The Ultimate Audio Plugin Deals List – VST, AU, AAX, Samples & More!

Here is our list of the best audio plugin deals right now (we update it every week):

Where You Can Find The Best Audio Plugin Deals/Shops

To stay up to date with all the latest deals, other than using this awesome list ;), you can follow a few websites that are always offering new promotions on music software, gear & audio plugin(s).

1. Plugin Boutique

plugin boutique plugin retailler

Plugin Boutique is one of the main places you're gonna find the best audio plugin deals online. They host a wide variety of different deals each month and are always changing their promotions, so that juicy plugin you've had your eye on for a while will likely go on sale eventually.

These guys have been in the game for 9 years and host most popular plugins on the market, so it'll be worth checking here before you check the retailer's website. If they have it on Plugin Boutique, it will (more often than not) be cheaper than you'll find on the official website.

Think of Plugin Boutique as the Wallmart of plugins… they have pretty much everything you're looking for & usually have the best deals.

On Plugin Boutique you can also find a load of free plugins. They have an entire section on their website dedicated to this, so if you don't wanna check out the plugin deals – you can check out their wide variety of freeware VSTs & plugins.

Every month they also do a free giveaway. At the time of writing, they're currently giving away AAS Objeq Delay for free (usually $139), with any purchase. So, when you shop at PB each month, you can make use of the giveaway promotion.

They've given away some pretty amazing plugins with this monthly deal, and there's not a spend limit. So, if you can find something for $0.50 then you can grab a free plugin alongside it.

You can also create a profile & save up plugin points, which you can use on future purchases!

2. Audio Plugin Deals

audio plugin deals

Audio Plugin Deals is another site dedicated to offering the best deals around. When compared to Plugin Boutique, they seem to offer better deals, but in a much lower volume. They work by offering 4 deals every 2-4 weeks and once they're gone, they're gone. During these periods there can be anything from samples, to sampler instruments & plugins. I've yet to see any DAW software or hardware offered here.

They have 2 sections of the website. They have the ‘shop' section, which is where you can purchase plugins from their entire range & browse through what they offer. Here you won't find any of the audio plugin deals – you'll have to use the ‘deals' section of the site for that.

On the deals section, APD update with new deals every 2-4 weeks. These are limited, exclusive deals that they've managed to secure themselves, so you can't find them anywhere else and once they're gone, they're gone.

3. VSTBuzz


VSTBuzz is very similar to Audio Plugin Deals. They don't have a ‘shop' section though. On VSTBuzz you'll find a different list of plugin deals every 2 weeks updated. They usually have 2 main deals on this website you can make use of. These run for a limited time and are exclusive to VSTBuzz, so you can only get them there.

The layout of VSTBuzz is suspiciously similar to Audio Plugin Deals, so I'm gonna assume they are the same company. Like I said above, the best audio plugin savings are found over at APD, the same goes with VSTBuzz – the best VST deals are found here too.

Over on VSTBuzz, you'll only find plugins, effects, instruments etc. That means no sample pack or sampler instrument deals. They are the best for specifically VSTs and audio plugins.

4. Reverb

reverb music retailler

I've mentioned Reverb twice on this list, because they're great for both plugin deals and hardware deals.

Reverb is like the amazon of music retailing. It connects you with multiple music suppliers from around the world. Wherever you are in the world, you'll be able to find someone selling what you're searching for.

Whether that's a brand spanking new copy of Omnisphere (without scratches lol), or a new audio interface/set of monitors, it's good to check Reverb.

5. AudioDeluxe

This is an American music retailer that offers plugin deals online. They offer some pretty crazy deals and are great to check when looking for that new plugin you want.

It's always good to have a number of sites to check and see where you can get the most bang for you buck.

AudioDeluxe offer DAW software, plugins & VST instruments. They have a pretty huge collection of different brands including Waves, AIR, Softube, Presonus & a load more.

6. KVR Marketplace

kvr marketplace

You'll have heard of KVR if you're involved in the music production space. It was originally a website for for plugin developers and users. You'll find a lot of free plugins here, a big forum and community of like-minded people.

You'll find some of the best ‘upcoming' plugin developers over on KVR. It's like the underground music of plugins. You can pick up some amazing plugins on KVR & they have a massive selection of free-to-use plugins.

On KVR you'll find some great plugin deals. It's a place to pick up some really cheap plugins, samples and even music production courses.

Where Can I Find The Best Deals on Hardware/Instruments?

So you know where to get all the best audio plugin deals, but where can you find software?

There's a couple shops online that are really good you should check out:

1. Sweetwater


Sweetwater are simply the best audio retailers online, period. They offer some of the best deals & customer service you'll find in the music retail industry. And, as a bonus, sometimes they even send sweets in your packages!

If you're looking for deals on synths, keyboards, monitors, guitars etc – I would always suggest heading to Sweetwater to see what they have to offer. They are clearly very passionate about what they do and you'll get a great experience shopping there.

2. Gear4Music


If you're not from the US, Gear4Music is your next best bet. They've been in the music retail business for over 2 decades, so they know what they're doing. Since 1999, they've been the go to retailer in the UK & Europe for guitars, pianos, keyboards & even music production gear!

They offer exceptionally quick delivery, awesome customer service and they have a wide range of music production goodness to choose from.

If you're looking for a new audio interface, pair of headphones, a new microphone or synth, then head over to Gear4Music. They also sell music software like Reason, Ableton etc.

Gear4Music also has a clearance section and a used section. This means that you can save a little money if you're fine with using someone's old gear. If it works, then what's the point in spending an extra $500 on a new one?

3. Reverb


Reverb is kinda like Amazon, but for music gear.

It connects you with a load of synth, instrument and software retailers worldwide. If you're looking to pick up an analog synth, it can be really useful to use Reverb to search for the best deals.

It will search a number of music retailers for new, & used gear and show you the best deals for your chosen piece of hardware. It will also share they're location and how much shipping would cost to your country.

Reverb sell pretty much everything you can imagine: plugins, audio hardware, synths, instruments etc. It's a great place to check when wanting to invest in a new piece of real life gear.

4. Thomann


Thomann is another great place you can look for hardware deals. They're a German company and deliver to most of Europe.

From Studio Equipment, to traditional instruments like Violins – you can pretty much get all your musical needs from Thomann. You won't find any software or audio plugin deals here, but it's great for real-life instruments & gear.

The deals aren't as frequent here & usually aren't as good as the others listed here, but it's worth a check, because sometimes they offer some incredible savings on gear. Always good to compare with multiple websites and get your best deal!

Pro Plugin Savings Tip:

Before tucking in to those juicy plugin deals, first want to give you a bit of value, because we’re nice like that.

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By doing this you’ll be entered into Plugin Boutique’s reward scheme, which will help you build up:

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These can be redeemed on future purchases. And, with so many great deals around, it’s definitely worth taking advantage of.

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