The 6 Best Hip Hop Mixing and Mastering Services for Musicians

Whether you're a Hip-Hop artist who works alone or someone who works with a producer to lay down your beats, you need to get your tracks mixed and mastered. Without a mix or master, your tracks will most likely sound lifeless, dull, and unbalanced. While any audio engineer could *theoretically* do this, it's best to find an engineer who has worked with Hip-Hop artists (they understand the genre better than anyone). That's why we got one of our mixing and mastering engineers to spend weeks testing and diving into Hip Hop mixing and mastering services to find the very best service for you.

Quick Note: Mixing and mastering can't save a bad track – you'll need a producer for that.

That being said, when you work with a professional Hip-Hop mix engineer, he'll be quick to point out the issues your production has. Having such a refined pair of ears critique, fix, and master your track is essential if you want listeners to enjoy your music.

What Are The Best Hip Hop Mixing and Mastering Services?

Here is the complete list of the best Hip Hop mixing and mastering services:

  1. Alex Reverberi
  2. Shorttonpro
  3. Marcelo Mascetti
  4. Master Fade Music
  5. Luis Canción
  6. Andrey Paschenko

1. Alex Reverberi – Grammy Award Winning Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Price: $150-$395

hip hop mastering engineer alex reverberi


✅ Grammy award-winning Engineer. His accolades speak for themselves.

✅ Versatility. You can work with him outside of Hip-Hop too. He's worked on Jazz, Rap, Urban, etc. and understands music very well.

✅ Analogue emulation plugins used. With UAD plugins that are identical to the original hardware, expect all the warmth and character that analogue gear provides.

✅ Quick turnaround. With 5, 6, and 7 days delivery times for the 3 packages offered, you'll be able to get your projects within a week.


❌ No Analogue Hardware is Used. Analogue emulation plugins in such experienced hands are nearly indiscernible, but some still desire real analogue hardware. Alex is not your man if you're looking for pure analogue mojo.

With over 30 years of experience in the field, Alex has worked with some of the finest artists of the '90s and the early ‘2000s. Alex has worked on Eminem‘s The Eminem Show album and Speakerboxxx/The Love Below album by the OutKast. These two Grammy-winning albums have sold more than 21 Million copies combined.

Since graduating from the prestigious Musicians Institute (MI) in Hollywood in the early '90s, Alex has had no time to look back. Working with the likes of Limp Bizkit, Whitney Houston, and Shakira, Alex's career has gone from one milestone to the next. After enjoying his time in the sun, Alex has decided to focus on budding artists.

Wanting to bring all his wisdom and professionalism to help develop independent talent and unsigned artists, Alex is now operating as a freelance engineer. Working from his home studio allows him to offer rates which are affordable for upcoming artists.


The prices that Alex offers are a steal, considering the experience he brings to the table. His accolades speak for themselves and set him in a league of his own.

With such an impressive portfolio, Alex could easily be charging upwards of $1000 per project.

Alex has 3 different pricing tiers which include mixing and mastering:

  • Basic $150 – 1 track (up to 4 minutes length), 5 stems, 3 revisions, 5-day delivery.
  • Standard $195 – 1 track, 15 stems, 3 revisions, 6-day delivery time.
  • Premium $395 – 1 track, ∞ stems, 3 revisions, 7-day delivery.

Alex has worked with the likes of:

  • Eminem
  • Shakira
  • Limp Bizkit
  • Outkast – Hey Ya
  • Whitney Houston – One Wish
  • Universal Music
  • and more

The only downside to Alex is that he currently works in the box. He compensates for that by using the Universal Audio plugins for adding analogue colour.

2. Shorttonpro – Berklee Graduate/ Specialized Mastering Engineer

Rating: Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Price: $104-$520.

best hip hop mastering engineer


✅ Excellent Client Feedback. Having 407 five-star reviews out of 408 speaks volumes about his customer satisfaction.

✅ Hip-Hop specific plans. The $157 Basic plan offers 3 vocal stem options for mixing & mastering which are designed specifically for a hip hop song.

✅ Analogue Hardware options. For $30 extra, you get Fairchild, Pultec, and GML analogue clones on your tracks.

✅ Quick turnaround. With 3, 4, and 5-day delivery times for the 3 packages offered, the turnaround time is staggering.


❌ Overpriced. Everything other than the ‘Basic' plan is a bit overpriced.

As a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Berklee College of Music and professional mastering engineer, Shorttonpro has ears that have grown refined over years of experience. Having mixed and mastered hundreds of tracks for clients online, he has 407 five-star client reviews out of 408.

Using excellent Forssell converters and the Pelonis 4288 for everyday work, Shorttonpro has his monitoring well set up. Providing analogue hardware mastering for $30 extra, Shorttonpro will use the revered Fairchild, Pultec, and GML analogue clones on your tracks if needed.

While he has an excellent track record, he doesn't have big names to show. Although he's worked with Netflix, New Balance, State of Alaska, and Studio Fontana, you don't get A-list hip-hop or rap artists on his portfolio the way you get with Alex Reverberi, Master Fade Music or Luis Canción for a similar price.

Shorttonpro has worked with the likes of:

  • Netflix
  • New Balance
  • State of Alaska
  • Studio Fontana
  • and more.


Shorttonpro's 3 vocal stems option for mixing & mastering are designed specifically for Hip-Hop projects. While he caters to all genres, his pricing is quite high.

Shorttonpro offers mixing and mastering & mastering separately:

  • Only Mastering $104 – 1 track (up to 6 minutes length), 2 revisions, 3-day delivery.
  • Mixing & Mastering:
  • Basic $157 – 1 track, 1-3 vocal stems, 2 revisions, 3-day delivery.
  • Standard $315 – Vocal Tuning, Up to 20 stems, 3 revisions, 4-day delivery.
  • Premium $520 – Tuning, Alternate versions, ∞ stems, ∞ revisions, 5-day delivery.

3. Marcelo Mascetti – Experienced Mid-Range Mixing And Mastering Engineer

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Price: $104-$1260.

Beginning his recording career in 2000 as a recording assistant and resident engineer at “El Pie Recording Studios”, Marcelo has moved on from one studio to another to finally have his studio called “Limonhero Estudio”.

While he does use analogue gear, they aren't top-of-the-line models which can transform your sound. That being said, he does use the Kush Audio Clariphonic Eq, which is a high-end EQ from the list of analogue gear he's mentioned.

Marcelo uses UAD plugins, along with Waves to work on your projects. Along with two decades of experience, Marcelo is excellent at communication and grasping his client's needs.

Marcelo is your man if you're looking for a mid-priced engineer with decent analogue gear who has years of experience to show. His only drawback is that he doesn't have any top Hip-Hop artists listed on his portfolio.


Marcelo's prices are a steal, taking into account his vast experience of 22 years in the field. But don't equate the rates he charges to his quality as living in Buenos Aires is way cheaper than living in Los Angeles!

Marcelo offers mixing and mastering packages according to your projects:

  • Basic $104 – 1 track, analogue gear, 3 revisions, 7-day delivery.
  • Standard $524 – Up to 5 tracks, analogue gear, 5 revisions, 21-day delivery.
  • Premium $1260 – Up to 12 tracks, analogue gear, 9 revisions, 30-day delivery.


✅ Two Decades Of Experience. His vast experience of 22 years in the field is invaluable.

✅ Best Mid-Priced Engineer. Marcelo offers experience at a price that is hard to beat.

✅ Analogue Hardware used. He generally uses medium-priced analogue gear on your projects. The Kush Audio Clariphonic Eq, which is a high-end EQ is a standout.

✅ Extremely Affordable. Whether it's a single track, an EP, or a full album, his rates remain highly affordable and accessible for all.


❌ Can't think of any!

4. Master Fade Music – Experienced Mixing And Mastering Engineers

Rating: Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Price: $210-$514.

master fade music experienced hip hop mastering engineers


✅ Analogue Hardware options. Excellent collection of analogue hardware gear to be used on your tracks.

✅ Live Stream your mix session. They provide options where you can watch a live stream of your mix session as it's being done.

✅ Hip-Hop specific production plans. The $525 Hip-Hop music production plan offers complete production services for your hip-hop track. This works out fairly reasonable compared to their Premium mix and master plans. 


❌ Overpriced. Everything other than the ‘Basic' plan is a bit overpriced, which makes it out of reach for a lot of artists.

With a combined experience of more than 25 years in the music industry, Master Fade Music has a stellar reputation. Operating from GFM Recording Studios in Kansas City, the duo has an enviable analogue hardware collection.

Offering a custom three-dimensional, highly polished mastering service on their ”Premium Master” the duo provide cutting-edge mastering which has your tracks ready for worldwide distribution.

Other than the usual mixing and mastering, Master Fade Studio also provide Hip-Hop music production services. With no limit on the number of tracks, Master Fade promises to produce your Hip Hop track, inclusive of mixing and mastering for $514.

Also providing options where you can watch a live stream of your mix session as it's being done, the duo offer innovative plans to suit your needs.

Master Fade Music has worked with the likes of:

  • Snoop Dogg
  • Wiz Khalifa
  • Busta Rhymes
  • Wu Tang Clan
  • T-Rell
  • Rolling Stones India
  • Motel 32 (Platinum Film Score Recording)
  • and more


All the plans other than the ‘Basic' plan seem a bit overpriced. But that's the price you pay for experienced hands operating high-end analogue gear. And, with everything considered, it’s more than worth the money if you can afford to spend it.

Master Fade Music has 3 different pricing tiers which include mixing and mastering:

  • Basic $210 – 1 track, up to 10 stems, analogue gear, 3 revisions, 5-day delivery, basic master.
  • Standard $367 – 1 track, up to 30 stems, analogue gear, 3 revisions, 7-day delivery, cutting-edge master.
  • Premium $422 – 1 track, up to 50 stems, analogue gear, 3 revisions, 10-day delivery, cutting-edge master, additional production if necessary.

5. Luis Canción – 4-Time Award-Nominated Producer and Mix & Master Engineer:

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Price: $105-$472.

luis cancion nominated mix and master engineer


✅ Tracks mixed on an SSL console. Getting your tracks mixed on an SSL console by such experienced hands alone is worth the price in most cases.

✅ 4 Time Award-Nominated Mix Engineer and Producer. His commercial recognition adds to his weight.

✅ Hip-Hop specific plans. The $262 Standard Vocal Mixing & Mastering Plan is very well suited for Hip-Hop artists. With options for up to 15 stems, Luis would also tune your vocals, besides mastering them to industry standards. 

✅ Quick turnaround. With 2, 4, and 5 days delivery times for the 3 packages offered, Luis is the quickest amongst all the services reviewed.


❌ Overpriced. Everything other than the ‘Basic' plan is a bit overpriced, which makes it out of reach for a lot of artists.

Being a 4 Time Award-Nominated Mix Engineer and Producer, Luis Cancion has worked with some of the biggest labels and names in the music industry. Snoop Dogg, Social Club Misfits, Blanca, Lecrae, and Andy Mineo are a few of the many big names on his list.

Working with Universal, Capitol Records, Interscope, and Curb Records, Luis has got the chance to work on some reputable projects. He has worked with the Social Club Misfits on the “feared by hell” album and with MARTY, on the “Marty for president album”, both on Capitol Records.

Working with commercially successful labels has landed Luis with the knack of making a “Hit”. Luis guarantees to put your master on par with the top hip-hop artists because he knows exactly how to balance your mix and tune your vocals.

Luis Canción has worked with the likes of:

  • Snoop Dogg
  • Universal Records
  • Capitol Records
  • UFC
  • Netflix
  • Social Club Misfits
  • Blanca
  • Lecrae
  • Andy Mineo
  • and more.


Getting your tracks mixed on an SSL console alone is worth the price in most cases. Luis mixes with ‘in-the-box plugins' and analogue ones to shape your sound. Though his prices may be high, his investment in analogue gear and years spent honing his skills is worth considering.

Luis Canción has 3 different pricing tiers which include mixing and mastering:

  • Basic $105 – Only Mastering – 1 track, Mastering using analogue gear, 1 revision, 2-day delivery, stereo master ready for release.
  • Standard $262 Vocal Mixing & Mastering – 1 track, up to 15 stems, mixed through the SSL, analogue gear, includes vocal tuning, 1 revision, 4-day delivery, perfect for Hip-Hop artists.
  • Premium $472 –Full Song Mixing & Mastering – 1 track, no limit on stems, analogue gear, 3 revisions, 5-day delivery, the instrumental master is provided separately.

6. Andrey Paschenko – Most affordable Experienced Mixing and Mastering Engineer:

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Price: $17-$73.

andrey paschenko most affordable mixing and mastering engineer hiphop


✅ Most affordable. Andrey is probably the most experienced audio engineer, who offers his mixing & mastering services, starting at $52.

✅ A Large number of repeat clients. Along with having 3018 five-star reviews out of 3045, Andrey has a lot of people coming back to him.

✅ 6000+ online projects completed. The sheer number of projects Andrey has worked on in the online space makes him the best suited for online mixing and mastering services.

✅ Hip-Hop specific plans. The (+1, +2, and +3) options in his Mixing & Mastering Plans are very well suited for Hip-Hop projects.

✅ Quick turnaround. With 3, 4, and 5 days delivery times for the 3 packages offered, Andrey's delivery time is quite commendable.


❌ No Analogue Hardware is Used. ‘In-the-box plugins' in such experienced hands are nearly indiscernible, but real analogue hardware is still desired by some. Andrey is not your man if you're looking for pure analogue mojo.

While we've covered engineers who have worked with the industry heavyweights, the last on our list is someone who has grown into a fine engineer with the sheer number of projects he's worked on.

Andrey's statistics are staggering; he has completed over 8,000 projects, 6,000 of which were completed online. Having worked with online clients from all over the world, Andrey has people coming back to him over and over again.

The (+1, +2, and +3) options in his Mixing & Mastering Plans are very well suited for Hip-Hop artists. You could easily have two dedicated Hip-Hop artists doing vocals plus a playback singer doing harmonies on top.  

The drawback to Andrey's services is the lack of analogue gear or a high-quality studio. Working off a modest setting, Andrey's services are primarily based on the quality of his highly trained ears and intuition which has developed greatly throughout the 8000+ projects he's worked on.

Andrey also doesn't do manual pitch correction or autotune, which in his words, allows him to keep his prices modest. You can, however, get him to pitch correct or autotune your vocals for an additional fee. Andrey is extremely approachable and would work out a package for you once you contact him.


While his quality is spectacular, Andrey has kept his prices modest. This makes him extremely accessible to a wide variety of artists and clients, making him as loved as he is revered.

Andrey Paschenko has 3 different pricing tiers which include mixing and mastering:

  • Only Mastering $17 – 1 track, 3-day delivery, stereo master ready for release.
  • Basic Mixing and Mastering $52 – 1 track, up to 10 (+1 vocal) stems, 2 revisions, 3-day delivery, added FX, basic Mixing and Mastering.
  • Standard $73 Mixing & Mastering – 1 track, up to 20 (+2 vocals) stems, 2 revisions, 4-day delivery, added FX, Mixing and Mastering.
  • Premium $94 –Big Boss Mixing & Mastering – 1 track, up to 30 (+3 vocals) stems, 3 revisions, 5-day delivery, added FX, Big Boss Mixing and Mastering.

How Much Should Hip-Hop Cost To Mix & Master?

Basic Hip-Hop mixing and mastering plans generally cost between $100-$200 for a track. With premium plans, you could see the figure cross $500 too. While there are a lot of Hip-Hop engineers who'll work for much less, it's essential to find an experienced engineer who has worked with top Hip-Hop artists.

While the basic $100-$150 plan with a top engineer should do the trick if you're on a budget, it certainly helps to choose their Standard or Premium Plans. In the Standard plans, the engineers do offer more flexibility regarding your project. You could discuss more freely, and in some cases, like with Master Fade Music, for an additional fee, they'll even live-stream your project as it's being mixed.

You could ask for the project file that the engineer has worked on for an extra fee. This can be an invaluable resource and a smart investment if you wish to mix and master your tracks in the future.

Premium services offer the ‘Big Boss' treatment, as with engineer Andrey Paschenko, and others, you'll pretty much be able to sculpt and direct your mix the way you desire. Offering production advice and corrections, the engineers provide you with their complete, unbound attention.


Alex Reverberi and Luis Cancion provide the best Hip-Hop mastering service when it comes to experience & accolades. Master Fade or Shorttonpro, offer more precision and excellence with analog gear, but might eat your budget. Andrey and Marcelo are your best bet if you're on a tight budget.

You can go for Alex Reverberi if you're an upcoming indie hip-hop artist who wants to work with the very best, but hasn't got that sort of budget yet. As Alex is keen on taking on talented indie artists, it might work out well beyond this project too.

You can book Alex Reverberi on Fiverr.

If you're specific about high-end analogue gear, it's best to work with Master Fade Music, Shortonpro or Luis Cancion. Luis mixes specifically on an SSL analogue console, while Master Fade has a variety of analogue gear to be used whenever necessary. Shorttonpro has access to a nearby studio which hosts hardware clones of the Fairchild, Pultec, and GML.

You can book Master Fade MusicShorttonpro, and Luis Canción on Fiverr.

If you're looking for quality on a budget, then Andrey Paschenko is your best bet. His prices are unmatchable for the quality he provides. If you're willing to stretch your budget a bit for an experienced mid-priced engineer with a modest collection of analogue gear, then Marcelo Mascetti is worth it.

You can book Andrey Paschenko and Marcelo Mascetti on Fiverr.

To recap, here are the best hip-hop mixing and mastering services:

  1. Alex Reverberi
  2. Shorttonpro
  3. Marcelo Mascetti
  4. Master Fade Music
  5. Luis Canción
  6. Andrey Paschenko

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