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FL Studio Black Friday Sale 2023: All Deals

FL Studio has a Black Friday sale right now. You can get up to 25% off all plugins, software, and more. There is no end date on this sale as of yet, but don’t expect it to last long.

All The Ongoing FL Studio Sale Deals Right Now

FL Studio Edition Discount Purchase Link
Fruity None Sweetwater ($99)
Producer 25% off Sweetwater ($149 instead of $199)
Signature 25% off Sweetwater ($225 instead of $299)
All Plugins Edition 25% off Sweetwater ($375 instead of $499)

Deals on FL Studio Upgrades

FL Studio Version UpgradeDiscount
Fruity to Producer Edition50% Off ($50 instead of $100)
Fruity to Signature Edition38% Off ($125 instead of $200)
Fruity to All Plugins Edition31% Off ($275 instead of $400)
Producer to Signature Edition25% Off ($75 instead of $100)
Producer to All Plugins Edition25% Off ($225 instead of $300)
Signature to All Plugins Edition25% Off ($150 instead of $200)

With the Black Friday plugin deals ramping up you’re probably wondering whether your favourite DAW has a sale too. Does FL Studio go on sale during Black Friday or not? In this article, we’ll answer that question and give you some tips on how you can save the most money this season.

Did FL Studio/Image Line Have a Sale Last Black Friday (2022)?

fl studio
source: Image-Line

FL Studio had a sale last year from the 3rd of November for up to 20% off FL Studio All Plugins Edition, and 25% off Producer Edition. This year, to mark 25 years of FL Studio, they are offering a 25% saving on selected Editions, up to 50% off Upgrades, and a special introductory price for FL Cloud. This sounds like a great time to buy!

Although available only on FL Studio Producer Edition, Signature Edition, and all Plugins Edition as a Black Friday discount, a saving of 25% on FL Studio is fantastic for anyone looking to get a new DAW. FL Studio, unlike other DAWs, provides lifetime updates completely free of charge. This is different when compared to Ableton’s Black Friday deal because you have to upgrade each year.

We think Ableton is the better call for a DAW due to the way it’s built and how amazing it is for workflow for producers specifically.

However, with each year FL Studio is improving. We don’t know how long lifetime updates for free will last with its continuous improvement if it wants to compete with the likes of Ableton.

That being said, it’s not about the DAW you use, but rather how you use it. For us, Ableton made us more creative, but if we had learned FL or Logic to the same level, we’d be able to do the same stuff.

It just seems there are bottlenecks in those programs that are frustrating and make everything a little bit slower. This is only our opinion though, we urge you to test the trials before downloading.

How To Get FL Studio Cheaper

There are a couple of things you can redeem all year round, and there are some incredible savings to be made, ignoring the Black Friday sales.

  1. FL Studio free 30-day trial. You can try FL Studio completely free for 30 days to see if you like it or not. This is a fantastic offer to make use of before you make the decision. I tried FL doing this, & preferred Ableton (sorry not sorry).
  2. Get the FL Studio educational discount. If you’re a student Image Line offers 50% off all FL versions. There are some eligibility requirements like actually being in education, and you can find out more about these here.
  3. FL Studio Black Friday Sale. If you’re willing to wait on a maybe, then you can pick up FL for 50% off on Black Friday. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. It usually does, but Image Line doesn’t announce their sales so it’s a big maybe.
  4. Find a reseller. FL Studio re-sellers can often give you way better deals than Image Line, and you still get the full product and license keys. Check Reverb for deals, it’s probably the only place that’s cheaper, bar eBay or something like that.
  5. Buy someone’s copy. On places like FB marketplace and eBay you can find some pretty good deals, just be weary of people selling cracked versions.

Finishing Up

If you want to grab a good deal on FL Studio, and you’re not a student – then Black Friday is your time to take action! It’s highly unlikely you’ll get a better deal throughout the year, so save up your cash and if you want FL, get it.

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