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P.O.D. – Datsunn

We all know there are tonnes of producers in the industry now, so it’s hard to find people who are unique and stand out.

That’s why here at Whipped Cream Sounds we decided to do the searching for you and find the BEST electronic beat makers out there, so you can add them to your library.

Adding to our extensive list of diamonds in the rough today is – Datsunn music.

Missed the last one?



Datsunn is an incredibly diverse artist and producer who resides in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

He works predominantly in the genre of Hip Hop by entwining a fusion of Funk, Soul and Jazz into his productions.

And you can tell…

Drawing inspiration from the likes legends such as: Roy Ayers and Lewis Taylor, as well as contemporary artists like J Dilla and 9th Wonder, when listening to his music, you can expect a dense collection of mouth-watering chords andfat, juicy drum beats that knock your head back and forth.


Datsunn’s music can be found across multiple platforms. and you can find his main work in the following places:


We’ll let the music do the talking.

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