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Loopcloud Black Friday 2023 Deal

As the Black Friday plugin deals period continues, we get blessed with more and more great deals. Today Loopcloud released their Black Friday promotion, for their cloud sample subscription service, that is built for creativity.

Loopcloud is $2 for two months, with a free copy of Native Instruments Super 8 Synth.

Loopcloud Black Friday Offer 2023

Loopcloud is similar to Splice, but offers more functionality, with plugins included in the package, ability to preview samples together, and layer them in a sort of mini DAW that let’s you pitch, edit, change the BPM, add effects like reverb, chorus and more.

When comparing Loopcloud vs Splice, it’s definitely the more creative service.

To make use of the offer you need to be a new customer, or switch from a monthly plan to an annual subscription plan.

What Is Loopcloud?

Loopcloud is a cloud based sample service that uses a credit system. Music producers can use credits to purchase any part of a sample pack, instead of having to buy the whole thing, if they don’t want it.

Producers can also opt to purchase an entire sample pack for more credits.

It makes getting a varied library of samples you actually want, rather than blindly buying packs, a breeze. With most companies never offering refunds for sample packs, it can be annoying if you buy samples you don’t like or will never use.

This is where cloud based sample services come in. You can listen to and buy only the samples you like!

What Do I Get For Loopcloud’s Black Friday Deal?

For a limited time you can get some bonuses for signing up to Loopcloud, including:

  • Free sample and preset pack
    • 1GB Welcome Pack containing samples and presets for Loopcloud Drum and Loopcloud Play to get you started.
  • Free Super 8 Synth Plugin
    • Super 8 is a synth plugin ($99 originally) with a modern take on vintage polysynth sounds in a fun eight-voice instrument, including 550+ presets.
  • 3 free drum packs
    • Toolroom Records
    • Urban Agency
    • The Mouse Outfit

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