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P.O.D. – Lakey Inspired

Coming in hot on our producer of the day list is, Lakey Inspired. And we think he’s going to absolutely blow your mind.


Take a deep breath, settle yourself in and let’s continue.




picture of lakey inspired in his studio
source: here

Lakey Inspired is a multi-faceted musician who lives in the heart of Los Angeles – home to many of the greatest creatives and producer’s alive.

Lakey can just about play anything that has black and white keys to perfection and is seen to have an incredible collection of other musical instruments which feature in his insane production work.

(he’s also an absolute wizard on the guitar)

Mainly operating in the genre of Hip Hop, when listening to Lakey, you can expect to be hit with nothing but soothing, uplifting vibes accompanied by drums grooves that can’t help yourself nodding your head to.

Sounds pretty great right?


His talent doesn’t stop there.

An incredible thing that stood out to us with Lakey Inspired is his hard work ethic.

We all know how hard it is to stand out from the crowd and earn a living through music.


Being disciplined enough to play multiple instruments, and even design your own sounds out of foley is one thing.


having the backbone, grit and determination to work towards a goal, get beat down and face your greatest fears is a whole other level that Lakey has commanded with ease.

“5 years ago I was living w/ my mom making beats on her computer, jobless, no money, just dropped out of high school & had absolutely no following. Today I moved into my new place w/ my own studio & it’s all happening through music.”

Lakey Inspired Instagram

Despite all the above, Lakey has now Inspired hundreds of thousands of producers from around the world, with 300,000 followers to show for it.


You can listen to Lakey Inspired’s stuff here:

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