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Future Audio Workshop Black Friday Sale 2023: All Deals

With the Black Friday plugin deals season ahead, you’re wondering if Future Audio Workshop is going to have a sale this year. In this article, we’re going to answer whether a Future Audio Workshop Black Friday sale will happen or not, and where to get the best deal.

All The Ongoing Future Audio Workshop Sale Deals Right Now

Deal Link Type Discount Expiry
Trap Bundle Various Category by Exclusive Bundles Bundle Up to 60% off 2023-12-01
Low-End Theory Bundle Various Category by Exclusive Bundles+ VST Instruments, Synth Up to 43% off 2023-12-01
Future Bass Bundle Various Category by Exclusive Bundles+ VST Instruments, Synth Up to 56% off 2023-12-01
SubLab XL Synth by Future Audio Workshop VST Instruments, Synth Up to 37% off 2023-12-01
SubLab Synth by Future Audio Workshop VST Instruments, Synth Up to 42% off 2023-12-01

Will Future Audio Workshop Have A Black Friday Sale?

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Future Audio Workshop will definitely have a Black Friday sale. From past sales seasons, you can expect around 50% off FAW products. You will be able to make use of the sale on their official website and official plugin retailers like Plugin Boutique.

In 2022, during the Black Friday Sales event spanning November to December 4th, Plugin Boutique featured the Future Audio Workshop SubLab Complete Bundle, offering a significant 53% discount as part of their exclusive selection of Black Friday Plugin Bundles.


Future Audio Workshop has offered free products on Black Friday in the past. In 2022, they offered a free copy of their SubLab synthesizer worth $70 when you purchased two months of Loopcloud for $2/£2/€2.

How to make the most of the Future Audio Workshop sale: Which deal(s) should I get as a priority?

Here are our absolute must-haves:

  • Circle, Future Audio Workshop’s flagship software synthesizer, renowned since its 2009 release and favoured by artists like Hudson Mohawke, Arca, David Guetta, and Deadmau5. 
  • SubLab is an all-in-one tool for effortlessly crafting powerful subs and 808s within minutes. It includes exclusive samples, numerous presets, and a host of new features. 

Future Audio Workshop offers a free bundle called “Best of Bundle” which includes 12 track-ready 808s selected from all their expansion packs.

To get the best price on the most popular products, you can consider buying a low-priced product or a second-hand older version to benefit from a cross-grade discount on a flagship plugin that is not discounted otherwise for Black Friday.

How To Get Future Audio Workshop Plugins Cheaper Outside Of Sales Like Black Friday Deals?


Future Audio Workshop offers its plugins, including the flagship Circle synth, through Splice’s rent-to-own program. This allows users to access high-end plugins without a substantial upfront payment, opting for installment payments. For example, with Future Audio Workshop Circle, users can try a fully featured free demo and then pay $7.99 a month until the full price is paid off.


  • SubLab XL Pack Bundle: This bundle includes all seven expansion packs with a total of 95 subs and 808s. Additionally, purchasers receive all future XL expansion packs for free as they are released.
  • SubLab Everything Bundle: priced at just 60$, it offers a fully loaded SubLab with 7 additional expansion packs and 250 extra samples. All future expansion pack releases are included as well.


Owners of the original SubLab can crossgrade to SubLab XL, which offers an extensive sound library, enhanced engine, and additional features for creating powerful sub-bass tones. The crossgrade is heavily discounted during promotional periods, e.g. Plugin Boutique offered the crossgrade for just $20.

Second Hand Licenses

Future Audio Workshop permits the transfer of licenses, so you can get really good deals by purchasing a license from another user. They charge a $5 processing fee and it takes a few days.

Take precautions to avoid scams. We recommend a marketplace like Knobcloud, and when buying from forums or Reddit be wary of too-good-to-be-true prices.

How to prepare for Future Audio Workshop Black Friday Sale?

  1. Start saving your cash now. The amount of discounts on music software, instruments & sample packs on Black Friday is crazy. To get the most bang for your buck start putting aside a bit of money each month, so you have some to play with when those juicy deals drop.
  2. Make a wishlist – Know what Future Audio Workshop plugins you want before Black Friday. It helps you skip irrelevant deals.
  3. Identify needs and set goals – Focus on Future Audio Workshop plugins you’ll actually use. Don’t waste money on software that’ll sit unused. Think about your music projects for the next year. Pick plugins that help you achieve those aims. Older versions might be cheaper.
  4. Sign up for mailing lists and alerts. Get one of your promo emails and sign up to lists (like ours), so you can get updates straight to your inbox!
  5. Bookmark this page. We update this hourly during the Black Friday period, and you’ll get all the most up-to-date deals by doing so.
  6. Make sure to join other communities. Places like Reddit and Facebook can be great places to find more information about these deals and stay informed.
  7. Create a Plugin Boutique account to make use of the freebies & get the best plugin deals. Having an account on Plugin Boutique is a must throughout the holiday sale period because they offer some fantastic bonuses for signing up. Like further discounts through tokens and cashback: If you’re gonna be buying a lot through the Black Friday period, these bonuses will all add up. Plus After Black Friday, you’ll also get a tonne of benefits for being a Plugin Boutique member. They offer free downloads every month, cash back on your purchases, and keep you up-to-date on the greatest savings all year around. They also team up with plugin manufacturers like iZotope, Native Instruments & other big names, to offer free plugins and fantastic deals, all year round.


If I buy any of the Future Audio Workshop plugins now and buy a bundle including it later, will the bundle be the same price? Or will it account for my already owning one of the plugins in the bundle?

If you purchase any Future Audio Workshop plugins individually now and later decide to buy a bundle that includes those same plugins, the bundle price will not account for your previous purchases. The bundle price will remain the same, regardless of whether you already own some of the plugins included in it. However, keep in mind that some bundles may offer additional benefits or exclusive content beyond the individual plugins. 

Did Future Audio Workshop Have A Black Friday Sale Last Year?

Yes, Future Audio Workshop had a Black Friday sale last year. They offered a special deal where you could get two months of Loopcloud for just $2/£2/€2, and as a bonus, you received a free copy of the Future Audio Workshop SubLab synthesizer, which is normally worth $70.

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