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The 25 Best Free Fl Studio Templates

free fl studio template

FL Studio is one of the most important DAW’s ever made. Countless music production careers have started with FL Studio.

When learning music production, there’s nothing better, than getting inspiration from the pros. If you just want to see how a song is made, or want to learn from other producers, using FL Studio Templates and project files can be super useful.

We love opening up project files from established producers and learning small things and techniques that they use, to incorporate in our own music. No matter your experience level, there’s always something new you can pick up and learn.

Here are the 25 Best FREE FL Studio Templates and Project Files:

  1. Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter (Original Mix) (FL Studio Remake + FLP)
  2. Porter Robinson – Vandalism [Remake + Free FLP]
  3. Martin Garrix – Poison (Original Mix) (FL Studio Remake + FLP)
  4. Martin Garrix Feat. John & Michel – Now That I’ve Found You (FL Studio Remake + FLP)
  5. Tiësto & KSHMR – Secrets (Original Mix) (FL Studio Remake + FLP)
  6. Zedd & Grey – Adrenaline [Remake + Free FLP]
  7. BASS HOUSE [Free full FLP + Download]
  8. FREE FL Studio Deep House / Future House Template / Project + Samples, Sylenth1 Presets
  9. The Chainsmokers – Closer (Slushii Remix) [Remake + Free FLP]
  10. Fl Studio Future Bass[San holo, Grant Bowtie] Free FLP
  11. How To Make Future Bass | FL Studio Tutorial | Free FLP + Samples
  12. [FL Studio] EDM Trap Template #1 [FREE FLP DOWNLOAD]
  13. One Dance – Drake Ft. Kyla (FL Studio Remake)
  14. Post Malone – White Iverson Instrumental Remake [FREE FLP AND DOWNLOAD]
  15. Panda – Desiigner (FL Studio Remake)
  16. DJ Snake & Skrillex – Sahara [Remake + Free FLP]
  17. ZHAOS – INSANE Hybrid Trap FLP
  18. Joyryde – I Ware House Remake by Dylan Tallchief
  19. Southside x Metro Boomin x 808 Mafia Tutorial + FLP
  20. Festival High Pitched Trap Project [FL STUDIO 12] FREE FLP
  21. EDM Remakes – How to make Melodic Dubstep
  22. Dylan Tallchief – Skrillex & Habstrakt – Chicken Soup Remake
  23. Cheat Codes/DVBBS/Lost Frequencies Style House
  24. ZHAOS – Crazy Dubstep Professional Project
  25. Skrillex & Wiwek – Killa Remake

How to Use FL Studio Templates

You can use FL Studio Templates and Project Files in many ways, but first you need to open them, either by double-clicking the FLP project, or opening it from within FL Studio.


Akai MPC 2000 sampler

What we tend to use Templates for most often, are to analyze and access the samples, and patches from songs we like. Sampling these project files can be a great way to introduce some new ideas to your music.

Don’t go stealing too much though, remember that you should make your own music! As long as you change the samples up, and don’t steal full stems, you should be alright for copyright.

That being said, we’re not legal experts, so don’t trust us too much when it comes to legalities.


An issue, most beginner producers are probably well acquainted with, is getting stuck within 8 bar loops, without knowing where to go from there.

A good way to use project files and templates are to analyze and study how the song has been arranged. You’ll find different genres of music, or even different artists in the same genre, often take a completely different approach to arrangement.

Learning from project files and templates, is a great way to forever leave loop-hell.


mixing desk 351478 1920

If you want to do a Remix of a popular song, you should reach out to the artist. For bedroom producers however, asking Rihanna for “Umberella” stems is pretty much not going to happen.

Using a great fan-made project file is a great way to instantly get access to the sounds and melodies, ready to be bootlegged.

Jumpstart a track

A cool way to start a new track, is replace instruments and melodies in an already made project file.

Let’s say you enjoy the arrangement of a song, you can find the project file, and alter the sounds, melodies and chords, to create an entirely new track.

This is probably not the best way to make music, but it’s certainly a fun experiment and who knows, you might learn something new, or even create your best music yet.

How to share your own Project Files

Most DAW’s these days allow for super easy sharing of project files and templates.

Just create your project and use the save as feature, to save a separate project folder. This folder contains your FLP files, which you can share with anyone you want.

You can even sell templates, if you make really good ones, so you better get to work!

FL Studio Template or Project File Crashing

Your FLP projects could be crashing due to a few different reasons:

  • Plugins in the project file are incompatible with the plugins in your FL Studio. This could be because you don’t have a plugin that the project file needs, or the versions don’t match.
  • Project file was made in a different version of FL Studio and is incompatible with your version of FL Studio.
  • Run FL Studio as administrator
  • Test Project file in both 32-bit and 64-Bit FL Studio versions

If your project files still crash, or won’t open, there’s not much else you can try. You could re-install FL Studio, if there are any problems with your install, but this usually won’t fix anything, if it’s just one project file that is not working.

In any case, if a project file doesn’t work, it’s better to try a different one, than try troubleshooting it.

Finishing Up

Whether you’re looking to learn from the greats, sample a popular tune, or even remix a song, templates and project files can be super useful.

There’s nobody better to learn from, than artists with a very established career. So to further your own Music Production journey, download some templates and project files and analyze them.

This goes for experienced producers just as much as beginners, who knows, you might stumble onto a technique or detail you never though about. Moreover, if you’re wondering how to setup FL studio with OBS, you can read this guide.

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