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No matter what music you make, or whether you’re a professional, or just a beginner, everyone loves a good plugin deal.

To help you out, we’ve assembled a list of our 10 favorite places to buy plugins, and find audio plugins deals!

Here is the complete list of the best places to buy VST plugins & find deals:

  1. Whipped Cream Sounds (Black Friday deals list)
  2. Plugin Boutique
  3. PluginFox
  4. Audio Plugin Deals
  5. Reverb
  6. Sweetwater
  7. AudioPluginGuy
  8. KVR
  9. Audio Deluxe
  10. Plugin.Deals

1. Whipped Cream Sounds (Black Friday deals list)

whipped cream sounds

Here at Whipped Cream Sounds, we always put tons of effort around this time of year, to bring you the best of the best Black Friday Deals.

This year is no different, and with our platform growing more and more, you’re no doubt going to find the most comprehensive Deals lists out there!

If you’re reading this after Black Friday, check our shop section for deals on plugins.

We’re stocking some of the industries best plugins at the most affordable prices you’ll find on the market, and we price match if you find in any other retailer cheaper – just shoot us an email!

That’s because our aim is to help music producers be better at what they do, and to provide the most incredible resources for an affordable price.

Lastly, we also have some awesome free & paid sample packs & serum presets, so make sure to check out them out, you’re going to love them!

2. Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique is probably the biggest online marketplace, when it comes to audio plugins and music production software.

And no wonder why, they have an immense library of products, weekly rotation of VST plugin deals and way way more.

Whenever you’re looking for something new and exciting, try scrolling through the “weekly deals” section of Plugin Boutique. The Deals section of their website contains tens of plugins, that are on sale, from 20% off, to as much as 90% off.

Quite often, Plugin Boutique also offer extra free VST plugins, with any purchase you make, so look out for these promotions, you can get quite a lot of music plugins like this for cheap!

3. PluginFox

plugin fox

Plugin Fox is quite similar to Plugin Boutique, as in, it’s a marketplace for VST plugins.

In contrast to Plugin Boutique however, Plugin Fox tries to showcase a lot of smaller plugin developers, in addition to the heavy hitters.

Their Deals section is also quite large, offering tons of exclusive deals, to get you on some cheap plugins! You can also earn virtual cash on PluginFox from every purchase, which you can save up, to make future purchases even cheaper!

Whether you’re looking for the best current deals, paid plugins, synth presets or anything else, try PluginFox!

4. Audio Plugin Deals

audio plugin deals

If you’re looking for the best and most comprehensive resources on the latest deals, Audio Plugin Deals is probably the place to go. It’s literally in the name!

Audio Plugin Deals have an awesome Shop as well, where you can purchase a lot of awesome plugins, as well as browse the vast library of stuff.

Additionally, their awesome Free plugins section has tons of Free vst plugins you can download right now!

So if cheap and free stuff is what you’re looking for, check out Audio Plugin Deals, you won’t regret it!

5. Reverb


One of the most popular marketplaces for everything music, Reverb features not only second hand instruments, but also some of the best deals on premium plugins out there!

Not only that, they have an awesome selection of Free Downloads you can check out. Everything from Elektron sample packs, to interesting VST synths and more, can be found of Reverbs Free section.

Additionally, they have quite a lot of Reverb Exclusives, as well as rotating sales and deals, so checking them out is a must!

That being said, Reverb is still 99% about hardware instruments, so their Software selection isn’t as massive as it could be!

6. Sweetwater

Sweetwater music shop

Sweetwater is the largest online music store in North America! Unlike other websites on our list, Sweetwater is probably the most versatile and expansive online music production store.

From MIDI Keyboards, Guitars and Live Sound, to Plug-ins, sample packs and more, Sweetwater is one of the only “one-stop-shops” for musicians.

There is also a “Deals” section on their webpage, which is full of deals for both hardware and software produts. There are constantly deals going on, and new ones added almost daily, so it’s well worth checking Sweetwater out!

7. Audio Plugin Guy

audio plugin guy

An awesome webpage for those who love music plugins, Audio Plugin Guy is a good place to find awesome Deals, Freebies and Reviews.

Audio Plugin Guy has what they call the “Ultimate Plugin Deals List” which is full of great prices and awesome plugins. They weren’t kidding either, and this is easily the largest library of plugin discounts from the best music software companies, out there.

Their freebies section is also awesome, full of lists and top 10’s about Free plugins, so if you like a good free plugin, check it out.

Well worth having a look at, Audio Plugin Guy is one of the best resources for VST plugin deals online!

kvr audio

8. KVR

The massive KVR plugin library is something that a lot of music producers have gotten to know very well. In addition to free plugins you can’t find anywhere else you also get specific plugins from large companies too.

The KVR Marketplace has 369 Exclusive Deals currently going on, so it’s well worth jumping in and having a browse.

The KVRDeals E-mail list is also cool, if you want to be always up to date with all the exlcusive KVR Deals.

With hundreds of deals, and more on the way, the KVR marketplace deserves your attention!

8. Audio Deluxe

image 3

Audio Deluxe is another awesome marketplace of plugins, full od the best software out there, from DAW’s to iZotope plugins, and way more!

Their Hot Deals section is a great place to find exclusive deals, that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. A lot of their deals are more than 50% off, so if you’re looking for some new plugins, this is a great website to check out!

Audio Deluxe also feature a lot of the Waves plugins and bundles, with better prices than most other web pages. Arguably the best place to get Waves plugins, outside of Waves themselves, Audio Deluxe is a good place to get a deal!



It’s written in the name, Plugin.Deals is all about getting you a great deal on samples, daw software, plugins and much more!

Their “Best Audio Plugin Deals” page has a monthly rotation of the best bargains and biggest discounts, for you to take advantage of. Additionally, they also have a nice selection of free plugins on offer!

Aside from software, Plugin.Deals can also get you a great deal on Hardware as well, with an entire section of the website dedicated to Hardware Deals.

While their Deals aren’t always the most up-to-date, Plugin.Deals always has something on offer that you can’t find anywhere else, and the Hardware Deals are an even rarer occurance.

Finishing Up

Whether you’re looking for a solid, dependable online VST plugin marketplace, or just trying to find the best deal and bargain out there, there’s always a good resource out there!

We’ve tried to cover both the largest companies and the smaller blogs, to give you the most versatility when browsing through the best deals on the internet!

If you haven’t found a Deal you were looking for, consider checking out our Black Friday Plugin Deals Lists!

If you enjoyed this article, make sure to check out some of our other awesome lists, tutorials and reviews!

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