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Here you'll find all our tutorials specific to music production. Wanna learn to sound design, mix & master your own music? You'll find all of that and more, on this page.

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mixing vocals on a mastered instrumental

Mixing Vocals on an Already Mastered Instrumental (Tutorial)

If you've ever mixed music for other people, you're bound to run into musicians recording vocals on pre-mastered instrumentals. What do you do at this point? Well, certainly there are things you can do to fit an unmixed vocal to a mastered instrumental. Keep in mind though, that this should only be your last resort.

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sidechain compression

What is Sidechain Compression? And How To Use It

Sidechain compression is an essential tool for music producers & mixing and mastering engineers, to get to grips with. It's commonly known as the “pumping” EDM effect that is heard in so much dance music. But, sidechain compression has many more uses and is an incredible mixing tool for cleaning up a busy audio spectrum.

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how to start producing music

How To Start Producing Music – The Ultimate Guide

If you're looking to invest and are serious about music production, check out our recommended music production kit here Making music is one of the most rewarding things you can do, and anyone can start on a journey to learning how to produce fantastic music both easily, and on a budget. In this article, we're

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what is soft clipping

Soft Clipping: Explained + How To Use It [Music Production]

Soft clipping is an essential tool to understand. It creates incredible, warm, analog distortion, and can add character to a lot of your instrument tracks, if used correctly and understood. We use soft clipping a tonne in our production sessions, especially for drums. In this article we're going to cover everything to you need to

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harry jackson playing made festival whipped cream sounds uk

Harry Jackson

Music Producer, Sound Design Expert & Founder of WCS!

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