Will Native Instruments Have A Black Friday Sale?

With all the hype around the Black Friday plugin deals period, you'll be wanting to know whether your favorite brands will be having a sale. So, in this article, we'll be answering whether a Native Instruments Black Friday sale will happen.

We'll also share some tips & tricks that will help you pick up the best deals around the holiday season.

Native Instruments Black Friday – Will it Happen? (TL;DR)

Native Instruments will have a black Friday sale this season. You can expect anywhere between a 30 – 50% discount on the Komplete range and upgrades. Expect to save more on upgrades than purchasing outright.

native instruments black friday sale

Did Native Instruments Go On Sale Last Black Friday?

Native Instruments had a sale last Black Friday for 30% off on first-time purchases and 50% off on upgrades. This was for Komplete 13. There were additionally some introductory deals, such as Komplete 13 Select for $99.50, and Plugin Boutique also offered some deals on instruments.

Komplete 13 is a fantastic bundle to get if you want to get into the Native Instruments world. Komplete Select should be fairly cheap this Black Friday and includes a wide range of instruments.

You get access to software like:

  • Massive
  • Kontakt
  • Kontak Factory Instruments & More Packs
  • Reaktor
  • Reaktor Factory Instruments & More Packs
  • A range of Native Instruments effects
  • Expansion packs

What About A Kontakt Black Friday Sale? Will it Happen?

Kontakt doesn't directly go on sale during the Black November sales. You will be able to pick it up as part of a Native Instruments sale package. Look out for deals on Komplete and bundles that include Kontakt with it.

Based on past sales we can predict that it's unlikely Kontakt will have a Black Friday sale. It hasn't gone on sale in the past, unless it was part of a bundle offered by Native Instruments.

Will A Kontakt Instruments Black Friday Sale Happen?

There will be huge savings on Kontakt Instruments this Black Friday. Many Kontakt Instrument creators put their whole collections on sale and have a site-wide discount on every one of their products.

You will be able to get your favorite creators' instruments on sale. Judging by the last 2 years of Black Friday sales data, there are always Kontakt Instrument sales.

Will Komplete Have A Black Friday Sale?

Komplete will have a sale this Black November. Native Instruments typically only have sales on the Komplete range and some other bundles. You can't typically get a particular instrument on sale, so if you only wanted Massive, you'll probably have to get a bundle to grab a saving on it.

However, these usually work out pretty cheap and you get some great extra plugins with them, so why not grab a bundle?

How Do I Make The Most Out of This Sale?

Usually, the Black Friday sale is for upgrades and crossgrades. Last year Native Instruments changed that and you were able to purchase Komplete for a discount, then make use of the upgrade discount to upgrade.

Without the full information on this sale it's difficult to say, but how people usually play it, is they purchase Komplete during the huge Summer sale, then use the Black Friday sale to upgrade to a version of their choosing.

It's typically best to purchase the lowest-priced version of Komplete, then make use of the upgrade discounts, because they are always more enticing and you'll often save more.

Additionally, upgrades are generally cheaper than buying the software outright.

If you want to save the most money, then purchasing the lowest cost software and upgrading in a later sale is the best way.

If you're not bothered about money, just buy it outright.

How To Be Prepared For The Black Friday Plugin Deals

With so many deals during the Black Friday period, it's important to stay updated so you can make the most out of the season.

Here's how to prepare for Black Friday in 2022:

  1. Start saving your cash now. With the number of deals going around, you'll want to have a fair bit saved up. The deal period is fast and there are constant, fantastic savings available. It's better to have some saved to make use of them than miss out.
  2. Sign up to mailing lists. Sign up to a list (like ours) to get updates on the latest deals right to your inbox everyday!
  3. Bookmark our Black Friday plugin deals page. We spend hours everyday updating the list with the freshest Black November deals, so make sure you're there!
  4. Make sure to join other deal communities. Browse Reddit and Facebook for groups so you can be updated everywhere you go.
  5. Create a Plugin Boutique account. They give away freebies and you can build up loyalty cash for future purchases from them
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