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Part Time Producer Joins Whipped Cream Sound

We’re excited to announce that Whipped Cream Sounds has acquired Part-Time Producer, a favorite hub for bedroom producers seeking the best production tools and techniques. 

This move strengthens our commitment to providing you with the most comprehensive resources to level up your musical creations.

As of February 24, 2024, Part Time Producer is now part of the Whipped Cream Sounds family.

About Part Time Producer

Founded in 2019 by Martin “Marty” Glover, Part Time Producer has earned a reputation among bedroom music producers for its in-depth Bitwig Studio tutorials, music production guides and unbeatable deals on music software and plugins. As Marty puts it:

“I started Part Time Producer as a place where aspiring music producers could learn to create professional music on a part-time schedule and budget. My goal has always been to help artists with limited time and resources make great music through simplified production tutorials and exclusive discounts.”

Martin Glover, Parttimeproducer.com founder

With its focused tutorials for music producers using Bitwig, as well as curated deals on must-have tools like virtual instruments and effects, Part Time Producer has become a go-to learning hub for bedroom beatmakers.

What Does This Mean for You?

  • Even More Tutorials: Get ready for in-depth Bitwig Studio guides to take your workflow to the next level.
  • The Best Deals on Software & Plugins: Take advantage of exclusive discounts on the tools you need to make professional-sounding tracks.
  • Insider Tips for Bedroom Producers: Learn proven strategies to elevate your music production skills, even on a limited budget.

For producers specifically focused on Bitwig Studio, Marty’s in-depth tutorials remain available. 

And any Whipped Cream Sounds reader looking to improve their production skills, sound design, or plugin library now have direct access to Part Time Producer’s expert-led learning materials and exclusive deals.

Together with Part Time Producer, we can provide aspiring musicians a truly comprehensive education in every aspect of music creation.

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