Every Black Friday Kontakt Instrument & Library Deal on One Page (2022 – 2023)

Last updated on November 22, 2022

So, it's black friday and you're looking for a place to sift through all of the Kontakt Instrument and Library deals this season. In this article (and our huge black friday plugins list), we're spending hours manually adding each deal when it arrives so you can be in the know this Black Friday. We've done this for 4 years in a row now and have a team dedicated to finding the best deals. Read on to see them all.

Kontakt Instruments & Libraries (Black Friday Deals List)

Heres the complete, up-to-date list of all Kontakt Black Friday deals for 2022 – 2023:

Deal LinkExpiryType
Heavyocity Late November Sale - Up to 75% off2022-12-08Kontakt Libraries
Sonixinema November Sale - Up to. 60% off2022-12-07Kontakt Libraries
Splash Sounds November Sale - Up to 90% off2022-12-07Kontakt Libraries
Loot Audio "El Dorado" Deal - 32% off Black Friday2022-12-05Kontakt Libraries
Shout Audio "Bold" Deal - 40% off2022-12-05Kontakt Libraries
Minimal Tonal Deals - Up to 70% off2022-12-05Kontakt Libraries
Alden Nulden Productions Late Friday Sale - Up to 50% off2022-12-05Kontakt Libraries
Loot Audio "Synthetic Materials" Deal - 49% off 2022-12-04Kontakt Libraries
Loot Audio Ergo Kukke Sale - Up to 85% off2022-12-04Kontakt Libraries
Loot Audio "vektor" Sale - Up to 75% off2022-12-04Kontakt Libraries
SoundYeti Cyber Deals - Up to 47% off2022-12-04Kontakt Libraries
Paper Stone Instruments November Sale - Up to 52% off2022-12-04Kontakt Libraries
Hoss Audio Sale - Up to 50% off Black Friday2022-12-04Kontakt Libraries
Atom Hob Cyber Monday Sale - 50% off all libraries2022-12-04Kontakt Libraries
Xpermienta Cyber Sale - Up to 70% off2022-12-03Kontakt Libraries
Sonuscore Cyber Monday Sale - Up to 50% off2022-11-30Kontakt Libraries
Cinesamples November Sale - 65% off2022-11-30Kontakt Libraries
Sonora Cinematic Sale November Sale - Up to 75% off2022-11-30Kontakt Libraries
Fracture Sounds Late November Sale - Up to 40% off2022-11-30Kontakt Libraries
Big Fish Audio Cyber Deals - Up to 50% off2022-11-29Kontakt Libraries
Impact Soundworks Sale on all bundles2022-11-29Kontakt Libraries
Vir2 Black Friday Sale - Up to 30% off2022-11-29Kontakt Libraries
Strezov Sampling Cyber week Deals - Up to 50% off2022-11-28Kontakt Libraries
Hybrid Two Black Friday Deals - Up to 66% off2022-11-28Kontakt Libraries
Key Instruments "The Oeser" Deal - 47% off Cyber Monday2022-11-28Kontakt Libraries
Enigma Recording "Royal Albert Hall Organ" Deal - 15% off2022-11-28Kontakt Libraries
VGTrumpet November Sale - Up to 30% off2022-11-27Kontakt Libraries
Wrongtools Weekend Sale - 40% off with code "BWKND22"2022-11-27Kontakt Libraries
Cinematique Instruments November Sale - Up to 30% off2022-11-27Kontakt Instruments
Musical Sampling Orchestral Sale - Individual Libraries for $1292022-11-21Kontakt Instruments
Soundiron "Sick7" Horror Library - 40% off Black Friday 2022-11-20Kontakt Libraries
AudioWarp Early Sale - 65% off everything2022-11-17Kontakt Libraries
Ergo Kukke "Synchro Hits" Deal - 30% off2022-11-15Kontakt Libraries
Karayni Sounds Sale - Up to 80% off2022-11-13Kontakt Libraries
8dio "Intimate Studio Strings" Deal - 86% off Black Friday2022-11-13Kontakt Libraries
Soundiron "Shimmer" - 38% off Black Friday2022-11-10Kontakt Libraries
Skybox Audio November Sale - Up to 55% offUnknownKontakt Libraries
Spitfire Audio Black Drama Sale - 40% off Select LibrariesUnknownKontakt Libraries
AVA Music Group Black November Sale - Up to 70% offUnknownKontakt Libraries
Y8Dio "Liberis Angelic children's Choir" Deal - 60% offUnknownKontakt Libraries
Past to Future Reverbs "Everything Bundle" - 96% offUnknownKontakt Libraries
Harrison "8Dio "Century Ostinato Strings" Deal - 60% offUnknownKontakt Libraries
Cymatic From Black Monday Sale - 60% off with code "CW60"UnknownKontakt Libraries
Emergence Audio November Sale - Up to 50% offUnknownKontakt Libraries
Vintage Drum Samples VDS Deal - 89% offUnknownKontakt Libraries
Rast Sounds Secret Sale - Up to 89% offUnknownKontakt Libraries
ProjectSAM Black Friday Sale - 24% off with code "lumina2022"UnknownKontakt Libraries
Spitfire Black Week Deals - Up to 75% off + Cassette Symphony free on orders above $299UnknownKontakt Libraries

Will Kontakt Go On Sale? (2022 – 2023)

Kontakt doesn't directly go on sale during the Black Friday period. However, you may be able to pick it up as part of one of Native Instruments Black Friday bundles. Usually they sell discount Komplete 13 which will come with Kontakt.

A standalone version of Kontakt will not go on sale.

For more information on Native Instruments Black Friday sales, you can check out this article we wrote on the frequency of their sales and what is likely to happen this year.

Will Native Instruments Have a Sale? (2022 – 2023)

Yes. Native Instruments have a Black Friday sale each year. Usually, Komplete goes on sale, and some other bundles of classic synths. Singular plugins and libraries do not go on sale over the Black Friday period, so you will have to make use of one of the bundles.

Right now you can save up to 75% on their Cyber Sale. This sale is on Komplete 14, Komplete libraries and instruments and more such as their plugin collections, hardware instruments and so much more.

Are The Black Friday Sales The Best?

The Summer sale for Native Instruments is better than the Black Friday sale most years. However, this is subject to change. With past information and past sales, we can predict that the Summer sale will be where you can make the most savings.

To make the most of the sales, people commonly purchase Komplete or another package during the Summer sale and then use the upgrade sales during Black Friday to save on upgrading to a higher package of Komplete.

If you're willing to wait for this, you can get the full version of Komplete pretty cheaply.

The best way to play these sales is to always purchase the version below which you want, and then wait for an upgrade sale. Once you can make use of an upgrade sale, you can purchase upgrades much cheaper than full versions of the software.

It's much cheaper to buy standard and then upgrade to collectors edition than purchase them outright.

Another way to play the sales is to check out Native Instruments hardware and see what deals are available there.

Often an S49 Komplete Kontrol or another instrument like Maschine will come bundled with Komplete software, and you can get the hardware + the software at a hugely discounted price.

The best places to check for this are Sweetwater and the Official Native Instruments website.

Do I Need Kontakt to Play Kontakt Instruments or Can I Use Kontakt Player?

You need Kontakt full version for most Kontakt instruments. However, there are many libraries that allow you to use the instruments with only Kontakt player (Native Instrument's free version). You need to look at each individual deal to see if they need a full Kontakt version or just Kontakt player.

Check the page you want to purchase the deal from, check the description and look for “compatible with Kontakt player”. If you see this on the page then you will be able to use the Kontakt instrument or library with Kontakt player.

If you see “compatible with Kontakt 5”, “compatible with Kontakt 6” or “need the full version of Kontakt”, this instrument will not be compatible with Kontakt player and you will need to purchase a license for Native Instruments Kontakt.

There are many great deals on Native Instruments gear throughout the Black Friday season, so make sure to check our huge Black Friday plugins list for the latest, up-to-date deals.

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