored every avenue possible.

So what can you expect here?

Here at Whipped Cream Sounds, I'm going to be taking a deep dive on everything involved in the music industry. From production, talent, equipment & playing live shows all the way to successfully marketing yourself and making a living out of doing what you love.


Here we are at the end of that big story.

Thanks for reading (if you did) and be sure to stick around for daily blog posts, reviews, production tips – you name it.

Life doesn't have to be wasted doing stuff that you hate.

See you soon.

Harry x

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