The 5 Best Rock Mixing and Mastering Services for Musicians

Mixing and mastering is the most important step in the creation of your song, album or EP, but with so many engineers out there and YouTube tutorials on the subject, it can be difficult to know who's best to hire, or whether to do it yourself. To solve this problem we spent weeks reviewing the best rock mixing and mastering services. For us, Fat Puppy Audio offers the best mixing and mastering service because, for as little as $30, they can turn your song go from average/pretty good, to fantastically brutal. Scroll on to find out if you need an engineer or not, and which engineers are the best for your beloved music.

How Much Should Rock Cost To Mix & Master

Quality mixing and mastering rates can vary from $30 to over $1000 per track. These vary according to experience, accolades, country of residence, and gear, among many other reasons, but you can find incredible quality mixes from $30 to $250 per track online.

The mixing process can take several hours depending on the track and the number of stems. Typically, a rock mixing engineer will receive around 10 to 20 stems per session, depending on how many microphones they used to track drums or his preferences when exporting MIDI.

During the mixing process, it's pretty common to re-amp guitar DI's, replace or mix drum samples, create vocal duplicates to add effects, and stuff like that, which can take a while to sound design accordingly.

It's also common to find capture imperfections that need solving before actually starting the mix, like awkward resonances, excessive bleed cause phase issues, phase correlation checking on live drums, etc.

Good mastering requires only one thing: expertise, which is why in general takes significantly less time, making it a lot cheaper, for lack of a better word.

What Are The Best Rock Mixing and Mastering Services?

Here is the complete list of best rock mixing and mastering services in 2022:

  1. Gabe – Gabewolfmusic
  2. Ashane – Fatpuppyaudio
  3. Havoc Studios
  4. Simone – Silver34324
  5. Francesco – Francescopetrel

1. Gabe – Gabewolfmusic

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐5
Price: $150-$250

best rock mixing and mastering engineer gabe wolf


3D audio quality. Mixes by Gabewolfmusic have great depth and dimension.

Industry experience and accolades. Gabe worked with big producers as well as Grammy award-winning mixing and mastering engineers.

Fast delivery. All of his packages have a 2 day delivery time.

Great service. He offers a fast, efficient service with high-quality work.


Expensive. He offers the most expensive service from the list.

No analog processing. He works in the box with no physical gear.

Gabewolfmusic is the man if you want your mixes to sound professional, wide and with that sought-after 3-dimensional feel.

In over six years of music industry experience, he's had the opportunity to work alongside the Grammy award-winning producer and engineer Peter Katis, who was one of his mentors as a mixing and mastering engineer.

What stands out about Gabe's mixing and mastering services is his sensitivity towards sound, which quickly lets him understand the vibe of your track to reach its highest potential.

Mixing is the most important part of making a song after recording, it's what makes a track come to life and become exciting to hear. With Gabe's industry experience, accolades, and reviews, you rest assured you'll see results.

Another great thing about Gabewolfmusic is that he's willing to do editing and quantization too, and he's committed to doing anything he can to ensure his high-quality work. He offers these as gig extras.


Due to his experience and professionalism, he charges a bit more than the rest of the engineers on this list. But, with everything considered, it’s more than worth the money if you can afford it.

Gabe has 3 different prices for you to choose from.

  • Basic $150 – 1 track, 10 stems, 5 revisions, 2 days delivery time. Includes online mastering services.
  • Standard $200 – 1 song mixed and mastered, 20 stems, 5 revisions, 2 days delivery time.
  • Premium $250 – 1 track, 60 stems, 5 revisions, 2 days delivery time.

2. Ashane – Fat Puppy Audio

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐5
Price: $30


Affordable service. He has the most affordable service in this list.

Includes editing. For the same price, he'll edit and clean up your tracks to ensure it sounds its best.

Stem mastering service. For an extra 10 bucks, he will master your stems.

Unlimited revisions. This means that he'll work on your project until you love the results.


No analog gear. Ashane will only provide mixing services using digital gear and processing.

If you're looking for a mix engineer to make your songs feel larger than life and have massive guitar tones, Ashane is your guy.

Ashane from Fat Puppy Audio is an experienced engineer with an especially good ear for metal music. His portfolio is filled with massive guitars, epic drums, and upfront vocals that make each track sound loud and in your face.

Ashane's mixing and mastering services are outstanding with heavy metal, hard rock, and prog metal.

What makes his services so unique is his patience, as he's not worried about finishing the job to start the next one, but instead he'll ask questions, do revisions, and go overboard to deliver a mix that sounds good and cohesive.

Ashane's sound engineering services are not only amazing but also affordable, starting at as little as $30 dollars. If you're a metal musician on a budget, what you get for what you pay and what you get with this guy is an absolute steal.


Ashane offers one of the most affordable services and the best investment-return quality you'll find online.

Here's his offer:

  • Complete Mix + Master $30 – 1 song, unlimited stems and revisions, 3 days delivery time.

3. Havoc Studios

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐5
Price: $10 – $50

No photo description available.


Specialists in Rock and Metal music. Havoc is an Argentinian studio run by experienced rock and metal musicians and sound engineers.

Need-specific service. They offer three different packages that adapt to what you need for your track.

Good communication skills. Havoc Studios will go above and beyond to make your songs sound amazing when they're mastered and delivered.

Musicianship. This means that they'll pay the same attention to both technical and musical aspects of your project.


Don't take project sessions. For Havoc Studios to mix and master your music, you need to send them your tracks exclusively in .Wav format.

No analog gear.

Havoc Studios is a mixing and mastering studio based in Mendoza, Argentina and they're all about metal and hard rock music. Havoc has a perfect count of 218 5-star reviews from every single client on Fiverr.

They're experts on making your tracks sound brutal, massive, and aggressive, which you can literally hear in every one of their samples. Havoc offers professional mixing and mastering by musicians for musicians, which is great because it makes their mixes more musical and, therefore, more engaging.

It doesn't matter whether you make heavy metal, rock music, extreme metal, or modern metalcore: they're metalheads too, so they will get it, mix it, and master it so that your track reaches its true potential.

When it comes to their services, they will take a few days with your tracks to ensure they deliver an ideal result, but you'll still have your track mixed and mastered within the same week.

They can deliver consistent top-quality results, so you can trust them with a song and even an entire album and trust it'll be in good hands.


Havoc Studios offer you probably the most affordable mixing and mastering service online and each of their tiers adjusts to a specific need.

Havoc Studios have 3 different mixing and mastering services for you to choose from.

  • Only mastering $10 – Online mastering for 1 song, 15 stems, 1 revision, 3 days delivery time. Mixing is not included.
  • Mix and master $30 – mixing/mastering for 1 track, with 15 stems, 3 revisions, 5 days delivery time.
  • Edit mix and master $50 – 1 song with no stem limit, 3 revisions, 6 days delivery time.

4. Simone – Silver34324

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐5
Price: $40 – $130

Simone Pietroforte | Divergent Studios


Industry experience and accolades. As a mixing engineer, Simone has worked with Nuclear Blast Records, one of the biggest record labels in Rock and Metal music.

MIDI programming and editing. If you program your drums, he can improve them as a part of his regular mixing service.

Great analog gear, which will make your track sound warmer and punchier.

Good communication skills. He's particularly known for his quick message replies.

Creative production. It means that he can make improvements to the music production if needed.


No money back guarantee.

Takes his time. He has the longest turnaround time on the list, taking up to four days to master one track.

Silver34324 (or Simone) is a mixing and mastering engineer from Italy and the second most expensive, although still pretty affordable, engineer on the list. He is great with different music genres, but you'll get the best of him if you make metal.

Similarly to Gabewolfmusic, Simone has worked with huge clients from the metal industry providing professional audio mixing to record labels like Nuclear Blast Records, which manages bands like Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, and Meshugga, to name just a few.

He is also the only one on this list who works with a hybrid setup. This is great because he'll use both analog gear, and digital plugins to process your tracks giving them analog warmth and punch with the precision of digital processing.


Silver34324 offers the best online mixing and mastering services from the list. Even with his experience, quality, and accolades, he still keeps an affordable service.

Havoc Studios have 3 different mixing and mastering services for you to choose from.

  • Basic $40 – Online mastering of 1 song, 2 revisions, 4 days delivery time
  • Standard $100 – Mixing/mastering of 1 song, 20 stems, 7 days delivery time
  • Premium $130 – Mixing/mastering of one song, unlimited stems, 7 days delivery time

5. Francesco – Francescopetrel

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐5
Price: $35 – $100

critique your mixes and help you to sound professional


Genre versatility. He can work with any music genre and deliver consistently good results.

Access to analog gear, to give your songs extra warmth and punch.

Reasonable pricing. He won't undercharge, but it won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Takes custom orders, to offer you a service that adapts to your specific needs.

MIDI editing and enhancements. He has a huge amount of sample libraries to pick the right sounds for your tracks.


❌ You need to buy almost anything aside from the stereo master of your song, like stems and other files.

❌ He charges $50 for your project's files, which is a lot for just a folder.

Francesco is a great value, sound engineer. He offers the best online professional mixing/mastering services you'll find.

With more than 10 years of experience mixing rock and metal music, he's mixed and mastered countless records. Not only can he excel with heavy stuff, but also make awesome results with many genres such as hip hop, punk rock, pop music, and more.

He's a full-time audio engineer that will go above and beyond to make your tracks sound incredible!

Besides mixing and mastering, he offers other services like sending over your project files so you can learn mixing by studying the session, exporting instrumental versions or stems, and even re-recording your song with high-quality instruments and gear.


You can request Francesco's online mixing and audio mastering services for your song or even your entire album.

Here's what he offers:

  • Basic $35 – 1 track, 3 stems, 3 revisions, and 2 days delivery time,
  • Standard $70 – 1 track, 15 stems, 5 revisions, and 7 days delivery time.
  • Premium $130 – 1 song, unlimited stems, 7 revisions, and 7 days delivery time.


We know that finding a good post-producing engineer to mix and master your tracks can be daunting, so hopefully we've been able to help you find the right one for your songs.

A good mix is one that balances all sounds in a way they coexist in harmony. It makes people want to listen to your songs because it makes them interesting and exciting, making a decent home recording sound with studio quality.

This is why it's important for you to pick the right engineer because your success as a musician depends on how your music sounds.

In case you still can't decide, here are our top 3 recommendations for independent artists:

  • Use Fat Puppy Audio if:
    • You're looking to mix and master your album on a budget.
    • You make metal music, especially core and extreme genres, like death or black metal.
    • You just want a song that sounds awesome and don't care about accolades and analog gear.
  • Use Gabewolfmusic if:
    • You want a radio-ready rock track with lots of depth and dimension.
    • You make any form of indie, alternative rock, pop rock, or classic rock.
    • You want to work with an experienced professional to get a perfect commercial mix.
  • Use Francescopetrel if:
    • You want a versatile and creative mix with analog gear.
    • You like to combine rock elements with other genres, like hip-hop vocals with heavy rock guitars and an aggressive drum beat.
    • You want a service that adapts to you and your specific needs.

To recap, here are the best mixing and mastering services for rock music:

  1. Gabe – Gabewolfmusic
  2. Ashane – Fatpuppyaudio
  3. Havoc Studios
  4. Simone – Silver34324
  5. Francesco – Francescopetrel

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