12 Best Mixing and Mastering Services [Best Value For Money]

Finding the best mixing and mastering services for your music in 2022 is an essential part in the process of releasing music.

Without a mix or master, your tracks will sound lifeless, dull, & all the horrible words you can think of.

To get the most out of your music it's essential that it sounds its best, upon release.

And, often music producers will outsource the mixing and mastering task, to someone more experienced, to get a good, overall, balanced sound that's professional.

Mixing and mastering can't save a bad track – you'll need a producer for that.

However, it plays a huge role in getting the vibe and sound you want out of your music.

A good mix and master can make all the difference, and leave your track sounding much more clear, punchy, vibey, and just better.

This article will run you through the 12 best studio mixing and mastering services right now.

What's The Difference Between Mixing & Mastering

Mixing takes multiple tracks and blends them into one track that sounds cohesive, clear, and punchy. Mastering takes the stereo mix, and enhances it using EQ, compression, and limiting – ensuring maximum loudness, with minimal distortion, so it sounds good on all systems, and is ready for distribution.

The mixing process differs from mastering, because it takes multiple tracks (20, or more), and gives the engineer individual control over each instrument track.

This means the engineer can use audio effect processing (such as EQ, compression, reverb etc) to slot each track in its own area of the frequency spectrum – preventing the clashing of instruments, and overpowering sounds from washing over others, that cause imbalances, & a difficult listening experience.

The idea of mixing is that each track will have its own space, or work in conjunction with another, to sound cohesive, as a final, single track.

Mixing is much more creative than most people think, and although there are the technicalities of removing nasty resonances, providing vocal presence, and balancing – a lot of what a good mix engineer will do is creative, and a lot of the sound + vibe of your favourite music is a result of a good mix engineer at work.

Mastering, however, focusses solely on enhancing the final stereo mix, and making sure that it's right for streaming services, physical print (if you want that), and that it is at maximum loudness, without destroying dynamics.

What Does A Mixing & Mastering Engineer Do?

A Mixing and Mastering Engineer will balance multiple instruments, to make everything sound cohesive, clear & punchy; exporting it to a final mix. They will then take this mix, and enhance it ensuring your music is loud, and ready for distribution.

The mixing engineer focusses on the sound and vibe of your track, making sure each instrument has its own space, and sounds as good as it can.

They focus on balancing the levels, frequency spectrum, moulding the acoustics, atmosphere & more, to create an exceptional listening experience.

The mastering engineer then takes this final stereo mix, and enhances it further using virtual analogue and analog gear to inject warmth, character, and maximise loudness, without introducing artefacts. The mastering engineer will also be responsible for making sure your track is ready for distribution.

How Much Should Mixing & Mastering Cost?

Quality mixing and mastering can cost anywhere between $150-$1000 per track. This can get go into the thousands with more experienced engineers but, you can get a quality mix and master, ready for radio, on a budget of $150.

Mixing is going to be the most expensive out of the two.

Just mixing can set you back hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. It takes a long time for an experienced engineer to get the balance of a track right, and if you have a lot of tracks, it can be very difficult to blend all of them together and maintain clarity.

Good mastering is generally much cheaper, and you can get a good-sounding master that's radio ready for $50/track. The more you pay, the better quality service you'll receive (usually). Most masters for $50/track won't pay the same attention to detail as higher paid masters.

If you're on a budget, mixing and mastering shouldn't cost you more than $200 per track.

There are plenty of experienced engineers that will be able to get your track radio ready for $200 and, in our opinion, you shouldn't really get the higher priced services until you start to make money with your music.

Sometimes you might be able to find a less-experienced engineer who is charging much less for their services, to gain experience.

This is rare to come by, but if you're on a massive budget, it might be worth checking if there are any music production university students that are willing to mix and master your tracks. Make sure they are in their last semester, and they have some previous work you can listen to.

Is It Better To Pay For Mixing & Mastering, or Do it Myself?

If you're not skilled in mixing or mastering, and need your track radio ready, it's better to pay for mixing & mastering. If you want to learn, and don't have a large fanbase, or the need a radio ready song, start learning yourself.

The answer to this really depends on what skill level you're at, whether your release needs to be radio ready at this stage, and whether you want to learn mixing and mastering or not.

Personally we would recommend anyone who's serious about music, or production as a career, to start learning mixing or mastering.

However, mixing and mastering isn't for everyone.

Even some talented music producers choose to get professionals to mix and master their tracks, even when can themselves. This is because, when producing for hours, you can get bored of your song, and might not be able to breathe the same life into it, as someone with a fresh mind.

Personally we would learn mixing, and outsource the mastering. Here's why:

You can good mixes in headphones more easily than a good masters.

Mastering requires extremely expensive equipment, studio treatment, and often, you just won't be able to get the same professional result without investing.

Headphone masters can sound good, but will simply never match that of a professional studio expert, who has invested thousands of dollars into gear. And, you can get great-sounding masters from professional studios for $30-50.

For us, it's worth it.

Is AI Mastering Worth it?

AI mastering is worth it. It can give you a radio ready track for a fraction of the price of an engineer. It will be nowhere near as good, or receive the same love and care that an engineer would give, but it's a good alternative if you're on a budget.

AI mastering gets a lot of flak, and there's a reason for that. Mastering isn't really a process that can be done by a robot properly (yet).

However, it can get you the loudness you need, and ensure that your track is ready for distribution to all major streaming services. Sometimes this is all you need, and you don't need a high quality master from a professional.

If you're releasing music as a hobby, or you don't have a huge fanbase yet, there's not much point spending upwards of $50 on a decent master. At this stage, you probably need to get better at making music anyway.

If you have a great mix that has clarity and sounds cohesive, then AI mastering can finish it off for you at a fraction of the cost, and your end result will still sound professional. It's hard to make a great mix sound bad in the mastering stage. But, mastering from a professional will always be better.

Best Mixing & Mastering Services 2022

Here is the complete list of mixing and mastering services in 2022:

  1. Max Honsinger
  2. Martin Kano
  3. Lucas Pereira
  4. Dominion Analog Mastering
  5. MixButton Studios
  6. Cloud Bounce
  7. Landr
  8. Andrey
  9. Sovereign
  10. Kevin Carafa
  11. Mikes Mix & Master
  12. Rob Small Mastering

Human Mixing and Mastering Services

Here you'll find the best of the best professional mixing and mastering services that aren't AI based. If you want your track to sound exceptional, it's better to go with human mastering.

With human work, comes a bigger price tag, but it's well worth it.

Max Honsinger – Best Professional Mastering & Mix

max honsinger professional mastering engineer

Max is by far the best quality mixing and mastering engineer you will find in 2021.

Having done work for the likes of Bastille, The 1975 & Years and Years, he's a veteran at this stuff.

What stands out about Max is his combination of state of the art Analogue and Digital gear, which will give you all the warmth and thickness of vintage analog hardware, but also give you the precision of new age digital plugins.

Mixing is a crucial part of the release process, and with Max's accolades and work, you can put your trust in him to get you most high quality mix and master you've heard.

Another great thing about using Max is that he offers a service which gives you access to the project file. If you're looking to learn mixing and mastering, studying this file will give you incredible insight into how the professionals do it.

Max has a quick response time & turnaround time, meaning you'll be able to stick to your release plan with ease.


Due to the professional nature of Max's services, they come with a professional price tag. But, with everything considered, it's more than worth the money if you can afford to spend it.

Max has 3 different tiers for you to choose from.

  • Basic $140 – 1 song, 6 stem digital online mixing and mastering, with 2 revisions and 4 day delivery time.
  • Standard $295 – 1 song, 16 stem analog mixing and mastering with 3 revisions and 5 days delivery time.
  • Premium $495 – 1 song, unlimited stem mixing and mastering with 5 revisions, 6 day delivery time & access to the project file for learning from.


Incredible analog and digital gear that will make your track sound warm, thick and all kinds of gooey audio goodness.

Fast turnaround time, so you'll be able to stick to your release plan.

Large amount of revisions. This means that if you don't like the mix or master, you can get Max to change it about to suit your liking & needs.

Huge industry accolades, so you can expect the quality mix and master you're looking for.


❌ The most expensive mastering service on this list.

Martin Kano – Best Professional Mix & Master for Cheap

Martin Kano is an exceptional mix & mastering engineer, who is on par with Max Honsinger, but is better value for money.

With over 16 years of professional experience in the music industry, and having won 2 international music awards, Martin's ability exceeds expectations.

He has worked with the likes of Chris Lord-Alge, Coca Cola, Budweiser, & a tonnes of huge industry names, providing his exceptional online mixing and mastering services, which won him a Latin Grammy in 2001.

And, for the price he charges, Martin's services are an absolute steal.

But don't let the price make you think you're getting any less of a service, with Martin's mix & master packages, you get all the trimmings.

He uses a combination of digital and analog gear to inject that beautiful analog warmth, while retaining that digital clarity.

He also uses analog summing. This means instead of bouncing your audio inside a DAW, he uses special external hardware – the Manely 16×2, so you get the best results possible.

One massive unseen benefit is also how quickly Martin replies. His communication is fantastic, and is something to note because, if you're on a strict release plan, you need this.


Because of Martin's accolades, he charges a bit more than most on this list. However, you get what you pay for with mixing and mastering services, and you will get an award winning result from him.

He's far cheaper than the top rated mastering service on this list, but that's only due to location rather than level of skill.

(it's much cheaper to live in Argentina than it is London)

Martin has 3 different tiers for you to choose from.

  • Basic $115 – 1 song, 40 stem analog mixing and mastering, with 4 revisions and 4 day delivery time.
  • Standard $140 – 1 song, 60 stem analog mixing and mastering with 4 revisions and 4 days delivery time.
  • Premium $165 – 1 song, unlimited stem, analog mixing and mastering with 4 revisions and 4 day delivery time.


Analog summing which collates your multitrack session using specific hardware, rather than the digital DAW algorithms used by most.

Incredible analog and digital gear that will make your track sound warm and thick, while maintaining exceptional clarity.

Very cheap professional mixing. This is one of the cheapest, best value for money, online mixing and mastering services we've ever seen. With his incredible accolades and Grammy winning pieces, you really can't go wrong choosing Martin.

Large amount of tracks & revisions included. You have enough tracks in the basic package for a fairly big project, and if you don't like the mix/master, you can get it revised up to 4 times.

Incredible industry accolades, including a Latin Grammy, so you can put your trust in Martin to deliver high quality work.


❌ We couldn't find any.

Lucas Pereira – Affordable Professional Mix & Master

Lucas Pereira - Affordable Professional Mix & Master

Lucas is another great value online mixing and mastering engineer. He's the cheapest high end mixing & mastering engineer you'll find.

Offering a range of digital and analog gear, including a huge SSL console, you won't find anyone better to offer you that hybrid of digital cleanliness and analog warmth.

With over 10 years experience in the game, Lucas has done it all, from Rock, to Pop, to EDM, Hip Hip – you name it, Lucas has got experience in it. He's a full time audio engineer that works prominently with sound design, so you know you're getting quality!

Throughout those 10 year, he's released countless original tracks and remixes, which have done the rounds on streaming services like Spotify & Apple Music – racking up millions of plays.


You can purchase Lucas' mix & master service online. He offers three different packages to choose from.

Here's what is offered:

  • Small Mixes $100 – 16 stems, online mixing & mastering, with 5 days delivery & 1 revision. Lucas will make your track radio ready & it will stand out among the competition.
  • Standard Mix $125 – 48 stems mixing and mastering with 5 days delivery and 1 revision.
  • Large Mixes $225 – 100 stems online mixing and mastering, with a 5 day delivery time & 1 revision.


Top notch audio mastering & mixing with an incredible price.

Offers sample mixes, so if you're on the fence, this can help you decide.

High quality analog & digital gear. Lucas has a range of beautiful analog gear, including a huge 88 channel SSL console.

All genres accepted! Lucas is a versatile engineer and can get any genre you ask right!

HQ audio file, delivered as a 24 bit wav & MP3


Can't find any!

Dominion Analog Mastering – Best Value for Money Mastering Service

dominion mastering - analog mastering service

Dominion (Felishm) is next on the human list because of the sheer value for money.

However, if you're also looking for a mix, then you might want to check some of the other services as this is mastering only.

He's a profession mastering engineer that has a degree in audio & music production and over 6 years experience of mastering any genre of music.

That means you'll be able to send him anything, from EDM to folk music, you name it, Dominion does it.

With over 1,000 5 star ratings, his studio mastering service is among the best available to purchase online. And, for the price, the service is an absolute steal for music producers on a tight budget.

Dominion Mastering, uses state of the art of professional analog & digital gear to get you that vintage audio warmth, without sacrificing the precision.

Here's a list of his outboard, analog gear alone! You can check his website to see more.

dominion mastering services outboard analog gear list


Felishm has 3 different packages to choose from, so whatever you're looking for, he'll have something for your track(s).

  • Basic $30 – 1 song, analog audio mastering with professional outboard equipment & 2 days delivery time.
  • Standard $120 – EP analog audio mastering through professional outboard equipment & 2 days delivery time.
  • Premium $200 – 1 full-length album, professionally mastered using analog outboard gear & 2 days delivery time.


Huge range of analog outboard gear used with digital to give you all the warmth of vintage hardware, without sacrificing precision.

Best value service for analog sound. If you're on a budget, then this is the best mastering service for you.

Exceptionally quick turnaround meaning you'll get your audio master file back quicker.

High quality audio file which will come as a 24bit wav file.


Revisions cost $10 as all the analog gear will have to be re-adjusted based on session notes.

Two formats cost $5, which means if you want digital downloads & CD duplication you'll have to pay more.

MixButton Studios

mixbutton mixing and mastering studio desk

MixButton Studios are another premium mixing and mastering service with an incredible amount of industry experience.

Having worked for the likes of Ed Sheeran, One Direction, London Grammar & a whole lot more – you can be sure to trust your mix in the hands of Mix Button Studios.

They use an incredible combination of precise digital gear, alongside beautifully warm analog pre-amps, compressors & more to get you the most precise, clean mix – without losing any charm or characteristics.

Some of the analog gear they use includes: the legendary LA-2A, API 560, Neve 2254 & other hardware classics that have shaped decades of old music, & continue to shape the modern era.

When messaging Mix Button Studios they were also extremely quick to reply & were able to answer all the questions I had.


You're getting a lot of bang for your buck with MixButton Studios. With expertly trained engineers & state of the art analog gear, it's a steal when it comes to premium online mixing and mastering services.

MixButton Studios offer 3 options:

  • Mastering only $55 – 1 track, expert mastering using state of the art analog gear & 1 revision.
  • Mixing only $155 – 1 song, 35 stem analog mixing & mastering, with 5 day delivery time & 1 revision.
  • Mixing & Mastering $265 – 1 song, 35 stem analog mixing & mastering, with 5 day delivery time & 1 revision.


✅ Combination of state of the art analog & digital gear. Giving you the most pristine mix & master, without losing that warm character.

Quick delivery time, so you'll be able to stick to your release plan & satisfy your impatience.

Expert audio engineers, all with degrees & an incredible list of industry accolades for big artists.

Incredible industry accolades. Mix Button's engineers have done work for huge artists including, Ed Sheeran, One Direction, London Grammar, Example & more!


Can get quite pricey. Although you're getting a great service, if your projects are on the bigger side you can rack up quite a bit of money.

Andrey – Best Value for Money Mixing and Mastering

andrey paschenko mixing and mastering engineer

Andrey is one of the finer mix & mastering engineers, and is great value for money when you're looking to get both a mix and a master on a budget.

He's a music producer, mix & mastering engineer from Ukraine who has the upmost degree of professionalism. Having worked on more that 5,000 online projects, he has been featured on major networks such as Fox, Netflix & CW.

With all that under his belt, you can put your trust fully in Andrey, to return your tracks with exceptional quality and speed.

Andrey works by using digital gear to mix, master & pitch correct your tracks with nothing but precision and clarity.


Andrey is one of the cheaper mix and mastering engineers on this list and offers a whole lot for his prices! Not only will he mix your tracks, but he'll master them and make sure that they are in key too!

Andrey offers 3 packages:

  • Basic Mix and Master $45 – 1 track mixing, mastering and pitch correction of 10 stems, with 2 revisions and returned as a 24 bit wav & MP3 file.
  • Optimal Mix and Master $65 – 1 track mixing, mastering and pitch correction of 20 stems, with 2 revisions & returned as 24 bit wav & MP3 file.
  • Premium Mix & Master $100 – 1 track mix, master and advanced pitch correction of 30 stems, with 4 revisions, returned as a 24 bit wav and MP3 file.


Mix, master and on top of that pitch correction. This means you'll not only get a high quality mix and master, but Andrey will ensure your track is sounding at its best harmonically.

Quick delivery time, meaning you'll get your sweet sounding master back sooner.

Revisions on each package, so if you don't like anything you can ask Andrey to change it.

Incredible industry accolades, meaning you can put your full trust in Andrey.

Great value for mixing and mastering, plus on top you get pitch correction!


No analog gear used, which could remove that warmth and vintage feel.

Only best at modern genres. If you're looking for an EDM, Hip Hop, Rap or Trap mix you're fine, but older genres aren't as great.

Sovereign – Cheapest Online Mixing and Mastering

Sovereign is a new freelance mix & master engineer who is absolutely incredible at what he does.

If you want a really pristine mix & master, for an extremely low price we'd definitely recommend checking his services out.

He's a professional producer that has been working with music for over 15 years and has been mentored by some of the best industry professionals in the music space.


Sovereign is great for producers on a budget, looking for a great value for money mixing service.

He offers 2 packages:

  • Basic Mix $20 – 1 song full mix and master, no limit on stems, with 1 revision.
  • Standard Mix & Master $40 – 1 track professional mix and master, with 2 revisions and 1 project file included.
  • Full Mix & Master $300 – up to 10 songs mix and master, with all project files, 3 revisions and a 10 day delivery time.

Kevin Carafa – Cheapest Human Mix & Mastering Engineer

kevin carafa studio mastering & mixing

Kevin Carafa has over 18 years experience in the music industry and is an incredible mix & master engineer. He's also extremely good value for money, if you're looking for the basics.

He's got a B.A. in music & sound engineering and is genre fluid, so you can send him anything from EDM to Rock!

He's the top choice if you're looking to get audio & music production services on a budget.

Kevin only offers 2 packages – a basic mix and a basic master. The rest of the more advanced stuff come as add-ons, which you pay more for.


Being the best value for money mastering engineer on this list, Kevin is the top pick for music producers on a budget.

He offers 2 packages:

  • Basic Mix $5 – 1 track basic level adjustment, EQ and compression returned as a wav & MP3.
  • Basic Master $5 – 1 track professional master with adjustments in EQ and loudness for optimal playback


Extreme value for money. Kevin is by far the cheapest option on this list, so if you're on a budget, he's your guy.

Analog & digital gear for optimal precision and warmth in your tracks.

1,000 5 star reviews, meaning you can put your trust in Kevin to return a fantastic job!


Mixing is basic. There's not much Kevin does for just the $5. He'll adjust EQ, compression and levels to give a balanced mix, but it won't bring warmth & punch.

Lots of upsells. Kevin has a wide range of upsells for his mixing package so you can get it to sound better. Ends up being similar prices to the engineers listed above.

Mikes Mix & Master – Best for Hip Hop & EDM

mikes mix and master

Mike has a whopping 17 years of experience in the music industry & has worked with a huge number of labels such as Maybach Music Group, Atlantic Music & more.

And, you'd think that because of those accolades, Mike would charge a huge amount – but he doesn't. He's actually one of the most affordable, professional mixing & mastering services on this list.

Also you can use our WHIPPEDCREAM10 code to receive a further 10% off your mix or master (or both)!

When reviewing Mike's services, we found he provided the best result for EDM & Hip Hop tracks, but Mike can cover any genre, spanning from, Pop to Rock, Reggae, World & even Religious.

Take a listen for yourself below!


Mike's services are great value for money.

He offers:

  • Mastering only $50 – 1 track, expert mastering using state of the art analog gear.
  • Supreme Mix & Master $175 – 1 song, 48 stem analog mixing & mastering, with unlimited revisions & social media promotion.
  • Album Mastering $336 – Entire album mastering with, crossfades, noise reduction, album art encoding & files for CD replication.


✅ Incredible industry accolades & experience. Mike's Mix & Master has worked for the likes of Maybach music, Atlantic records & a whole lot more. He's also got 17 years of experience in the industry – you can trust Mike with your mix or master.

Analog & Digital gear. A hybrid blend of analog and digital gear for the most precise, clean & warm mix.

Great customer satisfaction. Mike's goal is to leave every customer happy & their customer service is A grade because of it.


Revisions on lower cost items are an extra $15. If you go for the lower packages, you have to purchase addons for revisions, apple digital masters & additional stems.

Online Mastering Services

Here you'll find the top online mastering services, you can use to get your tracks ready for commercial use. These online tools use AI to make calibrated changes to your tracks, and they do an awesome job of it!

Online mastering services are the best value for money mastering that you will find, but unfortunately don't provide mixing.

CloudBounce – Best Online Mastering Service 2021

cloudbounce online instant mastering

CloudBounce is an online mastering company that uses state of the art AI to analyse your tracks and make calibrated adjustments.

CloudBounce masters sound just as professional as human mastering, but come at a fraction of the price & are done, ready to go in minutes. They're also an Abbey Road Red company.

If you haven't heard of Abbey Road, it is one of the most world renowned studios of all time. So, you can expect that, if they're backing it, the technology is great & it sounds phenomenal.

The online mastering company also allows you to try their service out, offering free mastering to test your tracks in.

Alongside all that, you also get some input on your master with CloudBounce, with options to select different genres, volume, brightness, warmth & bass.


Being and online company that offers studio mastering quality, CloudBounce are excessively cheap. They offer some incredible packages and are among the best online mastering companies about.

Here's what they offer:

  • Pay as You Go $9.90 – 1 track studio quality mastering, with the option to download CD quality and hi-res wav files.
  • Infinity (Monthly) $19.90- Unlimited tracks for master each month, with CD quality & hi-res wav files. Also comes with lifetime cloud backup, which saves all your files online.
  • Infinity (Yearly) $199.99 – Unlimited tracks for master all year round, with cloud back up, CD quality and 24 bit hi-res wav files.
The Best Online Mastering Service 2021


Incredible studio quality mastering, which comes at a fraction of the price you'd pay.

Cloud storage you can use to store all your files on, saving space on your computer.

✅ Instant mastering, completed in a matter of minutes.

15 genre specific mastering styles. Whatever style your tracks are, CloudBounce will cover it.

10 post-mastering options, you can use to tweak you master to your liking.


Not human. Although the AI is incredibly intelligent, human input & listening always helps to sculpt your sound further.


landr online mastering service

Landr is another company that uses intelligent AI mastering engineers to analyse your tracks, and make adjustments.

And, among all the other services out there, it is one of the best online mastering companies in 2021.

They offer professional, studio grade mastering at a fraction of the price that the rest of the services offer on this list.

The best thing about Landr is that it's instant – you can hear your results in just a couple of minutes.

Landr works by analysing your track's production style & references it next to its huge library of music genres. It then creates a unique fingerprint, and based off what it learns, it creates a unique set of post-production processors, tailored to your track.

After all that, the mastering software uses machine learning to adjust all the parameters with surgical precision to bring out the best in your track.

One of the coolest things about Landr is, that you can upload entire albums for mastering & they'll apply audio processing to get a consistent sound throughout, allowing for cohesion of your larger work.

They also offer further customisation, giving you some input into your master & how it sounds.


Landr is the cheapest option on this list for professional mastering. It's also incredibly quick and doesn't leave you waiting around. They also offer your first master for free, so you can check it out before you buy!

Here's how it's priced:

  • Basic $6/month – Unlimited LO-MP3 mastering, with the ability to pay more for hi-res wavs.
  • Advanced $14/month – Unlimited HI-MP3 mastering, with the option to pay more for high quality wavs.
  • Pro $39/month – Unlimited hi-res wav mastering, with MP3's included as well.

You can also pay yearly for these.


Studio quality mastering, for a fraction of the price that you'd pay a mastering engineer.

Access to promotional tools, included with the plan for release strategies.

Distribution included, meaning you'll be able to get your music on Spotify & Apple Music.

✅ Two free masters/month. You can sign up on a free account and get 2 masters a month.


Basic & Advanced plans aren't that great. Having to pay extra for wavs sucks because you need to upload wavs to Spotify.

Pricing is confusing. It's difficult to understand what you actually get for the money.

Not human. Although the AI is incredibly intelligent, human input & listening always helps to sculpt your sound further.

Final Thoughts

To recap, here's the complete list of mixing and mastering services:

  1. Harry Jackson
  2. Max Honsinger
  3. Martin Kano
  4. Lucas Pereira
  5. Dominion Analog Mastering
  6. MixButton Studios
  7. Cloud Bounce
  8. Landr
  9. Andrey
  10. Sovereign
  11. Kevin Carafa
  12. Mikes Mix & Master

Having a good mix and master for your music is hands down the most essential thing to get sorted before releasing it to the world. You want to be releasing your best work, & a good mix and master will ensure this.