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Will Spectrasonics & Omnisphere Have A Black Friday Sale? (2023)

Omnisphere doesn’t go on sale over the Black Friday plugin deals period. There are no deals for the Spectrasonics range. You might find companies like Amazon, Reverb or Sweetwater offering deals between 15-20% off usual price.

In the run up to the Black Friday plugin deals, we’ve been answering all your burning questions and offering advice on how you can best prepare for Black Friday.

In this article we’re going to discuss whether Spectrasonics will have a sale on Omnisphere.

Did Spectrasonics Have A Black Friday Sale Last Year (2022)?

Spectrasonics haven’t taken part in any of the Black Friday sales over the last decade. They do routinely offer discounts for their email subscribers, so it’s worth signing up. However, these haven’t ever been on Black Friday.

Places like Thomann, Gear4Music & Musicians Friend might have sales. And in fact, in 2017, Musicians Friend took Omnisphere down to $357, which is a heck of a saving!

It would be fantastic to see Spectrasonics take part in the sales, but they’re like the Apple of audio.

Omnisphere, Keyscape & Trillian will continue to sell regardless of whether they hold sales or not. They are simply the most intricate & deep music softwares around, and it would be difficult to find anything that matches.

However, things can change.

With a lot of plugin companies surfacing and offering even more competitive prices around the period, maybe it will push Spectrasonics to join in on the holiday sales? Only time will tell.

Is Omnisphere Worth The Full Price?

omnisphere hyperpop preset

I bought Omnisphere a couple years back for around £300 from Spectrasonics themselves, and I can easily say it’s one of the best synths I’ve ever had the pleasure of using.

The sound library alone is 70GB

Including some of the most unique and interesting sampled analog synths, ambiences, textures, real instruments and pretty much anything you can imagine. Coupled with the capability to have 7 instances in one patch, complete with a mixer and 58 different effects modelled from analog gear like, the Fairchild 670 – Omnisphere literally has everything you’d ever need for advanced sound design.

There’s also some cool stuff like:

  • Granular sampling
  • Unison
  • Wavetable shaping with crush
  • Harmonica
  • Frequency Modulation
  • Ring Modulation

Oh also the arp is the absolute t*ts.

There’s so many cool things you can do with it and it acts almost like an arp and a step sequencer.

You can choose from a number of different options for each step. You can play chords, do slides, transpose, or even divide the steps into triplets or something else.

It’s really easy to make something unique with the arp.

You can also create arpeggiated patterns, then even record the MIDI from these patterns, and put them onto other instrument channels. So, you could have other synths playing back up lines, or lead lines with some wonky, awesome arp patterns.

It’s the best arp I’ve ever used if I’m honest.

Does Omnisphere Have Good Piano Sounds?

omnisphere black friday sale reddit

One question I saw getting asked a lot on forums when Googling this question was whether Omnisphere has good piano sounds.

Short answer is: it does, but it’s not the best if you just want piano sounds. Go for Keyscape.

It has some fantastic sounding piano patches, but Omnisphere really doesn’t shine here. It’s better for incredibly in-depth sound design with bass, pads, chords, and more synthetic things that sound organic. For piano samples you’ll want something dedicated to that.

Luckily for you Spectrasonics make Keyscape which is the largest collection of piano sounds on the market and is easily the best sounding.

What’s better about this is, it links up with Omnisphere so you can use Keyscape to design patches too – creating organic sounding piano instruments that are out of this world.

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