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P.O.D. – Absynapse Beats

After a long weekend attending a business event where we covered all the social media, we’re back on the grind.

(we know you missed us ?)

And what better way to start the week?

Introducing our 5th producer of the day – Absynapse Beats

If you missed the last one: check it here


Absynapse Beats is a versatile producer coming all the way from the land of incredible music, parties & chocolate: Belgium

He works predominantly in the genre of Hip Hop & Trap and is an absolute wizard at replicating any style.

Showing versatility through, not only replicating the sounds of current artists like, Travis Scott, Tyga & Playboi Carti, but the ability to create his own, unique style that really stands out from most producers in the scene.

One thing that really stepped above the mark with us from Absynapse, was his willingness to share his knowledge with his community.

Absynapse Beats doesn’t only make bangers, he gives back…

When landing on his page, you can be instantly greeted with incredible production tutorial videos that are insanely detailed!

If you’re looking for producer tips, we’d definitely recommend following him!


Absynapse Beats’ work isn’t invisible and is available on multiple platforms for your listening pleasure.

If you want to listen to his work, you can expect to hear somewhat dystopian melodies accompanied by bass that will move your innards.

You can listen to his stuff below:


That’s it from us for today.

We hope you’re enjoying the series so far and, if you know anyone who would like a feature, don’t hesitate to DM us on Instagram. Moreover, you can also check out Datsunn – a unique music producer post to know more about it.

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