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P.O.D. – Johnny Slash

Today’s producer of the day is, Johnny Slash.

And there’s good reason.

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Johnny Slash is an American Hip Hop producer who is no stranger to the drum pads.

He operates in the genre of Hip Hop using samples as his main weapon of choice by manipulating them to create that classic boom bap, head nodding sound.

In many of Johny’s videos we can see him commanding the Native Instruments Maschine Mk2 like no other.

Sounds like pure talent right?

Well it doesn’t stop there.

On top of his incredible work rate, churning out albums and beats that are of superior quality…

Johnny Slash also owns an entire line of merchandise that is just straight up fire.


Johnny Slash is on a number of platforms and also has his own website.

You can check out his stuff here:

Thanks for tuning in.

Be sure to follow Johnny on all platforms and check his stuff out! And while you’re there, give us a follow on Instagram to stay up to date with everything music production.

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