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The 7 Best Free Choir VSTs & Sound Libraries (w/Demos)

Buying sample libraries are expensive. If like us, you’ve invested in them over years, then you’ll know the big dents they can leave in your bank account.

However, for every paid plug-in there’s a free VST plugin alternative, and when it comes to free choir VSTs there are quite a few options available to you.

If you’re a beginner composer/music producer then free choir VST plugins are definitely worth it. They can help improve your ability to write for voice, make you more familiar with using VSTs in your daw, and the quality of some is really impressive. On the other hand, if you’re more experienced then we’d suggest going for paid ones.

You can get away with blending free libraries deep within your track, but if you want your choirs near the front of your mix, or perhaps more exposed in a solo section, then the free libraries just won’t cut it. Remember, the human voice is one of the hardest instruments to sample realistically!

For beginners out there who are looking into getting free choir plugins, we’re here to help you out. We’ve had a look through a bunch of free choir VST and we’ve put a list together of what we believe are the 7 best.

What’s The Best Free Choir VST for A Beginner?

The best free choir VST for beginners is Spitfire Labs – Choir by Spitfire audio. For a free plugin, the sound quality is great and the user interface is extremely easy to use. It also comes with multiple dynamic layers, giving it a more expressive and realistic sound.

This one is by far our top pick and we’d recommend looking at all the free instruments that Spitfire audio has to offer, as there is a whole load of great stuff there. Of course, it’s not as good as the paid-for choir libraries, but for a starting point, you can’t really go wrong with this.

If you like to make cinematic music, try blending this plugin with your brass instruments when playing long and powerful chords. Or even as a support bed for your strings when they’re doing ostinatos. They’ll be far back enough in your mix and arrangement that they’ll sound realistic and most won’t be able to tell they’re not real, let alone free!

What Are The Best Free Choir VSTs?

Here’s the complete list of best free choir VSTs:

  1. Spitfire Audio – Labs Choir
  2. Project Sam – Luminous Choir (The Free Orchestra)
  3. Fluffy Audio – Haunted Choir
  4. Bigcat Instruments – Sonatina Choir
  5. Rast Sound – Distant Choir
  6. Angle Studios – Virgin Choir
  7. Bigcat Instruments – Nst Choir

1. Spitfire Labs – Choir

LABS Choir Spitfire Labs
Free Download

Spitfire Labs presents a virtual choir experience, enabling composers and music producers to craft authentic and immersive choral compositions through advanced sampling techniques.

  • Fantastic sound and an incredible range of free libraries to choose from
  • Unique instruments like moon guitar and others are fantastic for interesting melodies
  • Really easy-to-use interface and easy to navigate
  • Reverb/ASDR Controls included, but a little limited
  • Choir patch recorded at Air Studios in London (an excellent studio)
  • Only one articulation of each instrument available
  • No Separate Male and Female Choirs Patch
  • Striped back control
  • Annoying 3rd party install centre that clogs up your computer
OS Compatibility: Windows, Mac
Plugin versions: VST, AU, AAX, 64-bit, (Does not require Kontakt)
labs free choir VST
Spitfire Labs – Choir

So why does this library sound so good?

Well, first of all, it was recorded at Air Studios, London, one of the best studios in the UK! Secondly, it samples the Eric Whitacre Singers and the session was run by Eric Whitacre himself, one of the most successful composers of choral music around today.

This library also comes with its own built-in reverb as well as ADSR controls so can you can shape the sound of the choir to how you want. Combine that with some MIDI automation on your dynamics and expression controller lanes and you’ve got yourself a great sound.

There are a few limitations to this choir library, however.

One is that the only patch available is the ‘long’ preset, so no staccato, unique choral sounds or vowel selection can be done with this library.

Another is, Labs only has one choral patch, meaning we don’t have separate female and male choirs. Instead, the voices overlap around the middle of the keyboard, which is *okay* but slightly limits the range available for both voice types.

Despite these minor limitations, we can’t stress enough how good this choir plugin is. If you’re a beginner or someone who uses the choir more as a background texture, then spitfire labs choir is the perfect choice for you!

Sound Examples

Spitfire Labs – Choir Low
Spitfire Labs – Choir High

2. Project Sam – Luminous Choir (The Free Orchestra)

ProjectSAM The Free Orchestra
Free Download

ProjectSAM's The Free Orchestra provides a comprehensive collection of orchestral sounds and textures, offering composers a versatile toolkit for creating dynamic and expressive musical arrangements.

  • Professional sound. Choirs sound real and have clearly been recorded well.
  • You can control ADSR and you even have access to filters and effects
  • The interface is really easy to use
  • Compatible with Kontakt Player
  • Small dynamic range which isn't great for Film and TV compositions that require depth
  • Confusing vowel control – we're not really sure what it does!
  • Only one patch
OS Compatibility: Win, Mac
Plugin versions: VST, AU, AAX, 64-bit, (Requires Free Kontakt Player)
project sam free choir library
Project Sam – Luminous Choir

For those who are familiar with orchestral libraries, the name Project Sam is probably already known to you. But did you know about their Free Orchestra pack?

With the Free Orchestra, you get 1GB of free cinematic sounds from Project Sam’s flagship libraries! Included in this is the Luminous Choir, which comes from the library Symphobia 3: Lumia.

Since it’s a selection from a professional product, the Luminous choir plugin has a very realistic and high-quality sound. The interface is also very intuitive and includes a control panel that lets you adjust envelope features such as attack and release, as well as audio effects like filter and limiter.

Like pretty much every entry on this list, this free choir VST plugin does not come with multiple articulations. Instead, there is one long patch, which may be a problem if you need different vocal articulations in your track. There is a vowel control in this plugin but what it does is a mystery to me.

In fact, it seemed to ruin sound quality when I enabled it. It also comes with dynamic layers, but the range sounds too small. Instead of the dynamics sounding like they go from very quiet to very loud, it sounds more like it starts at a medium volume when the modulation wheel is at its lowest value.

This limits the expressive capabilities of the choir but doesn’t make it unusable as it can be improved by adjusting the attack value of the envelope.

Despite a few flaws this library is seriously impressive and an incredible choice for beginners, or those who don’t have the budget for the entire library. What’s more is that by downloading The Free Orchestra, not only are you getting a fantastic choir plugin but also all the other high-quality instruments included in this library!

Sound Examples

Luminous Choir – Low
Luminous Choir – High

3. Fluffy Audio – Haunted Choir

FluffyAudio Haunted Choir
Free Download

FluffyAudio's Haunted Choir is a unique and evocative vocal library designed to infuse eerie and haunting elements into musical compositions, ideal for those seeking atmospheric and unconventional sounds.

  • Fantastic sound that has been recorded in a studio environment
  • Ability to alter the mic positions which changes the sound
  • Dynamic layers with an excellent dynamic range, making the instrument expressive
  • Lots of reverb options to add ambiance
  • A single instrument is available
  • No male choir
  • Requires full version of Kontakt, which costs a lot. The instrument is free, but the software that hosts it isn't
OS Compatibility: Windows, Mac
Plugin versions: VST, AU, 32-bit, 64-bit, (Requires Full Version of Kontakt)
haunted choir free library
Fluffy Audio – Haunted Choir

Before writing this article, we were unfamiliar with Haunted Choir by Fluffy Audio but we have to say we’re very impressed with the quality of this free choir VST.

The sound is brilliant and is great for writing ominous choral parts (hence the name) but can also sound very beautiful and angelic when used with more major tonalities.

It has a convincing sense of realism, thanks to its dynamic layers and many reverb options (large chamber, concert hall, dark room, cave, warm ambiance etc.) as well as four different mic positions, allowing you to shape its sound.

Again this is another choir library that only has long articulations, however, there are two different options here. One is ‘Female Humming Legato’ and the other is ‘Female Uuus’. We feel the latter sounds a lot better, but the former can work too if that’s the sound you’re after.

Another drawback here is the fact that there are no male choirs and perhaps the biggest problem is that it requires the full version of Kontakt Player. So if you haven’t already paid for that, which is likely the case for beginners, then you’ll be unable to use this library.

Apart from that, this is a fantastic option for beginners (if you own Kontakt) and is even worthwhile for more experienced music creators. We’re certainly going to be using this one in the future!

Sound Examples

Haunted Choir – Female Uuus
Haunted Choir – Female Humming

4. Bigcat Instruments – Sonatina Choir

Bigcat Instruments Sonatina Choir
Free Download

Bigcat Instruments Sonatina Choir is a free virtual choir instrument featuring a selection of sampled vocal phrases and articulations, serving as a resourceful tool for composers and producers to add expressive vocal elements to their projects.

  • Separate and Combined Male and Female Choir Patches
  • Easy to use interface
  • Ability to change ADSR and even pan the sound inside the plugin
  • Only One Articulation Available
  • Unrealstic sound in upper and lower registers
  • Unnatural decay time
OS Compatibility: Windows, Mac
Plugin versions: VST, AU, 32-bit, 64-bit, (Does not require Kontakt)
free choir instrument sonatina
Bigcat Instruments – Sonatina Choir

Sonatina Choir is the oldest choir plugin on the list and its age is really starting to show. The sound is okay in the middle register, but the lows and highs really do scream midi choir.

One of the biggest faults in sound quality here is the unnatural decay after you release a note, which sounds more like someone has just pressed a pause button while the sample is still playing. There are ADSR controls but even adjusting the decay leaves little to desire. A good reverb plugin (i.e spending money) is definitely needed with this one!

Another major issue is the fact that the samples have no dynamic layers and are instead controlled by velocity. Now, velocity-controlled samples are perfect for things like drums, plucked instruments, or anything with a naturally short attack and release, but for choirs, where a change in dynamics can happen within one note, it just doesn’t sound realistic.

On the other hand, this library is very easy to use and it also has separate female and male choir patches, as well as the option to combine the two.

For beginners, Sonatina Choir would work fine as a background texture and is more straightforward to use than some of the other libraries on this list. For anyone else, however, it might be worth it.

Sound Examples

Sonatina Choir – Males
Sonatina Choir – Females

5. Rast Sound – Distant Choir

Distant Choir - Rast Sound
Free Download

Distant Choir by Rast Sound is an innovative vocal library that offers ethereal and transcendent choral textures, allowing composers to create otherworldly and ambient soundscapes.

  • A large range of presets to choose from
  • Great selection of controls including filters, ADSR, pitch, and key sensitivity
  • Delay, Reverb, Chorus, and Distortion effects help sculpt your sound
  • Large range on the keyboard octaves
  • ‘Synthy' sound
  • One articulation available
  • No separate male and female choirs
  • No dynamic layers
OS Compatibility: Windows, Mac
Plugin versions: VST, AU, 32-bit, 64-bit, (Requires Free Kontakt Player)
rast sound distant choir
Rast Sound – Distant Choir

Next on our list is Distant Choir by Rast Sound.

When looking at this plugin you’ll notice there are a lot more buttons and controls on the interface compared to our other entries. Don’t worry, this doesn’t make it complicated to use, but instead gives you easy control over the sound of the choir.

Firstly, you’ve got 5 different presets to choose from. They don’t change the articulations but rather the sound of the choir itself. Personally, our favorite preset is the ‘world choir’ patch as we feel it sounds the most realistic.

When it comes to controls, you have envelope parameters, LFO controls if you want to get a bit more experimental, and filter controls for sculpting the sound. We also really like the width control, which we suggest turning up if you want a more cinematic sound.

Finally, there are audio effects controls too, such as reverb, delay, chorus, and distortion, allowing you to get more creative with the sound of the choir.

Unfortunately, this is one of the free choir plugins that does suffer from a ‘synthy’ sound, so if realism is what you want, then this might not be the best choice for you. It has the same problems as most of the other picks on this list.

Again there are no dynamic layers, the only articulation choice is longs, and there’s no separate patch for male and female choirs.

So is this choir useable? For beginners, definitely.

But is it as good as some of the others on this list? Not by a long shot!

Sound Examples

Distant Choir – Rich Choir Preset
Distant Choir – World Choir Preset

6. Angle Studios – Virgin Choir

ANGLE Studios Virgin Choir
Free Download

Angle Studios' Virgin Choir is a virtual instrument that provides a pristine and heavenly choral sound, catering to composers and music producers seeking a pure and angelic vocal quality for their compositions.

  • Different vowel options to choose from, making it useful for different contexts
  • A useful sequencer mode that you can use to create chord or melody patterns
  • Doesn't hit the CPU hard and the memory allocation is low
  • Wide octave range with Attack and Release controls
  • Not very realistic and sounds like a synth
  • Audible algorithmic loops
  • Female choirs only
  • Can't use it for commercial projects
OS Compatibility: Windows, Mac
Plugin versions: VST, AU, 32-bit, 64-bit, (Does not require Kontakt)
virgin choir free vst choir
Angle Studios – Virgin Choir

Download in YouTube description

The main reason that free VST plugins exist is so music creation can be available to anyone, even those with a limited budget. This is exactly what Angle Studios have set out to achieve with their Virgin Choir plugin and we thank them for it. Yet the company themselves admit that being a free plugin, it does come with some limitations.

The main issue here is the very ‘synthy’ sound, which is very reminiscent of the choir sounds you’d find on old Casio keyboards. Another problem comes from the way that this sample library was made.

To create the Virgin Choir VST, Angle Studios took pre-recorded choir songs from their Magic Series 3, then chopped them up and re-processed them to create new samples that could be looped and give the sense of continuous singing.

Unfortunately, this means that an algorithmic loop sound can be heard from the internal samples, especially when using the EE and EH vowel patches.

Another important thing to take note of is that this library can not be used for commercial purposes. If you just want to use it privately for practice or fun, then this won’t be a problem for you, but for anyone who wants to use it for more professional purposes, then unfortunately this one is a no-go.

There are some pluses to this plugin as well. As we’ve already mentioned there are different vowel options for you to choose from. These are AA, EH, and EE. Another cool feature is the sequencer mode, which allows you to combine the different vowel sounds into a pattern. Also, the plugin is very light on memory and CPU usage as it loads its samples only once in memory, even when you have multiple instances of the plugin running.

All in all this free choir VST has some cool and efficient features and could be an option for beginner music creators. However, the lack of realism means it’s best not used as a lead instrument but rather as a background texture or effect.

Sound Examples

Virgin Choir – AA Vowel
Virgin Choir – Eh Vowel

7. Bigcat Instruments – Nst Choir

Bigcat Instruments NST Vocal

Bigcat Instruments' NST Choir is a free virtual choir instrument that offers a range of vocal samples and articulations, serving as a versatile tool for composers and producers to incorporate realistic choir sounds into their music.

  • Easy to use interface
  • Different patches are split by range
  • Nice range of presets to choose from
  • An array of effects and ADSR to control the sound
  • Unrealistic and closed sound
  • No articulations
  • No dynamic layers
  • No separate male and female Choirs
OS Compatibility: Windows, Mac
Plugin versions: VST, AU, 32-bit, 64-bit, (Does not require Kontakt)
bigcat instruments free choir plugin
Bigcat Instruments – Nst Choir

Here’s another effort from Bigcat instruments, which unfortunately doesn’t live up to their Sonatina Choir plugin. Simply put, this is just like the Sonatina Choir but without the ability to switch between male, female or combined choir presets and a much more unrealistic sound.

The main problem with it is that it sounds very ‘closed’, almost as if the choir was trapped inside a tiny box whilst recording. Again, it also suffers from being velocity controlled rather than having dynamic layers, which limits its expressive capabilities, and of course, there’s only one articulation option.

However, there are a few things about this that make it very handy for beginners. For starters, it’s very easy to use. Anyone could take one look at this and instantly understand how everything works.

The best thing, however, is that it comes with multiple patches based on range. You have the standard full patch, so the complete choir, but we also have high, mid, mid 2, and low patches, equivalent to the soprano, alto, tenor, and bass voice ranges of a real choir.

This is great for beginners because it means they can start to see the choir as 4 separate and individual voices, rather than just chords played on a MIDI keyboard, and can learn the typical ranges of each voice type.

This choir might be one of the most unrealistic sounding on our list, but we wouldn’t write it off completely. It’s probably the easiest to use, which might be preferable over sound quality at first for newcomers, and can teach them a lot about writing for the voice.

Sound Examples

Nst Choir – Low
Nst Choir – High


To recap here’s the complete list of best free choir VSTs:

No.Choir VST NameDeveloperKey FeaturesIdeal For
1Spitfire Audio – Labs ChoirSpitfire AudioGreat sound quality, easy UI, dynamic layers, recorded at Air StudiosBeginners, Background Texture
2Project Sam – Luminous ChoirProject SamHigh-quality sound, intuitive interface, part of The Free Orchestra packBeginners, High-Quality Requirement
3Fluffy Audio – Haunted ChoirFluffy AudioOminous and angelic tones, dynamic layers, multiple reverb options, requires KontaktBeginners with Kontakt, Varied Tonalities
4Bigcat Instruments – Sonatina ChoirBigcat InstrumentsOlder plugin, separate male and female patches, simple to useBeginners, Background Texture
5Rast Sound – Distant ChoirRast SoundMultiple presets, creative controls, cinematic soundBeginners, Experimental Usage
6Angle Studios – Virgin ChoirAngle StudiosDifferent vowel options, sequencer mode, non-commercial use onlyBeginners, Practice/Fun Use
7Bigcat Instruments – Nst ChoirBigcat InstrumentsEasy to use, range-based patches, most suitable for learning voice typesAbsolute Beginners, Learning Voice Types

So that’s what we believe to be the 7 best free choir vst plugins available today. There is a difference in quality between the top and bottom of the list but we’d recommend any of these to beginners or those without the budget to pay.

For more advanced music creators, we strongly advise investing in paid-for sample libraries, if you have the means to do so. As good as these free plugins are, they are free for a reason and each comes with limitations that you’re unlikely to have with paid-for products.

That being said, we hope you’ve found this list useful and have discovered a free choir vst plugin to try out!

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