Fabfilter pro Q3 Review – The Only EQ You’ll Ever Need

fabfilter pro q3 review
FabFilter are known for their beloved high quality range of mixing plugins. From Compressors, to Saturation and De-Essing, FabFilter have a solution for it all Pro-Q3, their flagship equalizer plugin in our opinion is...

TAL J-8 Review – Another Stunning Analog Emulation

tal j8 review
TAL are back at it again, with a new exceptionally accurate emulation of classic, hardware gear. But is it worth all the hype? Let's find out. What Is TAL J-8?

Tritik Krush Review Free Bitcrusher VST Plugin – Whipped Cream Sounds

tritik krush review
An often overlooked effect (bitcrushers), can bring your tracks to life if used correctly. There's one that comes with pretty much every synth, not to mention the one you probably already have stock within your DAW.