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How To Uninstall Spitfire Labs (The Ultimate Guide For Window & Mac)

LABS Piano VST 1

Spitfire Audio LABS is the best collection of free sampled instruments and sounds available right now, period. There aren’t many developers that offer just so much FREE stuff for you to use, what’s even better, Spitfire Audio keep releasing new packs for LABS quite often.

There’s a reason Spitfire Audio LABS is on out list of the top 50 VST Plugins of 2021, it’s just so good, that getting it for free feels like stealing.

That being said, this is our view, and you might not agree. If that’s the case, you might want to uninstall Spitfire Audio LABS. Whether you want to get rid of a single instrument, or the entirety of LABS, we’ll run you through how to do it, quickly and painlessly.

Uninstalling a Single Instrument (Windows)

Whether you’ve downloaded a new LABS instrument and aren’t enjoying it at all, or you’re just trying to free up space for a different instrument, uninstalling these packs is easy.

Step 1 – Find Your Installation Folder

Spitfire content ath

To start off with, you need to find your Spitfire Audio – LABS folder on your hard drive.

You can find it either by using your search function to look for the folder, or go to Settings in your Spitfire Audio App, and click on Default Content Path.

Step 2 – Delete The Instrument

Once you’ve located the folder, you’ll find 3 sub-folders:

  • Patches
  • Presets
  • Samples

Each LABS pack is split between all three folders, so to get rid of the instrument, you’ll have to delete the pack which you don’t want, from each folder.

Uninstall LABS

For example, if you’re trying to get rid of the LABS Choir, open Samples, locate the LABS Choir folder and delete it. Repeat this for the Presets and Patches folders, and you’ll have successfully deleted a LABS pack.

Uninstalling a Single Instrument (Mac)

On Mac, folders are located a little differently, but it’s pretty simple.

Step 1 – Open Spitfire Audio App

Find your Spitfire Audio App, by heading to Finder > Applications > Spitfire Audio Labs, then open the app.

Step 2 – Find Your Installation Folder

In the Spitfire Audio App, locate settings, and then click the folder icon to open the folder.

find spitfire labs folder

Step 3 – Delete The Instrument

Once you’ve located the folder, you’ll find 4 sub-folders:

  • Documents
  • Patches
  • Presets
  • Samples
spitfire audio labs folder mac

Each LABS pack is split between all three folders, so to get rid of the instrument, you’ll have to delete the pack which you don’t want, from each folder.

Uninstalling Spitfire Audio Labs Entirely (Windows)

Uninstalling Spitfire Audio LABS entirely is different, whether you’re on windows or Mac OS. So, let’s go through Windows first.

Step 1 – Search For Spitfire Audio Labs

Press the Windows key, and search for “Spitfire Audio Labs”. Open the program, and then click the uninstall button.

Step 2 – Select Uninstall

Once you have searched for Spitfire Audio Labs, you should see an “Uninstall Spitfire Audio” file. Double click that, and Spitfire Audio will uninstall completely.

Alternatively, you can run the original Spitfire Audio installer, and select the uninstall option.


This removes the Spitfire Audio App, but sometimes, the LABS VST’s and packs will remain on your drive, so you’ll have to remove these manually.

For removing packs, follow the same steps as above, but just delete the entire Spitfire Audio – LABS folder.

To remove the LABS VST’s:

Open your VST install folder (usually under Program Files) and delete the .dll or .vst3 files, depending on your system.

Uninstalling Spitfire Labs Entirely (Mac)

If you’re on Mac OS, this is just like uninstalling any other software.

You’ll open your Applications folder, locate the Spitfire Audio App and just drag the icon to the Trash. When you empty your trash bin, you’ll have successfully removed the Spitfire Audio App.

uninstall spitfire audio labs

However, Mac doesn’t always completely uninstall just by putting the app in the trash can.

To ensure that you remove all the files on your disk, you’ll want to use a program called app cleaner. This is completely free, and is extremely easy to use. It’ll come in handy in the future when you want to remove other apps too!

Step 1 – Install App Cleaner

app cleaner

Go to App Cleaner’s website, and install the program. It’s free.

Step 2 – Find Spitfire Audio Labs

Open your Finder, then locate Applications, and find Spitfire Audio Labs.

spitfire audio labs mac

Step 3 – Drag Spitfire Audio Labs Into App Cleaner

app cleaner mac

Open App Cleaner, then drag Spitfire Audio Labs inside the app.

This will remove all your files.

Finishing Up

Honestly, we don’t know why you would want to uninstall LABS at all, it’s an incredible library of unique, high quality sounds, entirely for free. That being said, you might think differently, and just don’t use LABS all that much, so it’s taking up unnecessary space on your computer.

If that is you, then we hope we’ve explained how to delete and uninstall the LABS software and products well enough.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this article, if you want to read more like this, we’ve left some awesome tutorials and lists below!

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