mastering in headphones

10 Tips For Creating Better Sounding Masters In Headphones

Mastering in headphones is the only option for us bedroom producers who don’t have a huge budget or fancy gear and, luckily for you, you can still get a master that competes with the competition using only headphones! In this article we’re gonna run you through a step by step process to mastering using only

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32bit floating explained

What Is 32 Bit Floating? (Explained)

The difference in audio file quality, between a 24 bit fixed point WAV and a 32 bit floating point file is negligible. 32-Bit Floating does however, have a lot of headroom, that lets you make mistakes during recording, without experiencing any unwanted clipping. Which is Better 16 bit, 24 bit, or 32 bit? To understand

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what is audio saturation

What Is Audio Saturation? (Explained)

One of the most popular effects in recent times, saturation is everywhere but, unfortunately, not many people understand it. This article will explain what saturation is as well as the different types of saturation. We’ll also run through some awesome tips and tricks, so you can saturate your audio with confidence. What Is Saturation In

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dragon fire review denise audio
Plugin Deals

Denise Audio Dragon Fire Review

Cons ❌ Preset browser is folder based, rather than built in. ❌ No initialise button Pros ✅ Tonal compression, EQ before, and after compression EQ all in one. ✅ Push/Pull feature, allowing for natural compression that doesn’t ruin the tonal balance of your sound. For instance, 100% pull will add no additional frequencies to the

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cloudbounce review

CloudBounce Review – The Best AI Mastering in 2021? (Solved)

Cons ❌ Not as good as the human touch you’ll get from a professional engineer. ❌ Cloud storage doesn’t come with single masters Pros ✅ Affordable, professional mastering at as low as $9.90 per track on pay as you go plans. ✅ High quality mastering which sounds better than a cheap engineer. ✅ Hi-res audio

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How To Fix Muddy Bass (Solved in 5 Simple Steps)

Here’s how you can fix a muddy bass: Bass is muddy due to low-end frequencies between 0-40Hz. Other instruments can clash with bass, because even high frequency sounds contain low-end information. To fix a muddy bass, use high pass filtering to remove the 0-40Hz range from other tracks that don’t need it. This will make

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mixing sub bass

Sub Bass Mixing – 6 Tips To Get Your Mix Car Ready

Mixing sub bass can be difficult to master. It can sound good in your headphones, but when you play it in speakers, your phone or the car – it just sounds muddy and lost. In this post I’m gonna share with you 5 juicy tips to improve your sub bass mixing. I use these on

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