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How To Setup FL Studio With OBS (No Latency Windows & Mac)

Want to record your sessions for tutorials, or stream to twitch, YouTube, or Facebook?

In this article, we’re going to show you exactly how you can setup audio, so you can record your FL Studio sessions, or stream them online!

If you’re not on FL Studio, check out our Ableton OBS tutorial.

How To Setup FL Studio OBS (Windows)

Before starting this process, you will need to install Reastream, and OBS. Make sure you have these, and then we can get started!

Step 1 – Adjust Audio Settings

Open FL Studio, and place Reastream VST on your master channel.

fl studio master channel
place reastream in slot 1

Step 2 – Send Your Master Output To OBS

reastream vst

Step 3 – Setup Display Capture

Click “Send audio/MIDI IP” and choose “local.Broadcast”

In OBS, create a new “Display Output Capture by clicking the “+” in the “Sources” section.

abs display output capture windows

Step 4 – Setup Audio Output Capture

obs new audio output windows

Create new “Audio Output Capture”.

Step 5 – Resize Your Display Output

Right click your screen recording and select “Resize To Output Source”

resize screen output ops

Step 6 – Add a VST Filter

Right click “Audio Output Capture” and select “Filters”.

filter obs audio output capture

Step 7 – Add Reastream VST

opening vst on obs windows

Click the “+” (bottom right), & select “VST2.xxx Plugin”. Choose “Reastream” on the drop down menu.

Step 8 – Alter Your Gain

Click the “+”, and add 2 gain filters. Set both to -30db, and put them above the VST.

setting up gain obs

Step 9 – Test Audio & Start Recording

Test your audio and start recording!

How To Setup OBS FL Studio (Mac)

You will need FL Studio and OBS installed to follow this guide through. You’ll also need BlackHole on Mac, because we need to setup a virtual sound card for this.

Step 1

Open “Audio MIDI Setup” and create a new “Multi-Output Device”.

audio midi setup

Step 2

audio midi setup blackhole obs settings

Select “BlackHole 16ch” as master device, then select your sound-card, or built-in output. Deselect “Drift Correction”.

Step 3

Setup an “Audio Output Capture” by clicking the “+” sign, under the “Sources” tab. Choose “BlackHole 16ch” as your sound card.

adding audio output

Step 4

fl studio sound settings ops

Open FL Studio, go “options” -> “audio settings”, & change your output to “Multi-Output Device”.

Step 5

Test your audio! You should have audio coming through in OBS now.

Step 6

Add a new “Display Capture” in the “Sources” tab inside OBS. Choose your desktop when selecting recording sources.

add display capture

Step 7

resize screen output ops

Right click the screen recording and select “Resize Output To Source”. This will resize your screen recording to fit the OBS window.

Step 8

Start recording, or start streaming!

How To Stream FL Studio On Twitch

Here’s how you can stream FL Studio on Twitch, with no latency:

Step 1 – Ensure OBS & FL Studio Are Set Up

Go over the above steps to ensure that you have both installed and setup correctly. Test your audio, video and everything you need before moving onto step 2.

Step 2 – Open OBS, Go To The “Stream” Tab

Go to your OBS global settings, then to stream. You’ll find the settings tab at the bottom right of OBS, just start recording & start streaming.

twitch stream key obs enter

Step 3 – Select Twitch from the dropdown menu.

twitch stream key obs enter

Open the dropdown menu, and select your streaming service. In this case, we’re selecting Twitch.

Step 4 – Login to Twitch

Head to Twitch.com and enter your login details, or sign up.

Step 5 – Click Profile Photo > Settings

Find your profile photo in the top right hand corner, click it and heading to the Settings tab.

find twitch stream settings

Step 6 – Click Channel and Videos Tab

twitch channel and videos

On your profile, navigate to the Channel and Videos tab. You’ll find your stream key here.

Step 7 – Click The Stream Tab & Copy Stream Key

Navigate to your “Stream” tab, then click to copy your stream key to your clipboard.

twitch stream key

Step 8 – Go to the “Stream” tab in OBS settings.

Go back to where you selected Twitch from the dropdown menu. This will be found by clicking the “Settings button”, in the bottom right hand corner of OBS. Then navigating to “Stream”.

Step 9 – Paste Your Stream Key In

twitch stream key obs enter

Hit cmd + v, or cntrl + v, to paste your stream key in the designated box in OBS.

twitch stream key

Step 10 – Hit “Start Streaming”

Start streaming and you’ll now be live!

Here’s a brief summary of how to stream FL Studio on twitch:

  1. Make sure OBS & FL Studio are setup.
  2. Open OBS, and go to the “Stream” tab in settings.
  3. Select Twitch from the dropdown menu.
  4. Login to Twitch.
  5. Click your profile photo -> settings -> channel and videos
  6. Select stream key, and reveal it.
  7. Copy your stream key.
  8. Go to the “Stream” tab in OBS settings.
  9. Paste your stream key in.
  10. Hit “Start Streaming” in OBS.

How To Setup A Microphone FL Studio & OBS

There’s a lot of times you’ll want to record your voice over screen recordings. If you’re making tutorials, or streaming, it’s pretty standard to have a mic. We’ll show you how you can set one up in OBS.

  1. Add a new “Audio Input Capture” by selecting “+” in “Sources” tab.
  2. Choose your microphone source. This can be sound card or USB.
  3. Set your gain levels & ensure phantom power is on for condenser microphones.
  4. Test your audio. If it’s stereo, continue following these steps.
  5. Click the cog in the right hand corner, select “Downmix To Mono” on your input device.
  6. Hit record or start streaming!

How To Add A Face Camera FL Studio & OBS

When watching streamers, you’ll notice that a lot of them have a camera set up in the corner. To look more professional and maybe use it as video content in the future, having a face camera might be useful for you.

Before following these steps you’ll need a webcam, or a camera that can be picked up by your computer as an input.

Here’s how you can set up a face camera in OBS:

  1. Create a new Video Capture device, in the “Sources” tab.
  2. Select your camera/webcam from the dropdown list.
  3. Resize your Video Capture, so it’s not in the way of your screen recording.
  4. Start recording with video!

How To Add Different Scenes OBS & FL Studio

In OBS, you can add multiple stream setups which can be useful for flipping between during the stream.

You can also overlay png’s, like your logo, or have a custom box setup for your stream show. This really adds to the professionalism, and can also be very useful when you’re recording tutorials.

For instance, you could have your just your camera on one scene, for scenes where you want to talk to the camera.

Then, you could have another scene with your camera and screen capture, to flip to when producing.

You could also have another camera set up to record your piano, or MIDI controller.

To set up different scenes in OBS follow these steps:

  1. Click the “+” icon on the “Scenes” tab (located bottom left)
  2. Add your Inputs, and Outputs to the “Sources” tab.
  3. To switch between scenes, just click the one you want.

What If I Have The New Mac (Or OS) & OBS Keeps Crashing?

With the newer MacBooks, OBS has a problem with persistent crashes and won’t even open. I know from personal experience, because OBS literally won’t open on my M1 Mac.

This will be fixed with time, but who wants to wait for an update?

To get around this, you’ll need to download something called StreamLabs. It’s completely free, and uses OBS software to stream, but for some reason doesn’t crash like OBS does on M1 Macs.

StreamLabs works exactly like OBS, and is virtually identical. (Personally I think it’s much easier and more user friendly to work with).

For instance, when recording videos, you don’t have to remux them afterward to be compatible in your editing software – StreamLabs automatically converts them to a mov or MP4 format. The interface is also a lot easier to navigate than OBS, and has a more modern look, which I prefer.

To setup StreamLabs, you can follow the same OBS step, by step guide above. Everything is located in the same place, and StreamLabs uses OBS software to stream – it just has a different housing.

Moreover, you can jumpstart your music production process by exploring these top-rated free FL Studio templates.

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