The 7 Best Free Flute VSTs & Libraries For Music Making

From mysterious melodies, to orchestral pads, flutes can be a very powerful instrument. Flute VST's have been popular for a while, due to their sound and timbre. Quite a few of these flute vst plugins are expensive though.

That's why in this article, we're going to be running through the best free flute VST plugins available right now!.

Here is the complete list of the best free flute VST plugins:

  1. VSCO2 Flute
  2. Simple Flute
  3. Mini DiZi
  4. Iowa Alto Flute
  5. Sonatina Flute
  6. RECsoprano
  7. Varazuvi Indian Flute

VSCO2 Flute (Best Free Flute Plugin)

VCSO2 free flute plugin

Whenever we're talking about free orchestral sounds, Versilian Studios Chamber Orchestra 2 often makes it to the top.

Versilian Studios keeps up it's philosophy of “Real” samples, by employing all types of players and instruments, to create an incredibly unique and full-of-character, sample library.

Using VSCO2, you'll find textures and timbres that you've never heard of. Rare instruments like recorded bass, circular alto horn or ophicleide are also included, giving you a truly awesome selection of sounds

All sounds were recorded using transparent equipment and microphones, with as little processing as possible, to give you complete control over the instruments you get.

VSCO2 is easily one of the most comprehensive and widely used free orchestral libraries ever made. Even if you eventually get tired of the incredible selection of free sounds on offer, VSCO2 has two paid versions available.

Standard Edition comes with 35 instruments and over 9000 samples, with plenty of articulation and is only available as a Kontakt library. The professional edition however, expands your library up to 92 instruments and over 23,000 samples.

This 16GB beast comes with multiple mic options, ensembles, impressive articulation and more. You'll never run out of orchestral sounds with Versilian Studios Chamber Orchestra 2

How Does It Sound?

Here's a quick video of what you can expect from VSCO2 Flute

Our Thoughts

Versilian Studios Chamber Orchestra is one of our favorite free orchestral plugins.

The Community Edition comes with an awesome 3000 samples to use. Available as both a VST plugin or a Kontakt library, VSCO2 will be awesome for anyone looking for a free flute vst.

Offering more than just Flutes, VSCO2 covers all orchestral woodwinds, rare flute sounds as well as other instrument sounds. That being said, the Community Edition of VSCO2 features only 19 instruments, and only offers basic articulation.

This is becomes less of of an issue when you remember, that it comes with an incredibly high quality set of samples and instruments though.

Simple Flute (Most Simplistic Flute VST Free)

simple flute free vst instrument

Simple Flute by Fluffy Audio, is just what it sounds like – it's a single, great-sounding flute instrument for Kontakt.

Simple Flute excels in its playability, using a great scripting engine as well as awesome samples, Simple Flute can sound incredibly realistic.

Offering multi-tempo playability as well as controllable vibrato and legato, Simple Flute is one of those plugins that can easily fool people into thinking it's a real flute.

In addition to this, you also get three phase locked dynamic layers, two articulations as well as micro tuning, and a selection of reverb impulse presets.

Simple Flute allows you to play with breath and wind controllers, as well as keyswitching, to change articulations. Lastly, the super smooth crossfading between your three dynamic layers, means that Simple Flute can produce impressively realistic trills and grace notes.

How Does It Sound?

If you want to hear it in action, check it out in this YouTube video below

Our Thoughts

If what you're looking for is a straight up free flute plugin, Simple Flute might be the best option for you.

You don't get an orchestra full of instruments, but you get an awesomely playable and great-sounding instrument, for free.

The amount of control, as well as the convolution IR's, make this one of our favorite Flute VST plugins.

You will need Kontakt to run it however, so unless you have Kontakt, Simple flute might not be what you're looking for.

Mini DiZi (Best Free Bamboo Flute VST)

mini mizi flute bamboo flute VST

Kong Audio's Mini DiZi is the free version of their ChineeWinds Chinese Flute vst plugins.

Mini DiZi is a very simple plugin, offering only a few different sounds and expressions styles, as well as control. That being said, the included Tenor DiZi and Xiao sounds are unique and inspiring.

Chinese Dizi flutes, or bamboo flutes is one of the most popular instruments in traditional Chinese music. In addition to this, the Xiao flute is an ancient, vertically held Chinese instrument, with an extremely unique timbre.

While these instruments are more situational, than your standard western orchetral flute, the timbres of these instruments are sure to inject your music with a tonne of character.

Mini DiZi is the free version of ChineeWinds by Kong Audio. But, if you're enjoying the sound of your Mini DiZi, ChineeWinds might be worth a look. Offering two tenor dizi, two treble dizi, two bass dizi and one chaozhou dizi, you'll have more than enough choice of your favorite chinese flute sounds.

ChineeWinds are multi-sampled, with many expressive articulation options as well as phrases to use in your music. All samples are recorded in 24-bit 44.1 kHz sample rate, and the files end up taking around 320 MB of space.

How Does It Sound?

If you're wondering how it sounds, you can check it out in this YouTube video below! We think you'll like what you hear.

Our Thoughts

The Kong Audio Mini DiZi is an awesome little plugin. While it looks dated and a bit uninviting, the sounds you get are impressively unique and full of character.

The download website is a mess, but if you get through the pain of downloading Mini DiZi, you won't be disappointed by the instrument.

We don't find as much use for this as we do for more western flutes, but they can be the perfect thing, to add an eastern vibe to your sound.

Iowa Alto Flute

Iowa alto flute free flute vst plugin

The Iowa Alto Flute is a sampled alto flute from the University of Iowa Electronic Music Studios.

Recognisable by their awesome creativity in sampling, the University of Iowa EMS team has created a cool library of different sounds.

The Alto Flute is one of their Woodwind instruments, recorded with a Neumann KM84 Cardioid microphone.

The samples have been recorded in an Anechoic Chamber, played by Sonja Feig, and include an array of velocities and expressons.

Unlike VSCO2 or Mini DiZi, Iowa Alto Flute is not a collection of instruments, rather, focusing on the one single instrument and sound.

The recordings are also high quality, and the sounds you can get out of the Iowa Alto Flute are some of the best free flute vst tones ever.

How Does It Sound?

If you're wondering how Alto Flute sounds, check it out below! We don't think you'll be disappointed.

Our Thoughts

We love the University of Iowa Electronic Music Studios library of sounds. Found Objects is probably our favorite, along with the great selection of orchestral percussion. That being said, all the sounds they have available are super high quality.

The Flute is no exception, played, recorded and sampled by world class professionals is bound to lead to great results.

The only drawback would be the uninspiring user interface of the VST, but this is not an issue, when all you are concerned about is having a great Flute sound.

Sonatina Flute

sonatina orchestra flute vst free

Part of the fabled Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra sample library, Sonatina includes 4 different flute sounds, edited from the Sonatina library.

These are:

  • Flute
  • Sustain Flutes
  • Staccato Flutes
  • Alto Flute

With that in mind, Sonatina is not just a flute vst.

You get over a hundred different instruments, covering the entire Symphonic Orchestra, from Piano, to violins and cellos, to flutes and percussion.

Made in 2010 by Mattias Westlund, a lot of people have fell in love with the Sonatina collection. It's been made by fans into full VST's, that are now available all over, for free.

Any collection of free sounds as expansive as this, is hard to pass up. If you're looking for flutes, but wouldn't mind having an entire orchestra alongside with it, Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra might be for you

How Does It Sound?

Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra sounds amazing. If you don't believe us, check out the video below and take a listen for yourself!

Our Thoughts

Interestingly enough, Mattias own webpage for SSO tries to dissuade you from getting it, linking rather to Versilian Studios Chamber Orchestra.

We'd disagree however, VSCO2 is an awesome orchestral collection, but when you compare the free version of VSCO2 to Sonatina, the difference could not be more staggering. VSCO2 offers 19 instruments, while SSO offers close to a hundred different instruments and sounds to use.

The UI is a bit lackluster and uninspiring, but we really recommend you experiment with what SSO has to offer.

RECsoprano (Best Free Recorder VST)

recsoprano free flue vst

RECsoprano is a free virtual soprano recorded instrument, made by Tekit Audio.

The Recorded was sampled by Mihai Sorohan, and has had a selection of the traditional tuning and envelope control, as well as polyphonic voicing and reverb added on top.

Not many plugins offer you the choice between a contemporary as well as renaissance and baroque tuning, which makes RECsoprano quite unique.

You also get a great visual representation of the recorded fingering, while you play it.

Additionally, breaking the trend of bland and ugly free plugin UI's, RECsoprano looks awesome. The design of the plugin is sleek and modern, and a real sight for sore eyes after the User Interfaces of SSO and the Iowa Alto Flute.

How Does It Sound?

It's a great woodwind vst that's free and sounds great! If you don't believe us take a listen to the sounds in the video below

Our Thoughts

RECsoprano is just what you think it is, a soprano recorder, so that's what you get, there are no extra sounds to choose from, it's just a single instrument.

This might be just what you're looking for, but from experience, there's not many occasions, where a soprano recorder is just the thing you need.

With that in mind however, if you're looking for a great woodwind sound with an awesome interface and unique control, RECsoprano will be awesome for you.

Varazuvi Indian Flute

The Varazuvi Indian flute is an awesome virtual instrument featuring real recordings of an Indian Flute, that have been recorded in 24-Bit WAV files.

With complete control over the standard envelope and amp controls, you can shape the sound in any way you want. Additionally, there are two entire octaves of multiple velocity layers for samples, including three different playing styles.

You also get a reverb on top of everything else, allowing you to create unique and mysterious flute tones.

Recorded in 24-bit 48 kHz resolution, Varazuvi Indian Flute offers a more dynamic experience for the player and listener.

Just like Mini DiZi or RecSoprano, this is one of those flute sounds, that will be more situational. That being said, it sounds very realistic, and is great for playing with MIDI.

How Does It Sound?

The Indian Flute sounds like what we'd expect an Indian flute sounds like. It also sounds awesome! Check it out for yourself in the video below

Our Thoughts

We really like the Varazuvi Indian Flute. It's a very inspiring sound, and we've used it on multiple occassions. Unlike a recorder, the Varazuvi Indian Flute finds more use in our productions.

Whether that's due to it's interesting timbre, or the fact that you can make your track sound like it's playing on a far-away mountain in the Avatar universe, but we like it a lot.

Plus, it's free, so the only reason you might not want to get it is because you're running out of disk space. In which case, delete some of your old pictures, and get back here to download Varazuvi Indian Flute.

Finishing Up

To recap, here's the entire list of the best free flute VST plugins:

  1. VSCO2 Flute
  2. Simple Flute
  3. Mini DiZi
  4. Iowa Alto Flute
  5. Sonatina Flute
  6. RECsoprano
  7. Varazuvi Indian Flute

Whether you're looking for a traditional western orchestral flute sound, or an exotic Chinese or Indian flute, there are quite a few awesome options out there for you.

Hopefully, you've found some free flute VST plugins that have caught your eye, in which case, get to downloading, and using these awesome sounds in your own music.

Woodwind tones sound emotional and ethereal, using these in your music is sure to bring a personalized sound to whatever you create.


What Is A Flute VST?

A flute VST is commonly a sampler instrument that uses a library of samples to enable a composer to access a professional flute sound, without having to hire a studio or an entire orchestra of flute players. You can use flute VSTs with MIDI keyboards, and in DAW software like Ableton, Logic, and more.

Most flute VSTs & Libraries will use Kontakt as the sampler host. You can use a few with Kontakt player (which is free), but many will need you to download the full version of Kontakt.

Where Can I Find More Free Flute VSTs?

There are many websites where you can find free VST plugins including:

  1. WCS free VST plugins lists
  2. KVRAudio
  3. Plugins4Free

What Are The Best Flute VST Libraries? (Paid)

Often paid flute VST libraries will be much better than those you can get for free. Many free libraries don't provide a full professional sound. If you want to sound professional, it's best to invest your money to do so. Kontakt libraries are the best way to get great-sounding flute and other orchestral sounds.

Here is the complete list of the best flute VST libraries:

  1. Orchestral Woodwinds – East West
  2. Little Wooden Flutes – Soundiron
  3. Vertigo Flute – Cinematique Instruments
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