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A global pandemic is a scary thing, and it’s even worse knowing that we have to stay in inside for the foreseeable future! We get it… it’s sunny outside and all you want to do this summer is have a couple of drinks, light up the BBQ or go to a beer garden. Luckily for …
What is compression in music? When starting out on your production journey compression can be pretty confusing. Knowing when to use it & how it acts on your mix is difficult and it’s often crucial to getting a coherent mix or master. We know for sure it was something that we found extremely baffling when …
Have you ever found yourself searching endlessly on the vast internet for your favourite free acapellas, but not had any success? We have too, and it’s probably one of the most frustrating parts of producing, until you know where to look. Rather than make you spend countless hours scouring the web for all the best …

Who are we and what makes us special?

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Harry Jackson

Full-time Music Producer & marketing Specialist

From an early age Harry gained his passion for music. At just 17 he ventured into the electronic music scene through production and running his own events. Since then, Harry has gone on to play sets alongside house heavyweights, Gorgon City, Max Chapman, Amine Edge & Dance and played large UK festivals such as MADE & A Weird & Wonderful Day Out.

His music has also turned heads of industry professionals, gaining support from UK radio stations such as the BBC and being featured in large playlists of over 20,000 that have boosted his plays and fans over 50%.

Now 23 he wants to share his knowledge with other, young budding musicians, so they can achieve the same or more on the shoestring budget he had to.