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How To Setup A Twitter Account For Musicians The Easy Way

Curious about how to setup a Twitter account for musicians?

Twitter has changed a lot over the last decade. What started as a place for users to share what they are doing throughout their day now has a massive impact on politics and the music industry. 

While the future of Twitter remains uncertain due to the ongoing debate regarding free speech on online platforms, Twitter remains the go-to platform for individuals of all walks of life to amplify their thoughts and ideas. 

If you’re not already on Twitter — or are still not used to the platform — this article will get you up and running. 

how to setup a Twitter account for musicians

Getting Started on Twitter

If you don’t already have a Twitter account, let’s get one started for you now! 

To get started on Twitter, you will need to sign up for an account using an email address or a phone number. 

Regardless of the method you use to sign up, Twitter will need to verify the method given — if you used your phone number this will be done via SMS text message with a code, if you used your email address you will be sent an email confirmation to click through. 

Next, you will have to choose a username on Twitter — in your case, choose the username that is closest to the name you release your music under. 

For example, if you are Miley Cyrus, your first pick for a username on Twitter would be @MileyCyrus. If your first pick for a username is taken, try adding an underscore or an extra letter. 

After choosing a username and registering your account with an email and/or a phone number — your Twitter account is live and ready to be branded. 

Branding Your Profile

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, so how do you stand out amongst millions of users? 

One way to visually stand out is by branding your profile properly and making use of all of Twitter’s customizable features — all of which can be found by going to your Twitter profile and clicking the ‘Edit Profile’ button. 

When choosing a Twitter profile photo, select a photo that visually represents you and that will fit well in a small, circular frame. 

This can be a photo of you, your album cover, or an image of your logo. Your header image on Twitter is displayed on the top of your profile and is the perfect place to put a larger, landscape image of yourself or an image with text. 

Twitter recommends the dimensions for your header image to be 1500 x 500 pixels. 

Since your profile picture and your header image will be displayed next to each other, try to match the colors or tones of each photo so they complement each other — better yet, use photos from the same photoshoot if you are using a photo of yourself for each of the photos. 

The last step to branding your profile is adding a short bio to tell Twitter users about who you are. 

In your bio, you can state you are a musician — but make sure to add your own flair to your bio for some personality. 

This is also where you should place your email address, or if you have one, the email address of your management. 

Establishing A Purpose For Your Twitter Account

There are many potential purposes for your Twitter account, and you can always find a happy medium between all of them. 

Choosing a focus for your Twitter profile does not mean you are limited to the kind of content you can post — this is just an area to focus on and explore to get you started. 

Meme Twitter

As soon as Twitter gave users the option to add photos and videos along with their tweets, Twitter became home to some of the Internet’s most influential memes. 

Today, you can almost always expect to see a meme alongside any breaking news story. So if you have natural comedic talents, try your hand at creating some relevant memes.

News Twitter

Many activists and journalists use Twitter as their main platform to share links to news stories and post commentary on current events. 

Many musicians and creatives use Twitter similarly to maintain politically engaged and amplify important issues to their followers. 

If you see something trending online or in the world that you have a strong opinion on, don’t shy away from chiming in and engaging with other Twitter users — but try to keep things in good taste.

Promotional Twitter

Musicians who don’t spend that much time on Twitter find themselves tweeting only when they have something to promote to their followers. 

It is important to tweet about things that you have going on, especially an upcoming event or music release, but this should not be the sole purpose of your Twitter or any of your social media platforms. 

Unless you are an established artist with millions of followers — aim to be personable on Twitter, not just promotional. 

Final Thoughts On how to setup a Twitter account for musicians

The growth Twitter has seen over recent years is incredible, and with new features being rolled out frequently I’m confident that we have not seen Twitter’s peak yet. 

As Twitter continues to compete against other emerging social media platforms by supporting different mediums and encouraging users to try out different features, Twitter may be the platform for you to cultivate an audience. 

So stay consistent with your tweets, connect with other musicians and people in the music industry through Twitter, and don’t be afraid to (professionally) slide into someone’s Twitter DM’s. 

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