Free Synth VST Plugins (Updated 2022)

Free synth VST plugins keep improving year on year. And, where before you couldn’t find a free synth that was capable or had the same features as a paid synth, now that’s no longer the case. In this article, we’ll cover the best free synth VST plugins for new & advanced producers. There’s a huge … Read more

4 Free & Paid J-Bridge Alternatives For Windows & Mac

jbridge alternatives

While most plugin developers and modern computers use 64-bit systems, there are still tons of great plugins that never got updated from a 32-bit architecture (these are mostly free plugins). JBridge is a great tool when you want to bridge your 32-bit VST plugins into a 64-bit DAW. At $10, JBridge isn’t expensive at all, … Read more

6 Garageband Alternatives for Windows & Mac (That Don’t Suck)

garageband alternatives

Garageband is an incredible DAW but it’s only available for Mac users. You may have seen sites claiming to have Garageband for Windows working, but this is false. These could be buggy emulations or malware, so steer clear and beware. It’s better to install a DAW that runs natively on Windows. You could get Garageband … Read more

The 4 Best Open Source DAWs To Record & Create Music With

best open source daws

Open source DAWs can be a great option for people who love to get “under the hood” of their software. But with so many free open-source DAW options available online, it raises the question – which is best? Are open-source DAWs good for beginners, and if so, which ones are the best? In this article, … Read more

The Best Free EQ Plugins Available in 2022

best free eq plugins

EQ or equalisation plugins are a necessary tool for your music production sessions. They allow you to shape and sculpt the frequency spectrum of audio between 20Hz – 20kHz. This is particularly useful because it allows you to remove nasty unwanted frequencies, like resonances, or even boost the parts you want to be more audible. … Read more

Is Spectrasonics Omnisphere Better Than Serum? (Solved)

is omnisphere better than serum

So you’re wondering whether Serum is better than Omnisphere, and if Omnisphere is really worth the extra money. The short answer is that Omnisphere is better. It’s more powerful, and has a lot more use than Serum. However, it’s not that simple. They both have their own purposes in a music production setup, and it’s … Read more

Free Saturation VST Plugins

best free saturation vst plugins

Saturation is an essential music production tool. It’s one of the most useful audio effects you can use to add character and warmth to your sounds. You can use saturation on anything from Snares to make them pop more, to Bass lines that need a little extra oomph. Saturation is great in a mixing scenario, … Read more

The Best Free Delay Plugins Ever (Updated 2022)

best free delay vst plugins

Delay is an essential tool in a music producer’s VST plugin arsenal. Delay is responsible for creating space, and an almost echo like effect when applied to your sounds. It’s a fantastic sound design tool, and especially great to use when creating things like build-ups, or when you just want a bit of ambience in … Read more