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Does Omnisphere Ever Go On Sale? (Quick Answer)

So you want to delve into the world of Spectrasonics instruments, and Omnisphere has taken your fancy, but the price tag is a bit too high. And now you’re thinking: “Does Omnisphere ever go on sale?”

In this article, we’re going to answer that question, and give you some resources to check, so you can get the best deals on music plugins, and Spectrasonics software.

Does Omnisphere Ever Go On Sale?

Official sales from Spectrasonics that discount Omnisphere are very rare. If they happen, you will be notified on Spectrasonics official email list. Distributors are more likely to have a sale for Omnisphere. Check Thomann, Musicians Friend, Gear 4 Music & others.

Omnisphere on sale
source: andertons.co.uk

From what we can see, Omnsiphere has never been on sale on Spectrasonics official website.

There are constant promotions going on at music software resellers though, so it’s wise to check these retailers for potential discounts on Omnisphere.

A good time to check for Omnisphere sales is on Black Friday.

For instance, Musicians Friend had a sale on Omnisphere that took it down to $357 back in 2017. So, keep an eye out on your favourite music retailers’ sites.

You may also be able to get an EDU discount, depending on your situation.

Does Omnisphere Have A Student Discount?

Omnisphere doesn’t offer an educational discount. However, it does offer an EDU program, where schools and Universities can purchase Omnisphere licenses at a reduced rate.

These licenses are only available for use in Schools, or Universities. They can only be purchased by an important, high-level staff member.

This would include:

  • Music Tech Head of Department
  • Program Director
  • Course Instructor
  • Technical Administrator
  • Head Professor

Anyone who is a high-level staff member, of a Music Technology, or Music related course can apply for the EDU program.

Is Omnisphere Actually Worth Buying?

Omnisphere is 100% worth the money. The sheer power of the VST instrument alone is insane! You get granular capabilities, a huge library of sounds (over 70GB), analogue wavetables, incredible FX units, & more. It’s one of the most powerful soft synths money can buy.

omnisphere 2 VST synth

The capabilities of Omnisphere are endless, and it’s one of the best synths to use for sound design.

There’s a reason so many TV & Film producers use Omnisphere (alongside Kontakt), to produce their songs. It has incredible built-in presets that sound out of this world, and is fully equipped to make in-depth, intriguing sounds, that capture an audience.

And, it doesn’t stop there.

Omnisphere gives you the ability to open 7 instances of itself, in one patch. Giving you the ability to mix each patch using the mix window, and also allowing for an incredible array of 50+ FX to be applied to the master & controlled via automation.

If this doesn’t entice you enough, Omnisphere builds on that, offering an exceptional arp that can act as a step sequencer, play chords, add slides to playing, strums, and a plethora of interesting additions that make it the best arpeggiator we’ve ever used.

You can also record the MIDI played by Omnisphere’s arp, meaning that if you come up with a great melody, you can use that MIDI from Omnisphere and apply the same pattern to a different VST instrument to accompany Omnisphere.

It’s 110% worth the money, and you won’t regret having Omnisphere in your collection of VST plugins.

Does Omnisphere Come With Keyscape?

Omnisphere and Keyscape are separate instruments. However, you can use Keyscape patches and sounds inside Omnisphere, for sound design. Having both makes Omnisphere a much more powerful synthesizer.

We’d recommend getting both (if you can).

Omnisphere is great by itself but doesn’t have the best Piano sounds on its own. Keyscape however, is the best Piano VST plugin we’ve ever used. The sounds included are some of the most accurately modelled Pianos ever.

You get access to Rhodes, Grand Pianos, Upright Pianos & a tonne more acoustic and Electric Piano sounds.

Personally, we prefer it to Kontakt for Piano sounds and think Keyscape has the edge in terms of sound quality. The added functionality to Omnisphere makes Keyscape a must-have for any Omnisphere user.

Can You Run Omnisphere On An External HDD?

omnisphere steam folder external hdd
Omnisphere on external HDD

You can install the Omnisphere library on an external HDD. However, it’s recommended that you use a 7200RPM HDD. Most external HDD’s are 5400RPM, which will cause Omnisphere to load sounds slowly.

It’s recommended to have a 7200RPM HDD for music production because it requires reading a lot of audio files. 5400RPM HDDs simply aren’t fast enough and will cause problems with your workflow.

I personally use a 5400RPM HDD for Omnisphere, but it really does slow things down a lot.

We recommend that you get an SSD for music production and, if possible, get an external SSD too. However, if it’s not in your budget a 7200RPM HDD will do just fine.

omnisphere external HDD
I use omnisphere on my external HDD

I use an SSD for my applications/samples and another internal 5400rpm drive for my user folder. Then the external is 7200rpm/FW400. Works fine for me. I definitely wouldn’t use a 5400rpm drive for anything audio-related, though.


Does Omnisphere Have Free Upgrades?

Omnisphere has free upgrades for the version that you have purchased. For instance, if you bought Omnisphere 2, you will receive updates until Omnisphere 3 is released.

Once Omnisphere 3 is released, you will have to purchase an upgrade. This comes at a reduced rate than buying the software outright, but will still cost you money.

It works a lot like DAW software upgrades: for instance, if you buy Ableton 11, you’ll have to purchase the Ableton 12 upgrade when it comes around, but will receive updates until that day comes.

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