P.O.D. – Eyht

Coming in today on our Producer of The Day list is the one and only – Eyht.

And as you know…

We only ever feature the best of the best on here.


Grab your popcorn and settle in.

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Eyht is a 28 year old producer coming straight from Austria who works predominantly in the Electronic and Pop Punk genre.

He’s a multi-instrumentalist with 5 years under his belt.

And it shows!

Not only can he create incredible grooves with crisp drums that cut through any mix, Ehyt is also a keys specialist.

Just when you thought he couldn’t do any more:

Eyht also works with other artists from around the globe, and is currently working on an electronic acoustic duo alongside Mella Casata.


Using Logic Pro X as his main weapon, you can expect to hear nothing more than addictive grooves and luscious melodies from Eyht.


You can listen to his work here:


We actually got the chance to speak with Eyht and he said:

“I’m Inspired by so many different Artists, … like Bullet for my Valentine and Asking Alexandria Blink 182 , Sum 41, Rival Schools, Wheatus Starting to study the greats on Jazz Drums (Max Roach, Jack DeJohnette, Indie Artists like M83, Bon Iver, Flume and more”


That’s it for today. Make sure you check out Eyht, and while you’re there, give us a follow on Instagram.

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