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Will Splice Have A Black Friday Sale in 2023? (Answered)

With the Black Friday plugin deals bonanza in full swing, you’re probably wondering if a Splice Black Friday sale is on the cards. In this article we’ll discuss whether Splice will have a Black Friday promotion, and what it could be.

A Splice Black Friday sale has not dropped this year (2023), which came as a surprise, as they participated the last 3 years.

Did Splice Have A Black Friday Sale Last Year?

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Splice didn’t have a sale last year per se, but they had a promotion. The promotion allowed users to get a month’s free subscription to Splice using a code they released directly on their website, and they offered 25 sample packs for free.

If it’s anything like last year, and the years before it, this year’s Black Friday promotion from Splice will be free months of the cloud based sample service.

Although this isn’t a great saving, and doesn’t offer any bonuses like Loopcloud’s Black Friday deal, it does give you an extra 16 days on the normal 14 day trial they offer right now.

Splice is a fantastic cloud based sample service, but we’d recommend you check out our Loopcloud vs Splice article before deciding whether to make use of the promotion they’ll be holding this year.

To be the first to know when Splice release a promotion, check out our full Black Friday plugin deals list, and search: “Splice”

Is Splice Worth It?

Splice is a great sample based service, and gives you access to a tonne of samples, presets, project templates and some cool community collaboration aspects.

For $12.99/month you can get 100 credits to use on whatever you like.

Samples & presets cost anywhere between 1 credit – 3 credits. So for that price you can get a maximum of 100 different samples/month, depending on what you buy.

There are some fantastic packs on there including samples from DECAP, The Kount & more.

Splice is worth it if you’re looking for packs from your favourite producers, and if you want the community aspect. If you’re looking for more creativity, and better software that comes with free plugins, effects & more, you can check out the current Loopcloud deal.

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