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The 11 Best Lofi Sample Packs [Free Downloads Included]

From rain hitting your windows, to study beats, lo-fi has become one of the most popular genres of music in recent years, and for good reason. Lo-Fi is the musical equivalent of relaxation, and it’s very fun to make as well! So to get you on the path to creating your first Lo-Fi tracks, in this article we’ll cover the best Lo-Fi sample packs!

So to jump right in, here’s the complete list of best lofi sample packs:

  1. Purple Slush Lofi Hip Hop Beats & Sample Pack
  2. Purple Slush Lofi Hip Hop Serum Presets
  3. Purple Slush Zero – Free Lofi Beats & Sample Pack (free)
  4. Osaka Sound LoFi Hip Hop Beats Vol.1
  5. Ghosthack Ultimate Lo-Fi Hip Hop bundle
  6. Black Octopus Mellow Mornings – Lofi Vibes
  7. Osaka Sound Remember LoFi
  8. Goosetaf Presents: Lo-Fi
  9. Cymatics Lofi Toolkit (free)
  10. Mango Melodies – Free Guitar Loops Pack (free)
  11. SampleRadar 587 Free Lo-Fi Hip Hop samples (free)

1. Purple Slush Lofi Beats & Sample Pack, With 25 Serum Presets

Price: $12, Samples: 353, Presets: 25, Total Size: 884mb, Royalty free: Yes

track demos
purple slush best lofi sample pack

The first on our list is, the best lofi sample pack available: Whipped Cream Sounds Purple Slush Lofi Beats & Sample Pack.

With over 350+ unique, exotic and vintage samples that are entirely royalty-free and highly quality, Purple Slush is one of the best lo-fi sample packs out there.

With everything music producers need to create awesome lofi beats, from addicting chord loops, to inspiring melodies, drum one shots, a lofi MIDI pack & more – Purple Slush has got it all.

Here’s what you get inside Purple Slush Lofi Hip Hop sample pack:

🥁 120 unique drum one shots
🎹 63 melody loops
🌊 36 ambiences & foley
📁 32 Lofi MIDI files
🎸 24 guitar loops
🎛 23 serum presets
🎸 20 bass one shots
⚡️ 36 FX

It also comes with 25 Serum presets including:

6 keys 
5 pads 
🎹 6 keys
☘️ 5 pads
🔥 4 plucks
🎤 4 leads
🎸 4 basses
🎛 4 synths
📁 WCS – Organic Serum Instruments (noise oscillator & wavetable pack)

ky akasaha purple slush lofi sample pack testimonial

The entire pack was made using original foley sounds, processed and layered with sound design techniques to create, real, electronic-style drums for Lo-Fi production. And, if you want to learn about how to make similar sounds from scratch, we have an entire tutorial that goes over the same processes used to create the pack.

Using this pack has generated so much inspiration + new ideas, and has even been given testimonials from huge lofi producers in the scene too.

We’ve personally used the pack in a lot of our productions, with some being released on small SoundCloud labels, gaining 20k plays on SoundCloud and 10k plays on Spotify.

The beauty of the sounds is that they are very versatile to similar genres of Hip Hop and electronic music. And we’ve personally used them to make interesting productions that aren’t considered lofi hip hop.

Here are some examples of the Lofi use of this pack:

It’s not much, but without the packs, the ideas wouldn’t have been as easy to generate and it wouldn’t have been as easy to get into the full-creative flow state.

It’s one of the best value-for-money packs out there, coming in at only $12 for a tonne of cool stuff, and a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Also, in case you’re not sure you want to get the full, flagship sample pack, we released an awesome Purple Slush Lofi Freebie for you to download and check out, with 100+ sounds included (all royalty free).

If you haven’t already, check out our awesome, new, and upcoming sample packs on Whipped Cream Sounds!

2. Purple Slush Lofi Serum Presets

Price: $7, Samples: 37, Presets: 25, Total Size: 74.1mb, Royalty free: Yes

PAD – Lost Tavern

PLUCK – Toy Digi Grand

KEYS – RC-20, LEAD – Cocoa

SY – Palm Trees

purple slush lofi serum preset pack

If you don’t want to go the full way and purchase the entire lofi hip hop sample pack, there’s also an option to grab the Serum presets.

Inspired by chill, & lo-fi music producers like, 53 Thieves, Purrple Cat, and the popular study/sleep/chill to 24/7 lofi girl playlists – Purple Slush lofi Serum presets will help make your music production sessions easier and provide you with inspiration.

It includes 25 Serum presets & an awesome noise oscillator pack for sound design:

🎹 6 keys
☘️ 5 pads
🔥 4 plucks
🎤 4 leads
🎸 4 basses
🎛 4 synths
📁 WCS – Organic Serum Instruments (noise oscillator & wavetable pack)

The Purple Slush Lofi Serum preset pack pushes Serum to its sound design limits, creating beautiful, analog, warm & vintage presets, that sound good without any extra processing.

You can load up a preset and start writing melodies without extra mixing and mastering, and it will sound good. However, as you continue to add tracks, you will need to eventually create space for them using EQ etc.

Here is a melody we personally created using the pack without additional processing. It’s extremely warm, and sounds very analog and dissonant which is fantastic for weird and wonky lofi beats.

You will hear some automation used – this makes use of the macro automation controls that are built into each patch to alter the tonality, character, and vibe from section to section.

Another example of the presets can be found in the main chord line, melody and bass in this track we made using all elements of Purple Slush:

Alongside the presets, you get an additional bonus pack that includes organic sampled instruments that you can use for layering in your own sound design, which is especially useful in Serum when designing keyboards, guitars etc. which require a more organic sound.

This is a bonus when learning sound design because you additionally follow along with our how to make sample packs from scratch tutorial, which covers exactly how some of the patches in this pack were made.

Also Whipped Cream Sounds are one of the only companies to offer a 14-day money-back guarantee on all their products (even if they’re digital downloads).

That’s because we’re so certain that music producers will love our lofi sounds, that you won’t want to return them. If you don’t love the presets, or our lofi sounds, then there’s always the option to send them back no questions asked.

3. Purple Slush Zero – Free Lofi Beats & Sample Pack (Free Lofi Sample Pack)

track demos
hip hop melody loops free download purple slush

Purple Slush Zero is the little brother of our awesome flagship Purple Slush Lo-Fi sample pack. It’s one of the many useful free downloads we offer here.

If you’re looking for inspiring melodies, solid drums, and tons of other interesting samples for free, Purple Slush Zero is the sample pack for you.

With over 100 Royalty Free Lo-Fi Samples, featuring authentic and versatile sounds, from awesome FX, to beautiful melodies, chord loops, and even serum presets, this is the perfect toolkit to get you started with lofi hip hop production.

Each sound is perfectly crafted for that analog, lofi style and it does a great job at capturing the kind of sound you would expect from old hardware gear. We personally love the selection of hats, foley and FX that are included.

The foley is great for adding that background warmth to your tracks and re-creating noise you would get from old analog hardware. Combined with the warping, chorus-y, dissonant melodies you can create some very unique tracks.

You get 10 sounds of each category, so for instance:

  • 10 drums
  • 10 melodies
  • 10 fx
  • etc.
  • etc.

We also personally used Purple Slush Zero to create these tracks:

The pack has been crafted with incredible attention to detail, keeping variety and workflow in mind, which makes us confident that beginner, & advanced lofi music producers, will be able to push these sounds to their limits.

We’re confident you’ll love the sounds & the versatility of this pack

And at the end of the day, if you end up enjoying it, there’s always the big-brother Purple Slush sample pack, to give you even more of that awesome Lofi goodness!

4. Osaka Sound LoFi Beats Vol.1

Price: $9.95, Samples: 160, Presets: 0, Total Size: 130mb, Royalty free: Yes

Osaka Sound LoFi Beats Vol.1

Osaka Sound is one of our favorite names when it comes to Lo-fi hip-hop samples.

Their LoFi Beats Vol.1 pack is one of their largest sample packs to date, with a total of 160 samples.

Focused on drums and percussion, LoFi Beats Vol.1 features:

  • 120 awesome drum loops
  • 40 one shots

This pack has everything you need for dusty lofi drum sections – full of interesting, wonky beats, vintage jazz hats, and boom-bap bangers.

If you’re looking for melodies, this might not be the pack for you however, and we’d suggest you check out the Purple Slush sample pack for awesome melodies!

If drum loops are exactly what you’re looking for, it’s about time you got Osaka Sound’ LoFi Beats Vol.1

5. Ghosthack Ultimate Lo-Fi bundle

Price: $35, Samples: 1,100, Presets: 0, Total Size: 3.76gb, Royalty free: Yes

Ghosthack Ultimate Lo-Fi bundle sample pack

Ghosthack’s Ultimate Lo-Fi bundle is just that, ultimate! With over 1,100 lofi sounds and loops, the ultimate bundle features 3 separate packs, and is 3.67GB in size.

Containing some of the best loops, and one-shots, vocals and more, from Ghosthack lofi packs like:

  • Vaporwave Essentials
  • Lofi Hip Hop Volume 2
  • Lofi Hip Hop

For under $50, you get over 1000 sounds to explore and use in your music, which is quite an impressive deal! Additionally, they also feature a 100% Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked, if you end up not enjoying the pack!

If you’re looking for the perfect pack to cover all your LoFi basics, Ghosthack’s Ultimate Lo-Fi Bundle is for you!

6. Black Octopus Mellow Mornings – Lofi Vibes

Price: $15, Samples: 298, Presets: 0, Total Size: 1.02gb, Royalty free: Yes

Black Octopus Mellow Mornings - Lofi Vibes sample pack

Black Octopus are one of the most well-known sample pack makers out there.

With tons of incredible packs, covering genres like hip hop, EDM, Lofi, and more, Black Octopus is a mainstay in modern music production.

Their awesome LoFi pack – Mellow Mornings, is one of the most unique lofi packs around.

In contrast to other packs on this list, Mellow Mornings is entirely focused on interesting chopped loops, fully mixed stems, lofi MIDI files, Rhodes, and more.

Mellow Mornings is full of samples, that sound awesome, no matter how they’re arranged. You can essentially build an entire track just from the loops on the pack, or chop them up and construct your own!

Perfect for mellow, lo-fi vibes, Black Octopus’ Mellow Mornings sample pack is a must-have for the lo-fi producer!

7. Osaka Sound Remember LoFi

Price: $23, Samples: 82, Presets: 0, Total Size: 190.56mb, Royalty free: Yes

Osaka Sound Remember LoFi sample pack

Another Osaka Sound mention on our list, their awesome Remember LoFi pack is a unique sample pack, inspired by lofi hip hop artists and labels like ChilledCow, Chillhop Music, Jar Jar Jr, and more!

With 69 loops to choose from, Remember isn’t exactly the largest of the lo-fi packs around, but the meticulous attention to detail for each sample makes up for it!

You get:

  • 40 Drum Loops
  • 25 Keyboard Loops
  • 4 Bass Loops

Perfect for warm, old-school piano and key sounds with delicate vinyl noise in the background, to craft your next head bobbing easy listening hip hop track.

If you’re looking for inspiring loops and keyboards, check out Osaka Sounds’ Remember LoFi pack!

8. Goosetaf Presents: Lo-Fi

Price: $7.99, Samples: 111, Presets: 0, Total Size: 190.56mb, Royalty free: Yes

image 40

Goosetaf is one of the quirkiest sample makers we’ve stumbled upon. Crafting each sound with meticulous attention to detail, Goosetaf’s music is some of our favorite lofi.

The pack is full of samples previously used in many of Goosetaf’s tracks, in addition, to never before heard samples, recorded just for this pack.

Goosetaf Presents: Lo-Fi is a percussion pack, so expect to hear a lot of detailed pops and crackles, clicks, and the plinking of bottles. Full of sounds that are full of character, this lofi hip hop pack manages to sound punchy, while not killing the mellow vibes.

If you’re looking for quirky percussion to use in your lofi tracks, from kicks and snares, to wooden blocks and minimal hats, you should check out Goosetaf Presents: Lo-Fi!

9. Cymatics Lofi Toolkit (Free Lofi Pack)

Price: free! Samples: 160, Presets: 0, Total Size: 242.2mb, Royalty free: Yes

cymatics free lofi pack

The makers of massive hip-hop sample packs, such as Zodiac, and Fuego, Cymatics are no strangers to making industry-leading sample packs.

Their free sample packs are also quite awesome, always featuring a good selection of high-quality samples to choose from.

Cymatics’ Lofi Toolkit is the essential LoFi pack, featuring plenty of drum loops and one shots, to build a good rhythmic foundation for your music. Additionally, the awesome melody loops included, give you even more things to play around with.

Inside the Lofi Toolkit you’ll find:

  • 60+ Lofi Drum Loops
  • 60+ Lofi One Shots
  • 20+ Lofi Melody Loops
  • 20+ MIDI files

While Lofi Toolkit used to cost over $30, it’s now available as a Freebie for a limited time, so go pick it up if you haven’t already!

10. Mango Melodies – Free Lofi Guitar Loop Pack

Price: free! Samples: 50, Presets: 0, Total Size: 500mb, Royalty free: Yes

Guitar can be an overused instrument, but when used subtly, it’s just the thing you need for the perfect lo-fi hip hop track.

Mango Melodies is our awesome Free Guitar Loops Pack, coming on our free downloads section soon!

Full of loops and melodies for any genre, from lo-fi, to pop and rock, Mango Melodies is an awesome freebie!

It comes with 50 mellow guitar loops, that are full compositions, which have been fully mixed for ease.

The pack comes with 50 melodies, including all their stems. So you can pick apart each melody and take the bits that suit you from it!

Every sample has been recorded and exported in 32-bit quality so you have the highest quality samples to work with, and the most amount of headroom.

The pack is crafted with incredible attention to detail, with awesome guitar loops and melodies to suit your music needs. Additionally, we’ll have way more packs coming in the future, so keep an eye out for more awesome free and premium packs!

If you want something more than just guitar melodies, consider checking out our Purple Slush sample pack, to give you even more of those lofi vibes!

11. SampleRadar 587 Free Lo-Fi samples

Price: free! Samples: 587, Presets: 0, Total Size: 520.8mb, Royalty free: Yes

sample radar free lofi sample pack

Sample Radar, is easily our favourite source to look for free sample packs, and they don’t disappoint no matter what genre or mood you’re into.

For lo-fi in particular, our favorite pack they have available is the 587 free Lo-Fi samples pack.

Full of awesome drum loops, FX sounds, construction kits and even bonus multisamples, the pack is so vast, that you should have most of what you need to create lo fi hip hop.

There is a gritty, 8-bit like sound to most of the sounds, which have been additionally degraded, to perfect the distortion characteristics of these samples.

While some sounds can be too gritty to fit your mellow hip hop beats, there’s plenty of gold to find in this pack. All the sounds are royalty free, and you’re more than welcome to use them in your music.

If you haven’t gotten Sample Radar’s 587 Free Lo-Fi samples yet, you should!

Finishing Up

To recap, here’s the complete list of best lofi hip hop sample packs:

  1. Purple Slush Lofi Hip Hop Beats & Sample Pack
  2. Purple Slush Lofi Hip Hop Serum Presets
  3. Purple Slush Zero – Free Lofi Beats & Sample Pack (free)
  4. Osaka Sound LoFi Hip Hop Beats Vol.1
  5. Ghosthack Ultimate Lo-Fi Hip Hop bundle
  6. Black Octopus Mellow Mornings – Lofi Vibes
  7. Osaka Sound Remember LoFi
  8. Goosetaf Presents: Lo-Fi
  9. Cymatics Lofi Toolkit (free)
  10. Mango Melodies – Free Guitar Loops Pack (free)
  11. SampleRadar 587 Free Lo-Fi Hip Hop samples (free)

Whether you’re looking to get all the essentials with a gigantic sample pack, or just get inspired with a selection of awesome, unique samples and loops, there is a sample pack out there that’s perfect for you!

From the 1000 sound behemoths to awesome freebies, we’ve tried to cover most of what you would need to start making lo-fi.

That being said, it’s all about how you use a sample, so get to making music!

If you enjoyed this article, make sure to check out some of our other awesome reviews, lists, and tutorials!


What Are The Best Free Lofi Sample Packs?

The top-rated free Lo-Fi sample packs are:

  1. Purple Slush Zero
  2. Purple Slush Serum Presets
  3. Cymatics LoFi Toolkit
  4. Sample Radar Free Lo-Fi Samples
  5. Bvker Lunar

How Do You Install A Lofi Pack?

To install a Lo-Fi sample pack, you simply download it on your computer and drag and drop it into your DAW’s sample browser window. If you’re on Ableton, this is a simple drag and drop. Other DAWs may have specific folders you have to install your sounds in.

In most cases, you will be able to drag and drop your folder to the browser while your DAW is open.

It’s recommended to do this because constantly opening your files and swapping tabs is a workflow nightmare. When you can drag samples directly from your DAW it makes music creation seamless.

Is Splice Good For Lofi Sounds?

Splice has a great selection of Lo-Fi sounds and presets. If you have a Splice subscription, we highly recommend checking out their collection of Lo-Fi sample packs.

We have personally downloaded many Serum presets for LoFi that are fantastic. It takes a bit of searching, but you will get good quality stuff.

Where Can I Find Good Free Samples?

There are many places online that offer free samples, here are the best sites:

  1. WhippedCreamSounds
  2. 99 Sounds
  3. Music Radar
  4. Cymatics
  5. SampleFocus
  7. Bvker
  8. SamplePhonics

SamplePhonics are really good if you want to get paid sample packs for free, because you can use their referral system to get a free $15 for each person that you sign up. I personally used this offer to get a load of sample packs back in University when I was a broke student and I still use those sample packs to this day.

Paid or Free Samples – Which Are Better?

You can get both free and paid sample packs that are fantastic. Free sample packs are always high quality, but you need to check the licensing information before using them. Some are not royalty-free, and you can’t use them for commercial releases. This is the same with paid packs, but it’s much less common to find.

Paid packs are generally better and will give you more access to quality sounds, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find extremely professional free packs.

I personally use packs that I got for free during my first years of production to this day.

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