Free VST Plugins – List w/Search Function, OS Compatibility, & Tags

Here is the essential list of the best free VST plugins, synthesizers, VST instruments and VST plugin effects:

  1. Valhalla Supermassive
  2. Auburn Sounds Couture
  3. Softube Saturation Knob
  4. Slate Digital Fresh Air
  5. Kilohearts Limiter
  6. Vital Synth
  7. Dexxed
  8. OBD-Xd
  9. Matt Tytel Helm
  10. Spitfire Audio Labs

Check out our table of free VST plugins:

We added a search function so you can search for different categories. Just type in something like ‘reverb’ or ‘saturation’ and all the best free VSTs of that nature will pop up 🙂

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AnalogWin, Mac, LinuxOBD-Xd is part of a series of free VST plugins that recreates the classic Oberheim OB-X. It has an incredibly rich sound and has random micro detuning, which gives it a unique sound.
AnalogWin, Mac, LinuxSyntronik is a cutting edge synth that includes 17 amazing analog instruments.
AnalogWinCharlatan 2.0 is an easy to use analog synthesizer, with an incredible sound engine that will make your patches sound juicier than a huge slab of filet steak. It’s got a beautiful interface (not usually the case with free VST plugins) and is CPU efficient.
AnalogWin, MacThe VK-1 Viking Synthesiser is one of the greatest free VST plugins on this list. It's an emulation of the legendary monophonic, analog synth: Moog Voyager & has a state of the art DSP processing, that will bring crystal clear audio and all of the classic flavours of the Moog.
AnalogWinThe Minimogue VA is exactly what you’re probably thinking it is… a model of the widely popular Minimoog. Shipped with 3 oscillators, a digital delay, a chorus unit & much more, the Minimogue VA is perfect for creating vintage sounds.
GranularWin, MacRibs is one of our favourite free vst plugins. It's a Granular FX VST instrument that can make some truly interesting sounds. You can use it as a granular synth, create vocoder like sounds & even scratch audio like vinyl.
FMWin, MacSNYCLA-X is an FM synthesiser. The sounds you can create in this have incredible depth & the interface is easy to use.
FMWinThe Lizard is an abrasive FM synth. It's not as good as the other free vst plugins on this list, but definitely deserves a mention.
FMWin, Mac, LinuxVOPM is a free VST plugin that's modelled from Yamaha's first ever FM synthesis chip - the Yamaha YM2151. It's brilliant for retro sound, but the interface isn't great.
FMWin, MacCrystal is a semi-modular software synthesiser that is great to learn both subtractive synthesis and FM synthesis. It has over 90 parameters that can be modulated and an array of built in instrument effects.
ModularWin, MacVCV rack is one of the best free VST plugins that has modular capability. It offers an impressive virtual Eurorack that you could spend hours patching sounds with.
ModularWin, MacModulAir is a modular polyphonic synth. It’s free to download right now, but is a work in progress. There are new updates that keep coming, but it could become paid soon.
ModularWin, MacFathom Synth is a modular VST synth, which is available for free download in mono. It's got a beautiful GUI and sounds absolutely incredible for a free plugin. It's definitely worth adding to your collection of free VST plugins.
ModularWin, Mac, LinuxCaustic 3 is an awesome music creation tool that’s like a DAW. It’s a free modular VST instrument that’s shipped with 14 modules you can build upon.
SuiteWin, MacKomplete Start is an impressive bundle of free VST plugins by Native Instruments. It's got some wicked sounds & is a must have for music producers starting out.
SuiteWin, MacHofa System is a suite of basic, free plugins from the full version. It comes with a load of cool instrument effects including reverb, delay, distortion & more!
SubractiveWin, Mac, LinuxHelm is a fantastic wavetable synth. It’s open source which means you can install it and mess around with the code if you know what you’re doing. It also sounds phenomenal & has a clean interface.
SubtractiveWin, Mac, LinuxEuropa is now playable in your web browser! It's a legendary shapeshifting synth from Reason & can make some incredible sounds.
SubractiveWinSYNISTER is another open source wavetable synth. It can be found over on GitHub, which means you can download it and tinker with the code if you’d like.
SubractiveWin, MacTyrellN6 is a compact, sporty synth. When there's a free synth from u-he, you should definitely add it to your collection of free plugins.
SubtractiveWin, MacYou could say that The Free Alpha synth by Linplug is Omnisphere for the poor man.
VocalsWin, MacAlter/Ego is a real-time singing synthesiser which has the capability to create some amazing vocal sounds.
SamplerWinGrace is a lightweight & great VST sampler for Windows.
VocalsWin, Mac, LinuxGSnap is a free autotune plugin that you can use to correct vocals & instrument takes. It's got a MIDI 'snap' functionality & can read MIDI inside your music production sessions.
VocalsWin, Mac, PhoneVOLOCO is a brilliant creative autotune plugin, that's wicked for vocoder & extremely pushed robotic sounds.
VocalsWinAngelina is another free VST plugin by the BigTick corporation. This is a great vocal synth that has 2 oscillators.
VocalsWin, MacVST Speek is a free VST plugin that models the first vocal synthesis machines. If you’re going for a really retro feel, then this is one of the best free vst plugins for that.
VocalsWinOther than being absolutely hilarious, Delay Lama is an awesome plugin that offers vocal synthesis, a real-time 3D interface and a delay all in one.
StringsWin, MacCheeze Machine 2 is what we’d call old skool in the synth world. It’s a free VST plugin that focuses on recreating the original sounds of vintage string machines. It also comes coupled with a vast range of free audio effects!
GuitarWin, MacThe TPA-1 is an incredible emulation of a class AB tube power amplifier for guitar. It has been designed with versatility in mind and it shows. It can work with any kind of guitar and sound.
GuitarWin, MacThe SHB-1 is an extreme bass head and has been designed for simple use in studio sessions, playing live and jamming.
GuitarWin, MacTSB-1 Tyrant Screamer is what you need if you're looking to add some grit to clean guitar tones. It's an overdrive pedal inspired by the 808 overdrive pedal.
GuitarWin, MacTS-999 SubScreamer is a digital emulation of an overdrive specifically crafted for guitar.
GuitarWin, MacMercuriall MT-A is a virtual emulation of the classic Boss Metal Zone MT-2. It's perfect for the genre of metal.
GuitarWin, MacMercuriall Chorus WS-1 is a chorus pedal effect for guitar.
GuitarWin, MacMercuriall Greed Smasher is a perfect emulation of the Mesa/Boogie Grid Slammer. It's perfect if you're looking to add some grit to your guitar tracking. A great addition to your collection of free VST plugins.
PianoWin, Mac Spitfire Labs Piano includes amazing piano sounds, but also has a load of orchestral sounds too. It's an amazing plugin
PianoWin, MacSkerratt London Piano: If you’re into more of a wide, detuned & chorused sound, this Piano is perfect for you.
PianoWin, MacIntroducing Versilian Upright Piano. This is one of our favourite Piano VSTs, purely because of the sound. It’s one of the closest to out of the 5 to a real sounding Piano, but lacks the option to alter the sound (like ADSR etc).
PianoWin, MacCreated by Ivy Audio, who specialise in free orchestra VSTs, this sample bank is an absolute staple for any producer looking to ‘polish’ their sound and is a beautiful sample library of a Steinway Model B grand piano. To use this library, make sure to download Sforzando so you’re able to load the pack and get playing!
EchoWinEcho Master is a free VST by Meesha that focusses on giving a cheap, worn out sound.
EchoWinET-200 is a free VST echo plugin developed by Noise Industries which includes sound bending flutter effects and bandpass.
EchoWinShuttle Echo is a device crafted to bring out the imperfections found in echos and delays. It's great for slapback echos and general echo wildness.
DelayWin, MacDriftmaker delay is a disintegration device. It has exceptional character and can create amazing textures.
DelayWin, MacDriftmaker delay is a disintegration device. It has exceptional character and can create amazing textures.
DelayWin, MacHY-Delay is a free delay tool that also has the function of ducking built in.
DelayWin, MacHY-Delay is a free delay tool that also has the function of ducking built in.
DelayWin, MacVoxegeno Tempo Delay is an incredible stereo delay that has a high audio quality engine.
DelayWin, MacVoxegeno Tempo Delay is an incredible stereo delay that has a high audio quality engine.
ReverbWin, MacValhalla Supermassive is easily the best free vst reverb on this list. Valhalla make the most incredible reverb plugins on the market, & the supermassive is no different. It's a weird mix between a delay & reverb and we use this plugin in almost every track for sound design.
ReverbWin, MacTal Reverb 4 is an incredibly easy to use free VST plugin that emulates high quality plate reverbs.
ReverbWin, MacMConvolutionEZ is a free to use convolution reverb. It reads impulse responses to recreate real room reverbs digitally. This is a must have
GateWinA1 Trigger Gate is probably one of the coolest free VST plugins on this list. It allows you to drag any piece of audio in and chop it up using the in-house sequencer. Absolutely perfect for any electronic music producer looking to get that gated effect.
GateWin, MacBob Perry's Gate is a gating plugin that's useful for cleaning recorded signals up. If you've got some messy overhead recordings this could be perfect.
GateWin, MacEareckon's FR-GATE 87 is an analog take on a gate. It uses the same engine as their very own ANALOG87.
EQWin, MacSlate Digital's Fresh Air EQ/Exciter free VST plugin, is available for a short period of time. It's wicked for brightening up a master. You use the 'mid air' & 'high air' knobs to inject a bit of floaty top end into anything.
EQWin, MacTDR NOVA reminds us of a free FabFilter Pro Q3. It’s a parallel dynamic, parametric EQ that offers a huge range of options.
EQWinSlickEQ is an incredible tool that’s used primarily for mixing and mastering. SlickEQ offers some really interesting saturation models that add subtle textures to your sound.
EQWin, MacLuftikus is an amazing adaptation of the widely known Maag EQ4. Its impressive air bands are able to boost frequencies above the audible range 20 - 40khz.
EQWin, MacLinearPhaseGraphicEQ 2 is a great solution to a free linear phase EQ.
ModulationWin, MacMultiply is an impressive digital chorus that includes a wide range of presets.
ModulationWin, MacBlue Cat's Chorus is an adaptive chorus that can be used for subtle effects or sound shifting effects.
ModulationWin, MacAdam Monroe's Tremolo is a panning modulation effect. If you're looking for something to pan your sound left and right automatically, use this.
ModulationWin, MacBlue Cat's Phaser is a phasing plugin modelled after the vintage, warm phaser circuits.
ModulationWin, MacBlue Cat's Flanger is a a simple to use flanger that can be used to take your sounds back to the 70s & 80s.
ModulationWin, MacPancake 2 by Cable Guys is a capable auto-panner that is able to sync to your DAW. You can easily construct your own modulation curves using automation or its built in LFO curves.
FilterWin, MacMComb is a powerful comb filtering plugin which is made extremely versatile with modulation.
FilterWin, MacMBandPass is a filter plugin for your DAW. It contains high pass and low pass filters with slopes of up to 120dB/octave. It also has a load of modulators you can make use of.
FilterWin, MacHY-Filter3 is another free vst from the HY-Plugins gang. It's a multimode filter plugin that sounds awesome.
FilterWin, MacVHL-3C is a vintage high/low pass filter which is perfect for taming high and low frequencies that are out of hand.
FilterWin, MacBX Cleansweep V2 is a free VST filter by Plugin Alliance. It's a great filter for removing any unwanted high end or low end.
PanningWin, MacDoppler Dome is a stereo effect that we love. It's extremely similar to the waves doppler and is amazing for creating realistic stereo pan effects that sound spatial.
PanningWin, MacMAutoPan is a classic autopanner with an adjustable shape oscillator design. It also links up with your DAW to get the right timing.
Transient ShaperWin, MacCouture Free by Auburn is an incredible transient shaper plugin. Transient shaping is perfect for getting your drums to cut through through a mix more.
Frequency AnalyserWin, MacSpan is probably one of our favourite plugins. It's an incredible frequency analyser that can help you find the fundamental frequency of any sound. It also gives you a good overview of where your sounds are sitting. You can use this to help tune drums, find the frequency range of your instrument and loads more.
CompressorWin, MacRough Rider 3 has to be our favourite compressor on the list. It's a modern compressor with a vintage twist and a uniquely warm sound.
CompressorWin, MacAdd Xfer's OTT compressor to anything and it'll sound better. It's an aggressive multiband compressor and a must have for your free VST plugin collection.
CompressorWin, MacMCompressor is an extremely precise & clean compressor plugin.
CompressorWin, MacADHD Leveling is a tube leveling amplifier that is ideal for vocals.
CompressorWin, MacDC1A is a compressor crafted by the Klanghelm team. This is great if you're looking for a warm vintage sound.
SaturationWinFerricTDS is an all in one solution to tape saturation. It’s inspired by some of the smoothest dynamic shaping capabilities shown in high-end reel-to-reel tape recorders and can simulate 3 sonic effects such as:
SaturationWin, MacSoftube has the knob to rule them all. It's a harmonic distortion that can be used to fatten up any bass or anywhere you need some grit.
SaturationWin, MacIVGI is a very warm, soft & subtle saturator. It's capable of both heavy and subtle harmonic enhancement.
SaturationWin, MacXPressor is primarily a dynamics processor with the ability to add harmonic enhancement in the form of saturation.
DistortionWin, MacTritik Krush Review
DistortionWin, MacDr Drive is an amazing free vst plugin by, Audiority that models pedal overdrive.
DistortionWin, MacDelta Modulator by Xfer Records is a bitcrushing plugin that sounds like the old Nintendo games.
DistortionWin, MacCamelCrusher is one of our favourite distortion plugins. If you’re looking to add a bit of colour to your track then this is your guy. You can make use of its two distortion tones, by effortlessly blending them to create an array of different textures.
LimiterWin, MacGClip is a digital clipper. It's an incredible tool for harsh, digital sounding distortion.
LimiterWin, MacThe FR-LIMIT 87 is an analog style limiter which uses the same engine as Eareckon's ANALOG87.
LimiterWin, MacClipShifter is another limiter that is used for clipping audio. It's clipping capabilities range from hard brickwall to softer saturation and compression.
LimiterWin, MacThe W1 limiter is a god send if you’re looking to save some cash. It’s an identical clone of the Waves L1 limiter with a different interface.
LimiterWin, MacLoudMax is a limiter that is used for the purpose of bringing your masters to commercial volume.
MasteringWin, MacXfer Records Dimension Expander is the perfect solution to giving your sound a spatial effect.
MasteringWin, MacYouLean Loudness meter helps you find the true perceived loudness of your track. It's great for checking your final masters.
MasteringWin, MacLa Petite Excite is a free VST plugin that is great for brightening mixes, hats & more. Check it out!
PitchWin, MacThe MAutoPitch plugin is great if you’re looking to get samples or vocals in the right key of your track. It’s a pitch correction plugin that works on making your audio more in-tune.
Drum VSTWin, MacAcid Machine Beta is predominantly used to create acid basses and drums. If you’re into your acid house then this is the all in one solution to your drums and acid basses.
Drum VSTWin, MacThe ESL-110 by Electronik Sound Lab is an incredible emulation of the classic Boss DR-110. If you don't feel like shelling out for hardware, then check this bad boy out.
Drum VSTMacMiniSpillage is AudioSpillage's solution to a compact drum synthesiser. It uses a subtractive synthesis model to create its huge drum sounds.
Drum VSTWindowsSitla by Decomposer is a free drum plugin that has a beautiful interface and takes simplicity to the next level. It has 16 assignable pads and only 6 controls to ensure that you can dial your groove in as fast as possible.

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