Want to find great sounding, free Piano VSTs without having to shell out a ridiculous amount? 

We did too…

That’s why we embarked on our biggest mission to date:

To find the best FREE Piano VST plugin available to music producers today!

Yes you heard that right: 



Here’s the list. We hope you like it.

Side note:

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Keyzone Classic

Created by some of the best curators of free audio plugins – Bitsonic Audio, Keyzone Classic delivers incredible tone with an array of settings that are completely changeable by the user. It’s a very simple to use plugin in which you can change settings such as the ADSR, Reverb, Volume, Velocity and LFO settings. 


The LFO settings are insane for creating a lofi, detuned piano sound (if you’re into that, and we certainly are)

Here are some of the things you can use Keyzone Classic for:

  1. Great for chords for lofi piano beats.
  2. Piano chords for dance music.
  3. Piano chords for electronic music.
  4. Prevent your bank funds from draining.

Ivy Audio Piano

Created by Ivy Audio, who specialise in free orchestra VSTs, this sample bank is an absolute staple for any producer looking to ‘polish’ their sound and is a beautiful sample library of a Steinway Model B grand piano. If you’re looking for a sound with a bit more colour and a little less versatile, then go with Ivy Audio’s Piano.

To use this library, make sure to download Sforzando so you’re able to load the pack and get playing!

Spitfire Labs

free synth vst plugin Spitfire Audio Labs
Get Spitfire Labs here

Now if you’re looking for more of lofi sound this is the Piano vst for you.

With a slightly softer sound than found on the other VSTs we’ve reviewed, the Spitfire Labs Piano sounds great on calmer sounding music. The plugin doesn’t just host a Piano either. 

Therefore, as a result, Spitfire Labs can also be put into the category of: best free synth VSTs, as it holds Piano, Bass, Vocals and more.

Versilian Upright Piano

Versilian Upright Piano free VST
Get it for free here

Introducing Versilian Upright Piano.

This is one of our favourite Piano VSTs, purely because of the sound. It’s one of the closest to out of the 5 to a real sounding Piano, but lacks the option to alter the sound (like ADSR, Reverb etc).

If you can ignore that then you’re on your way to some incredible sounding productions!

Skerratt London Piano

Skerratt London Piano VST free
Get it here

This Piano comes straight from the London Grime scene, and each key plays a section of Big Shaq’s – Man’s Not Hot.

All joking aside, if you’re into more of a wide, detuned & chorused sound, this Piano is perfect for you. The only reason we’ve put it at the bottom of the list is that it lacks the ability to turn off FX and mould the sound more to your liking or the track’s feel. 

If detuned, wide Pianos are your thing… go wild.

Final Words

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Stay tuned for our next post about making the most of free Piano VSTs by using the correct processing.

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