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About Us

Welcome to Whipped Cream Sounds! We’re an online music production website that aims to teach young, new, budding musicians to excel in their field. Established as a one-man band in 2018, our CEO (Harry) has grown WCS to over 100k visits per month with one mission – to provide the most honest, upfront, detailed content to music producers for free, so they don’t have to pay their way as he did.

harry ceo whipped cream sounds djing
Harry Jackson – Founder of WhippedCreamSounds

What You Will Find on Whipped Cream Sounds

Why Should You Trust Us?

A Little Bit About Our Head Honcho

With over 8 years of hands-on experience in the music industry, Harry has run successful raves, played alongside industry heavyweights such as Max Chapman, DJ EZ, DJ Zinc, and more (pictured below), had music played on national radio, DJ’d on live radio, produced until he hated every song, mixed until his ears bled, created sample packs from scratch using just a Zoom H1n and some sound design skills… and pretty much anything related to music production – he’s done it, tested it, tried it.

Here he shares everything he’s learned from failure to success so you can learn from his mistakes.

Oh he’s also a Music Production graduate himself!

Ok… That’s Cool. But What About The Other Writers?

We only use writers that have years of experience working in the industry as an engineer, producer, freelance mixing and mastering engineer, DJ, or have completed a Music Production University Degree at a minimum.

This means that all our writers know Music Production like the back of their hands and have been trained by some of the most professional people. We think you’ll find that’s the case if you read any one of our posts, reviews, or product roundups.

Meet The Team

Sairam Hariharan

sairam hariharan music producer artist mixing and mastering engineer

Sai is a full-time music producer located in India, and is head of Faculty at D7 Media Institute. He is the most passionate music production guru I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Fantastic at sound design, mixing, and recording, Sai heads most of the review content, as well as dabbling in some mixing and mastering content too here at WCS. Give Sai any topic and he could write forever about it. He has over 10 years of experience working in the industry and has earned both Music Production and Music Composition & Piano degrees.

Gareth Keane

Gareth keane headshot

Gareth is a freelance producer and sound designer from Dublin, currently based in Southeast London. After completing his Bachelor of Arts in Music Production from Leeds Beckett University, he worked as a tutor at the Royal Arsenal School of Music before embarking on a career in film and podcasts. He specialises in mixing and song composition and is also a regular on the London DIY scene where performs under the name Gareth Freiheit. He is currently the producer of the ‘Your Basket Is Empty podcast.

Kristoff Egri

kristoff egri headshot

Kristoff is a songwriter, freelance audio engineer, producer, and sound designer for music, films & video games. He has been playing the Guitar & Bass for over 10 years and specializes in Modern Rock, Metal, Pop Punk, and Pop. He has a degree in Music Production and is currently doing his MSc in Audio Production. Kristoff is the go-to guy for anything technical, mixing, or mastering-related, which is why he writes most of the mixing and mastering content here and does a smashing job of it!

Adam Grainger

adam grainger headshot music composer

Adam is a TV & Film composer who is an avid music theorist. He plays the Guitar and Piano to an expert level, with over 10 years of experience and classical lessons under his belt. He heads most of the Orchestral Library Review Content and Music Theory Tutorial content on our site. Give Adam any task related to chords, scales, progressions, and composition, and he’ll return an absolutely stellar result. Adam is also a Songwriting graduate from BIMM Institute.

Javier Perez

javier perez headshot

Javier is a mixing and mastering engineer who specializes in Rock and Hip Hop, and writes and produces his own music. He is additionally a TV, Film, and advertising audio editor who has been working freelance for 7 years. He loves sound design and is an avid expert in his field, having written hundreds of articles for other publications online about music production-related topics. To put it simply – Javier knows his shit.

More bios coming soon…

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