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Baby Audio Black Friday Sale 2023 – All Deals

With the Black Friday plugin deals season ahead, you’re wondering if Baby Audio will have a sale this year. In this article, we’re going to answer whether a Baby Audio Black Friday sale will happen, what deals you should get as a priority, and where to get them.

All The Ongoing Baby Audio Sale Deals Right Now

Deal Link Type Discount Expiry
Baby Audio Smooth Operator Early Black Friday Sale Effects, Dynamic Processor 50% off 2023-11-08
Industry Pro Bundle Bundle Up to 76% off 2023-12-06
Transit Effects, Multi Fx Up to 41% off 2023-12-06
Industry Standard Bundle Bundle Up to 68% off 2023-12-06
BA-1 VST Instruments, Synth Up to 51% off 2023-12-06
Crystalline Effects, Reverb Up to 51% off 2023-12-06
Smooth Operator Effects, Mixing and Mastering Up to 51% off 2023-12-06
IHNY-2 Effects, Compressor Up to 51% off 2023-12-06
Spaced Out Effects, Delay Up to 51% off 2023-12-06
TAIP Effects, Saturation Up to 51% off 2023-12-06
Super VHS Effects, Channel Strip Up to 51% off 2023-12-06
Comeback Kid Effects, Delay Up to 51% off 2023-12-06
Parallel Aggressor Effects, Vocal Processing Up to 51% off 2023-12-06
BA-1 Expansion Packs Expansion Packs Up to 48% off 2023-12-06

Will Baby Audio Have A Black Friday Sale?

Baby Audio Black Friday Sale promotion ad

Definitely! Baby Audio has a good history of offering Black Friday sales. In 2022, they offered discounts of up to 51% on all their plugins and bundles. In 2021, they offered a 44% discount on all their plugins until December 5th. This sale was available on their official website and official plugin retailers like Plugin Boutique.

Black Friday Upgrades and Crossgrades

Baby Audio has a history of offering Black Friday sales on product upgrades and crossgrades, like for example the IHNY-2 upgrade from IHNY-1.


Baby Audio has offered free products in previous Black Friday seasons. For example, in 2021 they offered a free Parallel Aggressor plugin with every purchase of ADSR sounds. In 2022, Baby Audio released a new free plugin called Magic Dice. To get this year’s Black Friday freebie, all you have to do is head over to Baby Audio’s freebie section on their website, pop your email in, and you’ll get a link for the free download. There’s no timed limit on getting this plugin and it’s going to stay up on Baby Audio’s website to download for free forever.

How to make the most of the Baby Audio sale: Which deal(s) should I get as a priority?

Here are the top 4 Baby Audio plugins that we recommend getting as a top priority:

  • Smooth Operator, an EQ, spectral compressor, and resonance suppressor, perfect for achieving tonal balance and creative tone-shaping.
  • Crystalline, is an excellent algorithmic reverb. 
  • Spaced Out, is a delay-reverb hybrid FX plugin. 
  • IHNY-2, a parallel compression plugin, is particularly popular for its user-friendly interface.
  • Super VHS – 1980s lo-fi plugin

Baby Audio make some of the most incredible creative FX, and mixing plugins for an affordable price.

For instance, if you take a look at the price of Soothe 2 vs Baby Audio Smooth Operator – they do the same job, but Soothe is $100 more than Smooth Operator.

Soothe 2 is better at doing this, but if you’re on a budget, Smooth Operator is equally as fantastic, just a little bit stripped back.

I’ve personally used both, and I would highly recommend both. Soothe has the edge, but Smooth Operator was my go-to plugin for sorting out resonance before I got Soothe and at $39 right now, if you need a dynamic resonance suppressor, this is an absolute steal.

If you only want a single Baby Audio plugin this season, then a ~50% saving is all you’re going to make. However, if you want the full range, it’s best to make use of the bundles that they offer. If you are looking to grab all Baby Audio plugins, the Industry Pro Bundle, normally priced at $299, is a must-have. It includes IHNY-2, Crystalline, Spaced Out, TAIP, Smooth Operator, Super VHS, Comeback Kid, and Parallel Aggressor. 

These bundles are already discounted, meaning that, when they’re not on sale, you save money anyway. With the extra percentage off you’ll save even more by making use of the holiday season savings.

How To Get Baby Audio Plugins Cheaper Outside Of Sales Like Black Friday Deals?


You can rent-to-own Baby Audio’s latest plugin, IHNY-2, via Splice’s popular Rent-To-Own model. This means you can get one of the hardest-hitting compressors in the industry for the price of $4.99 per month – for 14 months. You will own the plugin in the end, if you decide IHNY-2 is not for you, you can, of course, cancel anytime. The Baby Audio Industry Pro bundle is also available as RTO on Splice.


The Industry Standard Bundle is one of their most popular bundles, which includes six plugins: IHNY-2, Crystalline, Spaced Out, TAIP, Smooth Operator, and Super VHS. The bundle is priced at $199 and offers a 58% discount compared to purchasing each plugin individually. Baby Audio also offers a Summer Sale where you can save over 50% on creative plugins. The Industry Pro Bundle is then priced at $299 offering a 62% discount and includes all Baby Audio plugins.


Baby Audio offers crossgrade discounts for users who own a previous version of any of the following products: 

    •Parallel Aggressor

    •Super VHS

    •Comeback Kid

    •Spaced Out

    •I Heart NY

    •Magic Switch

The crossgrade discount is available for the following products:

    •Smooth Operator


    •Tape Pro

The discount varies depending on the product and the version you own, but you can expect a 30~50% saving.

Second-hand licenses

Second-hand licenses of Baby Audio plugins are also a great option for significant savings. Note that a $20 administration fee per license transfer is charged, which can be paid by either the original or the new license owner. For a more secure transaction, it’s advisable to contact Baby Audio directly at [email protected]. Regarding avoiding scams, verify the license’s authenticity and adhere to Baby Audio’s transfer procedures. We recommend scouting for second-hand opportunities on platforms like Knobcloud.

Education discount

If you’re a student or teacher in the Audio Engineering field, you can enjoy discounts of up to 45% on Baby Audio’s plugins and bundles. To benefit from the discount, send an email to [email protected], attaching proof of your educational status, such as a copy of your student ID. For example, students at Point Blank School can secure a 45% educational discount on all Baby Audio software by verifying their educational status through email.

Hot to prepare for the Baby Audio Black Friday Sale?

  1. Start saving your cash now. The discounts on music software, instruments & sample packs on Black Friday are crazy. To get the most bang for your buck start putting aside a bit each month, so you have some to play with when those juicy deals drop.
  2. Make a wishlistKnow what Baby Audio plugins you want before Black Friday. It helps you skip irrelevant deals.
  3. Identify needs and set goals – Focus on Baby Audio plugins you’ll actually use. Save money on software that’ll sit unused. Think about your music projects for the next year. Pick plugins that help you achieve those aims. Older versions might be cheaper.
  4. Sign up for mailing lists and alerts. Get one of your promo emails and sign up to lists (like ours), so you can get updates straight to your inbox!
  5. Bookmark this page. We update this hourly during the Black Friday period, and you’ll get all the most up-to-date deals by doing so.
  6. Make sure to join other communities. Places like Reddit and Facebook can be great places to find more information about these deals and stay informed.
  7. Create a Plugin Boutique account to make use of the freebies & get the best plugin deals. Having an account on Plugin Boutique is a must throughout the holiday sale period because they offer some fantastic bonuses for signing up. Like further discounts through tokens and cashback: If you’re gonna be buying a lot through the Black Friday period, these bonuses will all add up. Plus After Black Friday, you’ll also get many benefits for being a Plugin Boutique member. They offer free downloads every month, cash back on your purchases, and keep you up-to-date on the greatest savings all year around. They also team up with plugin manufacturers like iZotope, Native Instruments & other big names, to offer free plugins and fantastic deals, all year round.


If I buy any of the Baby Audio plugins now and buy a bundle including it later, will the bundle be the same price? Or will it account for my already owning one of the plugins in the bundle?

If you buy a Baby Audio plugin now and decide to buy a bundle later, the price of the bundle will be reduced based on the loyalty discount corresponding to the number of plugins you own. They also offer a loyalty discount for existing owners of their plugins following this structure:

  • Owning 1 plugin: 15% off the list price for any new purchases.
  • Owning 2-4 plugins: 25% off the list price for any new purchases.
  • Owning 5 or more plugins: 45% off the list price for any new purchases.

The loyalty discount can be applied to any individual plugins or bundles, and Baby Audio is also open to creating a custom bundle of plugins you wish to purchase together.

Did Baby Audio Have A Black Friday Sale Last Year?

Baby Audio had a Black Friday sale in 2022. They offered discounts of up to 51% on all their plugins and bundles. The sale included the following deals:

  • Baby Audio Bundle: Get All The Plugins for $139 (Save 30%)
  • Crystalline: Next-Generation Reverb Plugin for $49 (Save 51%)
  • Baby Audio Smooth Operator VST Plugin Intelligent Signal Balancer for $39 (Save 43%)
  • IHNY-2 Parallel Compression Plugin for $39 (Save 43%)
  • Baby Audio Spaced Out VST Plugin Lush Ambience Generator for $39 (Save 43%)
  • Baby Audio TAIP VST Plugin AI-Powered Tape Saturator for $39 (Save 43%)
  • Baby Audio Super VHS VST Plugin 1980s Retro Colour Plugin for $29 (Save 41%)

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