Will Steinberg Cubase Have A Black Friday Sale 2022? (Answered)

Steinberg currently has a Black Friday sale on for 30% off on Cubase, with free upgrades to 12 when it releases, 30% off Dorico, 40% off Neundo, Spectralayers & Wavelab Elements, 50% off Cubasis, Expansions & Instruments until December 13th 2022.

In the run up to the Black Friday plugin deals, we've been answering all your burning questions. In this article, we'll be covering whether Steinberg Cubase will have a Black Friday sale or not.

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Did Steinberg Cubase Have A Black Friday Sale Last Year?

Steinberg did take part in the sales last year, offering a better saving on all products than this year. Last year you could get 50% off everything, this year it seems to be a tiered sale, depending on what you want to get.

If Black Friday this year is anything like last years, we will see Steinberg run a sale over the Black Friday period.

Last year it was released around the 23rd of November, ending on the 7th of December 2020.

We'd expect to see the same this year, and it looks like we're seeing something similar, with the sale being release on the 25th of November 2022, and ending on the 13th of December 2022.

However, this year is only:

  • 30% off Cubase & upgrades, with free update to 12 when released
  • 30% off Dorico, with free udate to 12 when released
  • 40% off Neundo, Spectralayers, Wavelab Elements
  • 50% off Cubasis, Expansions & Instruments

With the educational discount being 40%, if you're a student, it's actually better to just use your college or university account to verify & get that saving, rather than the Black Friday saving.

Also, if you'd rather check out Cubase before purchasing, you can make use of their 30 day free trial!

Will Steinberg Cubase Have A Black Friday Deal on Upgrades?

This year Steinberg have included upgrades in their Black Friday deals, offering 30% off all upgrades to current users. Alongside upgrades, you get a free update to Cubase 12 when it releases.

Last year Steinberg offered 50% off everything including upgrades, so if it's at all similar this year, we can expect to see some savings on upgrades too.

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