Will Xfer Serum Have A Black Friday Sale?

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With the upcoming Black Friday plugin deals, you're probably wondering if you're favorite synths, effects and plugins are going to be on sale this time.

In this article, we're going to answer whether a Serum Black Friday sale will happen or not, and share some tips around saving the most during the Black Friday period.

Xfer Serum Black Friday – Will It Go On Sale? (TL;DR)

Xfer Serum does not go on sale for Black Friday. There hasn't been a single sale for Serum in the past – along with the rest of the Xfer range, Serum does not go on sale. This is due to the fact that all updates for all Xfer products are completely free forever.

This is unfortunate because Serum is one of the best VST synths still out there and we personally use it to design in-depth, vast sounds all the time. The possibilities of the small, 2 OSC synth are quite incredible!

We've designed real-sounding drum patches, Violins, Pianos, and a whole range of fantastic sounds using it.

When asked this question himself, Steve Duda (Xfer Records CEO) answered:

steve duda xfer records CEO

Thanks for the interest, I don't tend to run sales and this holiday season is no exception. Updates are always free, for what it's worth (which is one of the reasons I don't tend to run sales).
Warm regards,

Steve Duda

Founder, Xfer Records

splice rent to own serum

How To Get It Cheaper Without A Black Friday Serum Deal

Although Serum doesn't go on sale during the Black November period or ever have a sale, you can make use of some deals to get Serum that causes less of a blow to your bank account.

For instance, you could make use of Splice's Rent To Own option to grab Serum for as low as $9.99/month. This is a great way to get access to a normally pretty expensive plugin, and spread the cost in small monthly payments.

I personally used this exact method to get my copy of Serum and can completely vouch for the process.

It's interest-free, you can freeze your payments at any moment, and pick up where you left off. I additionally used this method to access iZotope for a couple of months, but have since stopped paying for that service as I no longer need it with the entire Waves collection.

Additionally, through Splice's rent-to-own Serum subscription, you also get access to free cloud storage, which will automatically backup your projects and save them to the cloud.

This completely saved me before when my drive was corrupted because everything was backed up to the cloud. I still have access to projects that are over 7 years old now! I have since deleted them, but I can download them from the cloud and look through them for ideas if I ever run out.

Will Serum Ever Have A Black Friday Sale?

Judging by previous years and the fact that Serum has never gone on sale, it is extremely unlikely that this will happen. However, you may find deals on 3rd party providers like ADSR, Thomann, Gear4Music and Sweetwater.

Serum is similar to Omniphere and sales – the brand itself never runs a sale, but 3rd party retailers might offer very small savings on these products to draw you into their services as a customer.

serum black friday sale

Maybe Xfer will surprise us in the future with a sale. With Serum 2 apparently have being leaked, there may be some savings to be found on Serum 1 in the future.

Maybe even some upgrade deals that allow you to access the newer plugin cheaper. But, only time will tell!

For now, Serum does, has not, and will never have a Black Friday sale until confirmed otherwise.

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