Oeksound Soothe 2 Black Friday Sale 2023: 44% Off

With the Black Friday plugin deals underway, we’ve been asking a lot of your burning questions.

Soothe 2 and the Oeksound plugins are on sale this Black Friday. Soothe is priced 44% off for just 5 days, for $139 instead of $209.
Spiff is 33% off at $99 instead of $159.

Oeksound make some of the most incredible plugins, including Soothe 2 – the fantastic dynamic resonance suppression tool that almost every producer has or wants in their tool belt.

In this article we’ll discuss whether Soothe 2 will have a Black Friday plugin sale you can make use of, and whether Oeksound will be having a sale on their entire range of plugins.

Did Soothe Have A Black Friday Sale Last Year?

Last year Soothe 2 went on sale on Black Friday, specifically on the actual date: 27th – 30th November 2021. It went on sale for €139 for full & €39 for upgrades. Spiff was also on sale last year.

If it’s anything like last year’s Black Friday, the sale will go from the 24th of November to the 30th this time around too, and we’d expect for Oeksound to provide the same deal.

This isn’t set in stone though, as Soothe and Spiff are gaining popularity with each year, the developers may deem them more valuable.

Soothe and Spiff don’t go on sale any other time than Black Friday.

So if you want to grab Soothe for a lower price, then make sure you save some of your budget for the deals coming up this holiday season.

To be the first to know when Soothe 2 goes on sale, check our full Black Friday plugin deals list, and search: “Soothe”

Will Soothe Have A Sale On Upgrades?

soothe 2 Black Friday

Oeksound is offering Soothe 2 upgrade for $42 instead of $55 (24% off).

If you’re an owner of the original Soothe plugin, you might want to make use of the upgrade deals this Black Friday to save some extra cash, and get access to the full power of Soothe 2.

Soothe 2 comes with some notable improvements, that you’ll want if you’re a music producer or engineer.

The original Soothe was more of a mid-range to high frequency tamer. Now Soothe 2 can work on low frequencies exceptionally well. And, this is actually one of the functions we use Soothe 2 for to clean up bass beyond the mixing process.

It’s great at providing a balance if you don’t have access to original mixing stems and need a bit of extra control over your master.

Is Soothe 2 Worth It?

Soothe 2 is by far the best mixing plugin I’ve personally used. It’s fantastic at removing unwanted resonances that are causing an issue in your audio, and levelling out samples to sound smoother.

It works well across the entire frequency spectrum and can be used to deal with harsh high end, ringing mids and rumbly lows.

Unless you want to waste a bunch of time using a dynamic EQ to meticulously pick out all your resonance points, then Soothe 2 is a must have.

It’s a workflow beast, and will 100% reduce frustration, and workload.

Soothe 2 also has some fantastic controls for mid/side, and gives you a number of knobs you can use to control just how hard or light your resonance suppression is.

I recommend using Soothe 2 lightly, because it can start to take too much away – especially on vocals!

If you use it too much you can end up making your vocalist sound like he or she has a lisp. So, don’t go overboard with it.

Cleaning up samples and recordings to sound smooth, is what you’ll be doing with Soothe.

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