Will UAD Have A Black Friday Sale?

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With the Black Friday plugin deals slowly coming around the corner, you're probably searching for your favorite brands and wondering whether they'll be on sale or not.

In this article, we'll discuss whether a UAD Black Friday plugin sale will happen this time around, and how you can make the most out of it.

UAD Black Friday Sale – Will It Happen? (TL;DR)

UAD black friday sale

UAD hasn't had a Black Friday sale in the last couple of years. However, they have done a sale during the 12 days of Christmas, called “12 Days of UAD”. In this sale, a new plugin deal comes out every day throughout the period.

Commonly, UAD will have a 3 + 1 sale during this period, which is different from a 3 for 1 sale. Using this deal, you can essentially pick 3 plugins you want to purchase, and by purchasing these, you can pick an extra free plugin.

You can additionally use these on plugin bundles. So you could buy 3 plugin bundles and get a 3rd free.

Now, we don't know exactly what will happen this year, but based on previous years, we can predict that UAD will run the 12 days of UAD again, and maybe include an extra deal (like the 3+1 deal).

It's also worth noting that sometimes UAD send a $25 off coupon when you purchase a plugin. This could help you save more during the Black Friday period if you separate your purchases.

However, a coupon is not guaranteed and it's worth keeping an eye on UAD forums or Reddits for more up-to-date information on this.

Did UAD Take Part in Black November Last Year?

UAD did not have a Black November sale, but had a sale during the 12 days of Christmas, which was called “12 Days of UAD”. There were also some additional deals like the 3+1 plugin coupon, and some bundles (like the FX bundle) went on sale.

The FX bundle came in at $99 last year and included Galaxy Space Echo, Brigade Chorus, and Studio D. This was a fantastic bundle, but, as a part of the referral program, you can grab a few of the FX bundle plugins for free when you refer friends. This is something to keep in mind if there is another FX bundle this year.

Do The Hardware Apollo Products Go on Sale?

It is very rare to find the Apollo range on sale at UAD. They will often run promotions where you get free plugins by purchasing the hardware. However, there is never a Black Friday deal or a sale directly off the price of the UAD hardware.

If you are looking for deals on UAD hardware, it's best to look at 3rd party sellers such as Sweetwater, Gear4Music, Reverb, or Thomann.

There are many music producers that have reported that you can find open box hardware on these sites, which you can get the UAD Apollo for much less without the box. They aren't new, and they have been used, but people generally tend to keep UAD hardware pretty well.

How To Make The Most of The UAD Sale

Of course, it can be tempting to buy, buy, and buy during the sale period, but you want to be smart about it and make the most out of your money.

The best way to play the UAD sale (if it's the same this time around), is to make use of the 3+1 on the bundled plugins. If you are going to purchase more plugins, then you want to space your 2, 3+1 deal purchases.

This is because, sometimes UAD will send you coupons between purchases, and even offer you free upgrades if you wait.

You can then make use of these coupons or free upgrades to help save you money.

Make sure you're active on UAD forums, Reddit forums, and other Black Friday deal information pages. Other users will share the best ways to save money during these sales, and you can work out if other people have received coupons after sales etc.

Using this information, you can then work out which way to split your purchases up would be the cheapest for you.

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