How Musicians Can Use Video Content to Grow Their Audience

Are you curious about how musicians can use video content to grow their audiences?

Social media has brought in a new wave in marketing and there are many different things that a person or a business can do to promote themselves on their social media platforms.

However, understanding what is trending or what your audience will like is very important.

Video content is clearly on the rise. You don’t have to look much further than the evolution of Instagram, which used to just be about images, to see how important video content is.

People want to see more and more video content which means, all businesses and individual influencers are adjusting their strategies and making video content a priority on their social media platforms.

If you are a musician, you too can leverage the power of video content and probably already have in some shape of form. Whether that’s a music video, behind the scenes studio footage, or going live with fans.

You can create a buzz around your music, grow your audience and reach new fans around the world by implementing the various types of video content available to you.

Without a doubt, social media is one of the best places to showcase your talents and cultivate a loyal fanbase.

It’s no secret that a musician in 2023 must focus on social media marketing to grow their music career and in this post we look at how musicians can use videos to grow their audience.

6 Ways Musicians Can Use Social Media for Growing An Audience

As a musician, your primary objective is to make people aware of your talent. You also want them to engage with your content and appreciate your art. Here are a few things that you can do with video content to achieve this:

How-to Videos

Millions of people are active on social media and many of these users turn to social media to help them acquire a new skill. If you are a musician, this is a great opportunity to help other musicians out there and gain new fans. You can create videos explaining your step-by-step process of creating music or even teach others how to play the guitar or piano.

You can keep it simple with a quick overview or get really in depth. Lots of musicians teach music lessons on the side and use video on their social platforms to promote and showcase their services. The options are endless here in terms of content, as some artists also create relevant videos for other musicians, related to marketing or ways to crowdfund an album for example.

Behind the Scenes Videos

Fans love the idea of being a VIP or getting the inside scoop. They love your music which is great but they likely have many lingering questions that can all be answered if you give them a glimpse into your world. 

Peel back the curtain and give your fans a look behind the scenes. Let them in on what inspired that last album, what your rehearsals look like, all the planning that went into your project and even what goes into a successful music release. All of this can be done with behind-the-scenes video to build excitement among your audience.

These videos are generally quirky and full of moments that will entertain your audience. You can use any tool to create a video online and then promote it on your social media channels.

Try to capture moments that will make for valuable video content later. There are several artists out there who create such videos and you should check them out to draw some inspiration for your own behind-the-scenes video.

behind the scenes videos

Online Concerts

If you want your viewers to look forward to your music, it is important to be present on various social media channels. During the pandemic, people have got a taste of online concerts, and they seem to like them. 

You can arrange an online concert to bring your music in front of them and there are several tools out there that can facilitate the process of an online concert for you. People keep pouring their love and giving feedback during the duration of this concert. It will help if you keep engaging with them throughout the performance.

Once your concert is launched, you can take some bits of the event and create a video. You can then post the video on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. You can also pre-record the concert and launch it on these same platforms.

Fan Spotlight Videos

Recognizing your followers and fans for their constant support is a great idea and you can create a video to show how thankful you are for their support. For instance, if you reach a benchmark of 50,000 followers, you can create a video to thank the people who have made this possible.

Gratitude takes you a long way, especially on social media.

Alternatively, you can recognize your most active followers. You can also organize a giveaway for your followers to increase your engagement and reach on social media.

Music Video Slideshows

Showing your face or your presence while singing a song is excellent. However, it is vital to break the monotony sometimes and do something out of the box. You can record your audio and create a video slideshow with music by adding your song to a series of pictures or videos.

Alternatively, if you have a montage or a promo video, you can spice things up a little and make a mashup for your audience.

However, if you plan to launch a music video, you must edit it carefully. You cannot just keep adding random images and clips to the video. You must build a sync between the images or the videos and then try to edit them.

You can also make them interesting by adding narratives, beats, etc. You can make a year-end snapshot video using this technique.

Work on all kinds of video content

While short videos are the call of the hour, even long videos work when it comes to music. You must have a platform-based strategy to decide the type of video on different channels.

If you have a presence on TikTok or Instagram, you must create short music videos to engage with your audience.

However, if you also have a YouTube channel, you must post full music videos on the channel to keep it active. You can also post a snippet of your long video on channels like Instagram to drive traffic to the long video. As a musician, it is important to experiment with different videos to cater to all of your audience bases.

You must also use the story and the live feature to engage better with your audience. Try to understand the algorithm of different social media channels before you post your next video content.

Final Thoughts on How Musicians Can Use Video Content To Grow Their Audience

As a musician, you need to keep a tab on social media and then create videos that help you in increasing your audience. Experimentation is the key when it comes to video content. Try different kinds of videos before you decide on a video marketing strategy for your social media platforms. Whatever type of video content you choose, you will probably need to fine-tune it in some way. There are various techniques and tools available to help you improve it. Check out this article on how to make a low quality video look better and just follow a step-by-step guide to enhance your footage. With a little bit of editing magic, you can transform your video into a visually captivating and professional-looking masterpiece that will engage your audience and boost your social media presence.

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