Free VST Plugins – List w/Search Function, OS Compatibility, & Tags

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Check out our table of 250 free VST plugins:

We added a search function so you can search for different categories. Just type in something like ‘reverb’ or ‘saturation’ and all the best free VSTs of that nature will pop up 🙂

If you wanna check out the best VST plugins of 2021, check that link <-

Type Compatibility Description
Analog Win, Mac, Linux OBD-Xd is part of a series of free VST plugins that recreates the classic Oberheim OB-X. It has an incredibly rich sound and has random micro detuning, which gives it a unique sound.
Analog Win, Mac, Linux Syntronik is a cutting edge synth that includes 17 amazing analog instruments.
Analog Win Charlatan 2.0 is an easy to use analog synthesizer, with an incredible sound engine that will make your patches sound juicier than a huge slab of filet steak. It’s got a beautiful interface (not usually the case with free VST plugins) and is CPU efficient.
Analog Win, Mac The VK-1 Viking Synthesiser is one of the greatest free VST plugins on this list. It's an emulation of the legendary monophonic, analog synth: Moog Voyager & has a state of the art DSP processing, that will bring crystal clear audio and all of the classic flavours of the Moog.
Analog Win The Minimogue VA is exactly what you’re probably thinking it is… a model of the widely popular Minimoog. Shipped with 3 oscillators, a digital delay, a chorus unit & much more, the Minimogue VA is perfect for creating vintage sounds.
Analog Win, Mac, Linux The June-21 is an emulation of the absolutely legendary Roland Juno! A bonus is that it can read and play Juno presets.
Analog Win Phutura is one of our favourite virtual instruments. It’s inspired & modelled off the legendary Alpha Juno and has an extremely futuristic feel. It’s one of the coolest free vst plugins for rave music, and makes one hell of a chord stab.
Analog Win, Mac Steinberg’s Model E is part of the Steinberg VST Classics release. It’s a simple 3 oscillator virtual instrument, that's great for getting those phat bass sounds.
Analog Win, Mac PG-8X is an awesome vintage, free VST instrument. It’s modelled off the classic JX-8P by Roland & is one of those virtual instruments that get's the sound pretty close to the original.
Analog Win, Mac TAL-NoiseMaker is a subtractive, virtual analog synth. It has a beautiful interface and tonnes of parameters to play around with. Alongside all that, it also comes with built in intrument effects.
Analog Win Inspired by the sounds of the Stranger Things, the K1Ks, focuses on creating a more analog sound.
Analog Win SuperWave P8 is a free virtual intrument that models analog synthesis. You can use it in your music production to that create lush pads, leads and strings.
Analog Win, Mac Podolski is another one of those free VST instruments that doesn't kill your CPU. It’s a virtual analog synthesiser that can create some extremely interesting sounds!
Analog Win, Mac The Stigma is a free plugin that models an old age classic, the Korg Sigma KP-30. It's got some beautifully retro sounding patches you could use in your music production sessions.
Analog Win, Mac TAL-BassLine is another one of those free plugins that emulates classic hardware. It's a free version of the TAL-Bassline-101 & models the SH-101. It's really good for acid basslines & analog sounds.
Analog Win, Mac Synth1 is a software synthesiser that packs a punch. It comes with 2 oscillators and a whole load of built in instruments effects for you to mess around with.
Analog Win, Mac, Linux Lith is a software synthesiser with built in waveforms that have been sampled from a real analog oscillator. This free synth VST is perfect if you’re looking for an extremely phat sound.
Analog Win Arpee2600va is a semi-modular analog monosynth, that attempts to emulate the legendary Arp2600 and does it well! It has a multitude of FM options available and tonnes of built in instrument effects for you to play around with.
Analog Win, Mac, Linux SQL8 is a software model VST of the age old classic SQ80 synthesiser.
Analog Win The Prodigious Synth is both a free synth VST that absolutely crushes bass sounds! It’s also got FM capabilities and an intriguing arp.
Analog Win Monolisa by Omnitaur is a monophonic bass synth VST. It's brilliant for those gritty synth bass sounds.
Granular Win, Mac Ribs is one of our favourite free vst plugins. It's a Granular FX VST instrument that can make some truly interesting sounds. You can use it as a granular synth, create vocoder like sounds & even scratch audio like vinyl.
FM Win, Mac Dexed is one of the best free VST plugins for FM synthesis. It's an emulation of the renowned Yamaha DX7, that can be used in conjunction with the original hardware, or on it's own. A wicked feature worth mentioning is: you can load old patches from the actual DX7 & play around with them.
FM Win, Mac SNYCLA-X is an FM synthesiser. The sounds you can create in this have incredible depth & the interface is easy to use.
FM Win The Lizard is an abrasive FM synth. It's not as good as the other free vst plugins on this list, but definitely deserves a mention.
FM Win, Mac, Linux VOPM is a free VST plugin that's modelled from Yamaha's first ever FM synthesis chip - the Yamaha YM2151. It's brilliant for retro sound, but the interface isn't great.
FM Win, Mac Crystal is a semi-modular software synthesiser that is great to learn both subtractive synthesis and FM synthesis. It has over 90 parameters that can be modulated and an array of built in instrument effects.
FM Win, Mac, Linux Don’t let Oxe FM Synth’s looks deceive you! It’s a free FM synthesiser that comes with 6 oscillators, noise generators, LFOs, filters & more.
Modular Win, Mac VCV rack is one of the best free VST plugins that has modular capability. It offers an impressive virtual Eurorack that you could spend hours patching sounds with.
Modular Win, Mac ModulAir is a modular polyphonic synth. It’s free to download right now, but is a work in progress. There are new updates that keep coming, but it could become paid soon.
Modular Win, Mac Fathom Synth is a modular VST synth, which is available for free download in mono. It's got a beautiful GUI and sounds absolutely incredible for a free plugin. It's definitely worth adding to your collection of free VST plugins.
Modular Win, Mac, Linux Caustic 3 is an awesome music creation tool that’s like a DAW. It’s a free modular VST instrument that’s shipped with 14 modules you can build upon.
Suite Win, Mac Komplete Start is an impressive bundle of free VST plugins by Native Instruments. It's got some wicked sounds & is a must have for music producers starting out.
Suite Win, Mac Hofa System is a suite of basic, free plugins from the full version. It comes with a load of cool instrument effects including reverb, delay, distortion & more!
Subractive Win, Mac, Linux Helm is a fantastic wavetable synth. It’s open source which means you can install it and mess around with the code if you know what you’re doing. It also sounds phenomenal & has a clean interface.
Subtractive Win, Mac, Linux Europa is now playable in your web browser! It's a legendary shapeshifting synth from Reason & can make some incredible sounds.
Subractive Win SYNISTER is another open source wavetable synth. It can be found over on GitHub, which means you can download it and tinker with the code if you’d like.
Subtractive Win, Mac Push is an interesting take on subtractive synthesis. The idea is that you hit the random button and AI will create you a new patch every time.
Subractive Win, Mac Deducktion is a juicy 32 note-polyphonic, subtractive synthesiser. It includes 2 oscillators, filters, 3 envelopes and a load more for you to play around with. Deduktion also offer a wide variety of other free instruments and effects on their website.
Subractive Win, Mac TyrellN6 is a compact, sporty synth. When there's a free synth from u-he, you should definitely add it to your collection of free plugins.
Subtractive Win, Mac You could say that The Free Alpha synth by Linplug is Omnisphere for the poor man.
Subtractive Win, Mac Aquamarine is an incredibly beautiful synth that gives goosebumps. It has a huge collection of textures, pads & synth sounds for music.
Subtractive Win, Mac The Zebralette is another plugin from uhe. They make some of the most incredible synths, so it's definitely worth picking this up and adding it to the free VST plugins folder.
Subractive Win, Mac Papu is a free VST instrument that emulates the hardware of a Nintendo Gameboy.
Subtractive Win, Mac, Linux JuceOPLVSTi is similar to Papu. It’s an emulation of the classic Yamaha sound cards used in games between the late 80s and 90s.
Vocals Win, Mac Alter/Ego is a real-time singing synthesiser which has the capability to create some amazing vocal sounds.
Subtractive Win, Mac, Linux Tau MK3 Bassline is an emulation of the Roland TB-303. It’s great for those squelchy acid basses we all know and love.
Subractive Win, Mac Sinnah is an intriguingly unique synth that’s based on a single oscillator. It includes 5 waveshapes that you can add harmonics to and alter in more ways than was thought possible.
Sampler Win Grace is a lightweight & great VST sampler for Windows.
Subractive Win, Mac, Linux Tunefish V4 is a wavetable synthesizer that has been designed so you can open as many instances as you want, without sacrificing audio quality. If you’re looking for another one of those free VST plugins that won’t eat your CPU (and still sounds great), then this is it!
Subtractive Win Rainbow is a discontinued plugin by BigTick audio. It’s a 4 oscillator synth that covers FM, AM, additive and subtractive synthesis.
Subractive Win, Mac Digits is one synth that stands out from the crowd. Its unique phase distortion, inspired from the Casio CZ series, will have you creating the warmest pads, dirtiest basses, filthiest sweeps and everything in between.
Subtractive Win Chimera is a unique synthesiser that’s driven by noise. You can use this free VST plugin for airy & watery pads.
Subractive Win, Mac Symptohm PE is an incredible synth if you’re looking for a vast array of presets. This thing comes shipped with 1200 + presets.
Vocals Win, Mac Graillon 2 is a pitch correction plugin that has the power to not only transpose but also make your vocals sound robotic. It's so good we included it in our best free autotune plugins list
Vocals Win, Mac MAutoPitch is a free pitch correction plugin. As with Graillon 2 you're also able to use MAutoPitch to transpose vocals or make them sound robotic. A great addition to your free plugins library.
Vocals Win, Mac, Linux GSnap is a free autotune plugin that you can use to correct vocals & instrument takes. It's got a MIDI 'snap' functionality & can read MIDI inside your music production sessions.
Vocals Win, Mac, Phone VOLOCO is a brilliant creative autotune plugin, that's wicked for vocoder & extremely pushed robotic sounds.
Vocals Win Angelina is another free VST plugin by the BigTick corporation. This is a great vocal synth that has 2 oscillators.
Vocals Win, Mac VST Speek is a free VST plugin that models the first vocal synthesis machines. If you’re going for a really retro feel, then this is one of the best free vst plugins for that.
Vocals Win Other than being absolutely hilarious, Delay Lama is an awesome plugin that offers vocal synthesis, a real-time 3D interface and a delay all in one.
Strings Win, Mac Cheeze Machine 2 is what we’d call old skool in the synth world. It’s a free VST plugin that focuses on recreating the original sounds of vintage string machines. It also comes coupled with a vast range of free audio effects!
Guitar Win, Mac Brainworx BX_Rockrack V3 Player is definitely one of our favourite free VST plugins for guitar. Most VSTs try to simulate hundreds of amps with different microphones. Brainworx have taken a different approach, focussing on a few models and making their emulations sound exactly like the original.
Guitar Win, Mac Ample Guitar M Lite is one of the best free VST plugins for acoustic guitar. It's lite version is available for free and it sounds great!
Guitar Win, Mac Ample Bass P Lite 2 is another plugin from the Ample Sound family. This free bass guitar VST instrument sounds incredibly realistic.
Guitar Win, Mac AmpliTubeV4 is a great piece of free software if you're looking to grow your virtual guitar gear collection for nothing.
Guitar Win, Mac Black Rooster Audio's Cypress TT-15 takes a no-nonsense approach to guitar amps and is a fantastic guitar head amp emulation.
Guitar Win, Mac Libra is a zero latency Impulse Response unit that's designed to be used as a cabinet simulator for guitar & bass.
Guitar Win, Mac Emissary is a digital emulation of a tube amplifier for guitar. It's been created to model the real hardware built for Ryan Huthnance
Guitar Win, Mac Nad1R says it in the name... it's an impulse response unit designed specifically for guitars.
Guitar Win, Mac ProF.E.T. is a gut wrenching preamp/stomp-box for guitar. It accurately remodels its real hardware counterpart.
Guitar Win, Mac NRR-1 is another plugin by Ignite Amps that emulates a tube pre-amp for guitar. It's an emulation of its real hardware counterpart built for Fleshgod Apocalypse.
Guitar Win, Mac The Anvil is another digital emulation of a tube amplifier for guitar. It has more of a clean tone to the NRR-1.
Guitar Win, Mac The TPA-1 is an incredible emulation of a class AB tube power amplifier for guitar. It has been designed with versatility in mind and it shows. It can work with any kind of guitar and sound.
Guitar Win, Mac The SHB-1 is an extreme bass head and has been designed for simple use in studio sessions, playing live and jamming.
Guitar Win, Mac TSB-1 Tyrant Screamer is what you need if you're looking to add some grit to clean guitar tones. It's an overdrive pedal inspired by the 808 overdrive pedal.
Guitar Win, Mac TS-999 SubScreamer is a digital emulation of an overdrive specifically crafted for guitar.
Guitar Win, Mac Mercuriall MT-A is a virtual emulation of the classic Boss Metal Zone MT-2. It's perfect for the genre of metal.
Guitar Win, Mac Mercuriall Chorus WS-1 is a chorus pedal effect for guitar.
Guitar Win, Mac Mercuriall Greed Smasher is a perfect emulation of the Mesa/Boogie Grid Slammer. It's perfect if you're looking to add some grit to your guitar tracking. A great addition to your collection of free VST plugins.
Guitar Win, Mac The TSC-808 is another incredible emulation of the real-life hardware unit by Ibanez: TS-808.
Guitar Win, Mac Mercuriall Cab 2.1 is an awesome emulation of the Marshall 1x12 cabinets for guitar.
Guitar Win, Mac Guitar Rig Player 5 is a free effects processor for guitar. It's really good if you're looking to build chains or adding warmth to your signal.
Guitar Win, Mac TubeDriver is a free guitar VST that emulates a tube amplifier for your guitar.
Guitar Win, Mac Nick Crow's 8505 is another free guitar VST that has been built to model a guitar head amplifier.
Guitar Win, Mac 7170 is a lead guitar amp that's available for free download over on Nick Crow's website!
Guitar Win, Mac WagnerSharp is a great VST plugin that emulates a tube guitar pre-amp.
Guitar Win, Mac JAMP is an emulation of the M-45 type amp head in a box. No matter the style you want to play in, this amp is perfect to put on any channel.
Guitar Win, Mac DSK Dynamic Guitars is a versatile acoustic guitar instrument. Offering three styles of guitars including: Nylon, Steel Guitar & Acoustic.
Guitar Win, Mac Ace is a jaw dropping emulation of the legendary 1950s, Tweed, American tube amp. It's also got a large variety of controls for you to tinker with.
Guitar Win, Mac Boogex is a free guitar VST which acts as an amplifier. It's also available in different colour variants!
Guitar Win, Mac Blue Cat's free amp for guitar is a simulation of three different models. It's inspired by legendary guitar amplifiers from the real world that include: classic drive, modern drive and clean drive.
Guitar Win, Mac The HyBrit guitar amp is a hybrid amp that has been developed based on famous British gear.
Guitar Win, Mac HyBrit Series by Le Poulin is another guitar amp simulation that focusses on re-creating that famous British amplifier sound.
Guitar Win, Mac Le456 is another free VST instrument from the Le Poulin series of plugins. It's a pre-amp simulation for guitar that's modelled on famous German gear.
Guitar Win, Mac LeCab 2 is an impulse response unit that has been specifically designed for guitar and bass.
Guitar Win, Mac Lecto is a guitar amp simulation that is designed from a modern American head.
Guitar Win, Mac LeGion is another guitar VST from the Le Poulin collection of plugins. It's a pre-amp simulation for guitar.
Guitar Win, Mac LeXTAC is a discontinued free VST plugin for guitar.
Guitar Win SoloC from Le Poulin is a tube preamp emulation for guitar. It has 3 channels to choose from: Clean, Overdrive, Crunch.
Piano Win, Mac Ticky Clav is a newly remastered free VST synth from Big Tick Audio that was reintroduced due to popular demand. It’s an incredible emulation of the popular Hohner Clavinet, made famous in Stevie Wonder’s hit song Superstition.
Piano Win, Mac Created by some of the best curators of free audio plugins - Bitsonic Audio, Keyzone Classic delivers incredible piano sound. It’s a very simple to use plugin in which you can change settings such as the ADSR, Volume, Velocity and LFO settings.
Piano Win, Mac Spitfire Labs Piano includes amazing piano sounds, but also has a load of orchestral sounds too. It's an amazing plugin
Piano Win, Mac Skerratt London Piano: If you’re into more of a wide, detuned & chorused sound, this Piano is perfect for you.
Piano Win, Mac Introducing Versilian Upright Piano. This is one of our favourite Piano VSTs, purely because of the sound. It’s one of the closest to out of the 5 to a real sounding Piano, but lacks the option to alter the sound (like ADSR etc).
Piano Win, Mac Created by Ivy Audio, who specialise in free orchestra VSTs, this sample bank is an absolute staple for any producer looking to ‘polish’ their sound and is a beautiful sample library of a Steinway Model B grand piano. To use this library, make sure to download Sforzando so you’re able to load the pack and get playing!
Echo Win, Mac ValhallaFreqEcho is a beautifully crafted frequency shifter coupled with an analog echo. It’s perfect for dub and creating crazy sci-fi esque sounds. Add this to your lineup of VSTs… you won’t be disappointed!
Echo Win Echo Master is a free VST by Meesha that focusses on giving a cheap, worn out sound.
Echo Win ET-200 is a free VST echo plugin developed by Noise Industries which includes sound bending flutter effects and bandpass.
Echo Win Shuttle Echo is a device crafted to bring out the imperfections found in echos and delays. It's great for slapback echos and general echo wildness.
Delay Win, Mac Spaceship Delay is a free delay audio effect that features both classic modern and vintage sounds. A great addition to your collection of free VST plugins.
Delay Win Delazi is an incredible host sync delay.
Delay Win, Mac Driftmaker delay is a disintegration device. It has exceptional character and can create amazing textures.
Delay Win TapeDelay is exactly what it says it is: it's an emulation of a vintage tape delay.
Delay Win, Mac HY-Delay is a free delay tool that also has the function of ducking built in.
Delay Win DVS Ping Pong by Dream Vortex Studios is a free delay VST that is great for those stereo bouncing echoes.
Delay Win, Mac Voxegeno Tempo Delay is an incredible stereo delay that has a high audio quality engine.
Reverb Win, Mac Valhalla Supermassive is easily the best free vst reverb on this list. Valhalla make the most incredible reverb plugins on the market, & the supermassive is no different. It's a weird mix between a delay & reverb and we use this plugin in almost every track for sound design.
Reverb Win, Mac Tal Reverb 4 is an incredibly easy to use free VST plugin that emulates high quality plate reverbs.
Reverb Win EpicVerb is another free VST plugin that aims to conquer both small room and ambience effect simulation. It’s extremely well suited from everything to modern drum sounds & vocals, all the way to epic hall simulations.
Reverb Win KarmaFX is a brilliant solution to a digital stereo reverb & features a whopping 10 different reverb algorithms.
Reverb Win, Mac Hotto's Spring Reverb is an absolute must. It emulates the behaviour of a real spring reverb based on some really clever algorithms
Reverb Win, Mac MConvolutionEZ is a free to use convolution reverb. It reads impulse responses to recreate real room reverbs digitally. This is a must have
Reverb Win, Mac Tal-Reverb-2 is a free VST plugin by Tal. It's a super lush and diffuse reverb with a fast build-up time (great for ambience).
Reverb Win, Mac, Linux Prototype Reverb is a natural sound reverb which uses a room simulator to get its unique sound.
Reverb Win, Mac Voxegeno OldSkoolVerb is a free VST which focuses on bringing that old skool sound.
Gate Win A1 Trigger Gate is probably one of the coolest free VST plugins on this list. It allows you to drag any piece of audio in and chop it up using the in-house sequencer. Absolutely perfect for any electronic music producer looking to get that gated effect.
Gate Win, Mac Bob Perry's Gate is a gating plugin that's useful for cleaning recorded signals up. If you've got some messy overhead recordings this could be perfect.
Gate Win, Mac Eareckon's FR-GATE 87 is an analog take on a gate. It uses the same engine as their very own ANALOG87.
EQ Win, Mac Slate Digital's Fresh Air EQ/Exciter free VST plugin, is available for a short period of time. It's wicked for brightening up a master. You use the 'mid air' & 'high air' knobs to inject a bit of floaty top end into anything.
EQ Win, Mac TDR NOVA reminds us of a free FabFilter Pro Q3. It’s a parallel dynamic, parametric EQ that offers a huge range of options.
EQ Win SlickEQ is an incredible tool that’s used primarily for mixing and mastering. SlickEQ offers some really interesting saturation models that add subtle textures to your sound.
EQ Win, Mac Luftikus is an amazing adaptation of the widely known Maag EQ4. Its impressive air bands are able to boost frequencies above the audible range 20 - 40khz.
EQ Win, Mac LinearPhaseGraphicEQ 2 is a great solution to a free linear phase EQ.
EQ Win The SN04-G is a hybrid character 3-band EQ. It comes with the usual surgical capabilities you'd expect from an EQ & also comes with the option for analog modelling.
EQ Win, Mac PTEq-X is a plugin by Ignite Amps. It's a digital emulation of the incredible Pultec EQP-1A tube EQ. Use this EQ to add colour to your sound.
EQ Win BEE-HAPPY 550 is a free VST plugin that has an API-style look and feel to it.
EQ Win, Mac Blue Cat's Triple EQ is a 3 band parametric EQ that doubles up as a single filter.
EQ Win, Mac Part of the free series from Eareckon comes the FR-EQUA 87. This is a high quality analog EQ that uses the same engine as the award winning ANALOG87 series.
EQ Win, Mac MEqualizer is an extremely precise easy to use, 6 band EQ.
EQ Win, Mac SGA1556 is a single channel vintage tub mic preamplifier. It's great for warming up those vocals.
EQ Win, Mac Code Red Free by Shattered glass is an emulation of the EMI REDD EQ used at Abbey Road Studios. Another great plugin to add to your free VST plugins collection.
EQ Win, Mac SPL Free Ranger by Plugin Alliance is an analog modelled EQ.
Modulation Win, Mac Multiply is an impressive digital chorus that includes a wide range of presets.
Modulation Win, Mac Blue Cat's Chorus is an adaptive chorus that can be used for subtle effects or sound shifting effects.
Modulation Win, Mac Adam Monroe's Tremolo is a panning modulation effect. If you're looking for something to pan your sound left and right automatically, use this.
Modulation Win, Mac Blue Cat's Phaser is a phasing plugin modelled after the vintage, warm phaser circuits.
Modulation Win, Mac Blue Cat's Flanger is a a simple to use flanger that can be used to take your sounds back to the 70s & 80s.
Modulation Win, Mac Pancake 2 by Cable Guys is a capable auto-panner that is able to sync to your DAW. You can easily construct your own modulation curves using automation or its built in LFO curves.
Modulation Win, Mac MFlanger is a versatile flanger with sound that is higher tier than any we've experienced.
Modulation Win, Mac MPhaser is an interesting take on phasing VSTs. It's advanced, easy to use interface provides a large array of dials & knobs to interact with.
Modulation Win, Mac MRingModulator is a classic ring-modulation effect which uses two oscillators to get its unique sound.
Modulation Win, Mac MTremolo is great for panning effects of amplitude modulation. It has adjustable waveforms and harmonics that can really shape your sound.
Modulation Win, Mac MFreqShifter is an amazing frequency shifter plugin that doesn't keep harmonic relationships like a pitch shifter does.
Modulation Win, Mac MVibrato is a Vibrato plugin that ships with an incredibly high quality audio engine that can handle up to 8 channels of surround sound.
Modulation Win, Mac Tal-Chorus LX is a fantastic chorus plugin. You can use it to stereo widen your sounds or detune them.
Modulation Win, Mac Tal-Vocoder is a vintage emulation with 11 bands. If you're looking for a retro 80s feel, then this is it.
Filter Win, Mac MComb is a powerful comb filtering plugin which is made extremely versatile with modulation.
Filter Win, Mac MBandPass is a filter plugin for your DAW. It contains high pass and low pass filters with slopes of up to 120dB/octave. It also has a load of modulators you can make use of.
Filter Win, Mac HY-Filter3 is another free vst from the HY-Plugins gang. It's a multimode filter plugin that sounds awesome.
Filter Win, Mac VHL-3C is a vintage high/low pass filter which is perfect for taming high and low frequencies that are out of hand.
Filter Win, Mac BX Cleansweep V2 is a free VST filter by Plugin Alliance. It's a great filter for removing any unwanted high end or low end.
Filter Win, Mac BX Subfilter is great for dealing with low end frequencies. It has a simple interface and gets the job done.
Filter Win, Mac Niveau Filter by Plugin Alliance is a great filter for balancing your EQ's
Filter Win, Mac Tal-Filter-2 is a host synced filter with tonnes of options for modulation.
Panning Win, Mac Doppler Dome is a stereo effect that we love. It's extremely similar to the waves doppler and is amazing for creating realistic stereo pan effects that sound spatial.
Panning Win, Mac MAutopan is a classic autopanner with an adjustable shape oscillator design. It also links up with your DAW to get the right timing.
Transient Shaper Win, Mac Couture Free by Auburn is an incredible transient shaper plugin. Transient shaping is perfect for getting your drums to cut through through a mix more.
Frequency Analyser Win, Mac Span is probably one of our favourite plugins. It's an incredible frequency analyser that can help you find the fundamental frequency of any sound. It also gives you a good overview of where your sounds are sitting. You can use this to help tune drums, find the frequency range of your instrument and loads more.
Compressor Win, Mac Rough Rider 3 has to be our favourite compressor on the list. It's a modern compressor with a vintage twist and a uniquely warm sound.
Compressor Win, Mac Add Xfer's OTT compressor to anything and it'll sound better. It's an aggressive multiband compressor and a must have for your free VST plugin collection.
Compressor Win, Mac MCompressor is an extremely precise & clean compressor plugin.
Compressor Win, Mac ADHD Leveling is a tube leveling amplifier that is ideal for vocals.
Compressor Win, Mac DC1A is a compressor crafted by the Klanghelm team. This is great if you're looking for a warm vintage sound.
Compressor Win, Mac MJUC jr. is a no-nonsense compressor, with only 2 dials. It's modelled on the classic variable-mu tube compression which compresses and subtly adds harmonic enhancement.
Compressor Win, Mac Bitter Sweet is a free compressor that’s main use is for mastering. It’s easy to use interface and great sound make it a must have for every producer.
Compressor Win, Mac MAX1 is a free audio plugin by Beatskillz. If you don't understand compression this tool provides aid in the form of AI.
Compressor Win, Mac FR-Comp 87 is a part of the free87 series of VST plugins.
Compressor Win, Mac TDR Kotelnikov is a high quality dynamic processor which belongs to the compressor family.
Compressor Win, Mac Vladg Molot Compressor is an analog compressor that is great for adding colour to your sound.
Saturation Win FerricTDS is an all in one solution to tape saturation. It’s inspired by some of the smoothest dynamic shaping capabilities shown in high-end reel-to-reel tape recorders and can simulate 3 sonic effects such as: DYNAMICS SATURATION LIMITING
Saturation Win, Mac Softube has the knob to rule them all. It's a harmonic distortion that can be used to fatten up any bass or anywhere you need some grit.
Saturation Win, Mac IVGI is a very warm, soft & subtle saturator. It's capable of both heavy and subtle harmonic enhancement.
Saturation Win, Mac XPressor is primarily a dynamics processor with the ability to add harmonic enhancement in the form of saturation.
Saturation Win, Mac MSaturator is a light tube-saturator that has excellent sound quality. A great addition to your collection of free VST plugins.
Distortion Win, Mac Tritik Krush is a wicked free bitcrushing plugin that sounds incredible. We liked it so much, we even did a full review you can check out ->Tritik Krush Review
Distortion Win, Mac Dr Drive is an amazing free vst plugin by, Audiority that models pedal overdrive.
Distortion Win, Mac Delta Modulator by Xfer Records is a bitcrushing plugin that sounds like the old Nintendo games.
Distortion Win, Mac MBitFun is a unique take on distortion that works by crushing the audio. If you're looking for an amazing bitcrusher then grab this tool.
Distortion Win, Mac CamelCrusher is one of our favourite distortion plugins. If you’re looking to add a bit of colour to your track then this is your guy. You can make use of its two distortion tones, by effortlessly blending them to create an array of different textures.
Distortion Win, Mac Xfer Records 8 Bit Shaper is waveshaping plugin that works by using bit reduction. It's perfect for smashing any signal up.
Distortion Win, Mac Hysteresis by Glitchmachines is an audio plugin for the modern electronic musician. It’s primarily a delay unit that has an incredible 100 factory presets for you to choose from.
Distortion Win, Mac Fracture is a free buffer effect that is made for those robotic, musical malfunctions. Use it on anything from drums to synth lines.
Distortion Win, Mac Glitch from DBlue is a fantastic piece of kit if you’re looking to warp and distort your sound electronically. It has built in delays, crushers, modulators, tape stops and so much more for you to play with.
Distortion Win, Mac Temper is a modern take on distortion. It features a unique phase distortion algorithm as well as a rich saturation stage.
Distortion Win, Mac MWaveFolder is an analog distortion module that has a unique sound. You can use this to completely destruct your sound or for mild enhancement.
Limiter Win, Mac GClip is a digital clipper. It's an incredible tool for harsh, digital sounding distortion.
Limiter Win, Mac The FR-LIMIT 87 is an analog style limiter which uses the same engine as Eareckon's ANALOG87.
Limiter Win, Mac ClipShifter is another limiter that is used for clipping audio. It's clipping capabilities range from hard brickwall to softer saturation and compression.
Limiter Win, Mac The W1 limiter is a god send if you’re looking to save some cash. It’s an identical clone of the Waves L1 limiter with a different interface.
Limiter Win, Mac LoudMax is a limiter that is used for the purpose of bringing your masters to commercial volume.
Mastering Win, Mac Xfer Records Dimension Expander is the perfect solution to giving your sound a spatial effect.
Mastering Win, Mac YouLean Loudness meter helps you find the true perceived loudness of your track. It's great for checking your final masters.
Mastering Win, Mac La Petite Excite is a free VST plugin that is great for brightening mixes, hats & more. Check it out!
Pitch Win, Mac The MAutoPitch plugin is great if you’re looking to get samples or vocals in the right key of your track. It’s a pitch correction plugin that works on making your audio more in-tune.
Drum VST Win, Mac Acid Machine Beta is predominantly used to create acid basses and drums. If you’re into your acid house then this is the all in one solution to your drums and acid basses.
Drum VST Win, Mac The ESL-110 by Electronik Sound Lab is an incredible emulation of the classic Boss DR-110. If you don't feel like shelling out for hardware, then check this bad boy out.
Drum VST Mac MiniSpillage is AudioSpillage's solution to a compact drum synthesiser. It uses a subtractive synthesis model to create its huge drum sounds.
Drum VST Windows Sitla by Decomposer is a free drum plugin that has a beautiful interface and takes simplicity to the next level. It has 16 assignable pads and only 6 controls to ensure that you can dial your groove in as fast as possible.
Drum VST Win, Mac DrumTroop by Dub Turbo is a 16 pad drum machine that has even bigger sounds. DrumTroop comes shipped with tonnes of sounds and pre-made kits so you can spend more time on the important stuff.

Harry Jackson

Harry Jackson

Harry is a Music Producer, DJ & marketing specialist. With over 6 years of experience in the music industry, Harry has played multiple festivals, run his own sell out events, been released on multiple labels & even had coverage on national radio. Harry is all about sharing his knowledge with the world. Being a DIY musician himself, and having faced the struggles of having no budget, time & falling on his ass for years, he wants to share his knowledge with new, budding producers - so they don't have to face the same struggles.

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Harry Jackson

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