How Much Does Mixing and Mastering Cost? (Answer From A Pro Engineer)

How much does mixing & mastering cost?

Whether you’re an upcoming singer or a seasoned band that writes its own music, getting your tracks mixed and mastered by a quality engineer is vital to getting a professional-sounding, radio-worthy product. However, being aware of how much mixing and mastering costs and how they vary can help you make an informed decision. To simplify … Read more

The Best Mastering Limiter Plugins for Producers (Shootout w/Audio Examples)

best mastering limiter plugins

Limiters are dynamic processors (very similar to compressors) that are often used by mastering engineers to get a song to a commercial level. They work as a ceiling to prevent a signal from passing beyond a prefixed threshold by applying very hard compression to it. This compression helps glue together the different elements in your … Read more

6 Best Free Metering Plugins (Tested By A Full-Time Mixing Engineer)

free metering plugins

They say, “mix with your ears and not your eyes,” but what if I tell you that’s not necessarily right? In fact, relying only on your ears might be why your mixes don’t sound as great. And, using the free plugins listed below may be able to help! Most audio professionals in today’s world work … Read more