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Solid Sounds with Voxengo TEOTE review

Voxengo TEOTE

Voxengo Teote is a multi effect tool for use in both mixing and mastering.

In mixing, TEOTE sounds good on pretty much any material. That is what they say about this multi effect plugin. We check it out in out Voxengo Teote review here at Part Time Producer.

Getting started with the Voxengo Teote review

First things first, I have to admit that I had a few teething issues getting this plugin to load in Bitwig Studio. Trying in both Bitwig Studio 3 and Bitwig Studio 4, I was hit with a VST loading error.

I didn’t want this to stop my Voxengo Teote review and as I have so much confidence in Bitwig, I was able to load the VST2 version of the plugin.

Part Time Producer multi effect plugin Voxengo teote review www.parttimeproducer.com
I could load the plugin using the VST2 version

I will stress this was most likely an issue with my machine at the time of install, as I did not experience this with the Mac version of the plugin. Putting that aside and now we are installed, lets get on with the Voxengo Teote Review.

Overview of features

In our Voxengo Teote review we will take a look at a number of features of this multi effect plugin. They say that it can be used pretty much anywhere in an audio session and that it sounds good on pretty much any material. Well that is a good thing because I’ve got a whole host of naff audio that I can test this with.

The main screen is the standard looking Voxengo no nonsense dark and green colouring. Those of you who use Voxengo SPAN and Voxengo SPAN Plus will be familiar with this look and feel.

I don’t mind this with audio plugins because you know where you stand. No messing, much like the old Waves.com Gold plugins were (don’t forget to get your 10% off at Waves.com with this link).

Voexngo teote main screen
Our Voxengo Teote review says “basic but functional”

Some features to note in the program are:

  • Automatic spectral balancing
  • Selectable processing band count
  • Unlinked stereo processing
  • Multi-band gain adjustments meter
  • Stereo and multi-channel processing
  • Preset manager
  • A/B comparisons

These are only a selection of what is on offer, but were a few key ones to pick out. One useful feature I found myself going back to using quite regularly was the A/B comparisons.

It allows an effect change to be heard between one effect and another. Additionally, bypassing the plugin allows the whole effect to be turned off which it another method to test the effect being applied.

Presets included

As you may know by now from all my other reviews, I love a good preset. There are a number to choose from bundled within Teote to help you with mixing various parts of your different tracks or mastering the entire production.

Presets include settings for Bass, Vocals and Drums in addition to general overall mixing and mastering.

Voxengo Teote review looks at the bundled presets
Voxengo Teote review looks at the bundled presets

So what’s under the hood?

How does Voxengo Teote work? What actually does it do? In the real world when comparing this to other audio plugins of its kind it sits within the Dynamic Equaliser category of VST plugins.

The sound spectrum gets moulded and shifted to balance a mix. This means it looks at the various elements of your mix and adjusts the necessary frequency areas which can be notorious for causing harshness or rumblings.

There obviously are other plugins which can achieve a similar output but there is something about the Voxengo range which gives me confidence of quality in a plugin.

Speaking of plugins, don’t forget to take a look at the Part Time Producer audio plugin deals page for up to date savings on plugins.

The bottom line of this plugin is that TEOTE will look to straighten the frequency response. This in turn will make further adjustments a lot easier and in the long run it will remove a lot of repeating work.

A good plugin to have in your toolbox, along with Voxengo Span of course!

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