What Is The Difference Between Mixing and Mastering? (Everything A Producer Should Know)

what is the difference between mixing and mastering

Mixing and mastering is the most important stage in the audio production process, which can greatly affect how a song sounds. Over the past few years, we have noticed that these two processes are often misunderstood and confused with each other among those who are less familiar with music production. In this article, we are … Read more

How Much Does Mixing and Mastering Cost? (Answer From A Pro Engineer)

How much does mixing & mastering cost?

Whether you’re an upcoming singer or a seasoned band that writes its own music, getting your tracks mixed and mastered by a quality engineer is vital to getting a professional-sounding, radio-worthy product. However, being aware of how much mixing and mastering costs and how they vary can help you make an informed decision. To simplify … Read more