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Extra Cool Plugin: Trackspacer Review In Bitwig Studio

Wavesfactory Trackspacer

Our Trackspacer review of an automatic dynamic EQ to filter clashing parts of a mix. A very clever plugin.

In our Wavesfactory Trackspacer review we check out some of the functions possible when using Wavesfactory Trackspacer in Bitwig Studio as a dynamics audio plugin. Put simply, Trackspacer is a dynamic EQ plugin which makes room in your mix.

Why a Wavesfactory Trackspacer review?

In simple terms, Wavesfactory made this amazing plugin called Trackspacer 2. The plugin carves room in your mix EQ so as to not have EQ bands or various frequencies overlap and clutter up.

For example, a vocal range of a male or female voice can cover between 400 to 800Hz. I’m this frequency range there are also a number of other instruments which can sit in here. Lead synths, snares, guitars. It can be quite a wide area of overlap for a mix.

You could scoop out an area of the guitar and make room for a vocal using an EQ plugin. Or you can use Trackspacer to do it for you on the fly. We found when doing the Trackspacer review that it will listen to the incoming signal and match the signal frequency.

Then it will dip that frequency at the relevant point and time so as to the other instrument or voice will have room made for it to shine through. Clever huh?

Not Just Vocals

So we don’t need to just use Trackspacer on vocal chains. The possibilities are endless on your mixes. In my example, I’m looking to make some space on a bassline for a kick drum.

It is very similar to the Dynamics sidechain hack I spoke about in an earlier post, but Trackspacer goes one better. The fact with Trackspacer in Bitwig Studio is that it can separate and sidechain frequencies.

Adding on the Bass mixer track that I have, I can select the sidechain input for the Trackspacer device and choose the Kick 4/4 mixer track as the source input. This is what it is to listen out for before processing the signal.

Trackspacer in Bitwig Studio sidechain input
Use the Sidechain Input button to select your sidechain signal

So once in the flow, the signal coming in can be detected on the Bass mixer track. It is here that the plugin really comes in to it’s own element when doing this Trackspacer review. We can now select the frequency scope to listen out for and only filter that specific frequency where it matches.

Dialling in the amount of reduction will allow you to decide how much the plugin will effect the inbound signal. You are also able to high pass filter and low pass filter to pick out the area of the mix you really want to target.

Wavesfactory Trackspacer review in bitwig studio Amount dial in
Dial in the amount of signal processing

Dynamics or Trackspacer in Bitwig Studio?

Is Trackspacer better than the native Dynamics plugin built in to Bitwig? In a word, yes. Obviously it is not a native plugin for Bitwig Studio, however it is certainly in the list of must have plugins for Bitwig.

Although it functions in much the same way as Dynamics, using Trackspacer in Bitwig Studio will allow you to filter out the target EQ frequencies in order to avoid needing to manually set the knee and ratio settings.

I would say for one particular frequency, such as using a kick bass combination, the frequencies rarely change. This would be better placed for the Dynamics plugin as once a ratio is set, it will be ok to use and leave as is.

Trackspacer in Bitwig Studio comes in to play when there are multiple frequencies such as a vocal track. Setting these manually and automating EQ settings becomes tedious and complex. Take the hard work out by using Wavesfactory Trackspacer in Bitwig Studio instead!

Where to buy Wavesfactory Trackspacer

Purchase the plugin from Plugin Boutique (sometimes they even have an offer on where you will get a free plugin with any purchase. It is an instant download and you can be up and running straight away.

This is one of the must have plugins for Bitwig Studio. You will not regret this purchase and we certainly have put it on more and more mixes since doing this Wavesfactory Trackspacer review.

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