Loopmasters Black Friday Sale 2023: Up To 80% off Sample Packs

With the Black Friday VST deals ramping up, Loopmasters have decided to join in on the sales, with an offering of up to 80% off all sample packs.

You can grab the Black Friday deal up until December the 4th 2023, after that time, you won’t be able to make use of any of the deals.

Loopmasters black friday 2023

Alongside this deal, a LoopCloud sale has also emerged offering some cool add-ons that aren’t there in the original priced subscription plan… unfortunately no saving on the monthly subscription unless you purchase yearly.

To make use of the Loopmasters Black Friday savings, you can either head over to the Loopmasters website, or check the Plugin Boutique website for them.

The deal appears to be 50% off everything, so if you’re looking for some new samples, now’s the time!

Loopmasters make some of the best sample packs in the industry.

And are a particularly great place to shop if you’re looking for more electronic based samples. Genres like House, Techno, DnB and more club based music seems to dominate the platform. You can get sample packs from heavyweight dons like Carl Cox too!

However, if you look you can find some really great soul vocals, RnB, Trap, Hip Hop and Lo-Fi samples on Loopmasters too.

If you’re looking for some new samples, this is definitely one to check out this holiday season.

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