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Seasonal inspiration (or lack of) when producing

Do you find that certain parts of the year you lack inspiration when it comes to making music? There is a lot to be said for the weather, climate and our environment when looking for inspiration.

Take a look at where you produce. For most of us (especially those using this site – part time producers) you’ll have a bedrorom DJ setup or home music studio. It may just be a laptop and headphones setup but either way, a few little tweaks can help inspire you.

Seasons effecting music production

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a condition which can effect people depending on the outside conditions. The NHS provide some good information on this condition and it does exist. It can effect people in numerous ways and even a mild form of this can cause lack of inspiration.

However sometimes the mere fact it is cold and miserable can cause lack of inspriation even without this condition!

Others have found the reverse effect happens during the Spring/Summer months. The lack of inspiration occurs because we feel we should be outside enjoying the nature and wild life so keeping hoarded up indoors is not where we want to be.

The key is getting the right balance of fresh air and excerise while keeping focused when you have a good track idea. (Easier said than done right?)

Have a look at your studio setup and environment. Consider adding some plants to your setup. They breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. (You remember that from school right?) Help keep the air fresh!

My www.parttimeproducer.com studio where I try and get inspriation

Not all studios have to be dark dingy places. Having natural light can really help keep you awake during the day or set the mood at night.

When you can see the moon you know it is night time. When it is bright, it is day time. Obvious, but subconsciously your body can benefit from knowing when it should be awake or asleep.

Fresh air is important too. with the addition of a window then why not consider opening it? Providing you are not living by a motorway and trying to record, it is nice to have a bit of fresh air blowing through, especially on a hot day (or a long recording session with a sweaty guitarist!!)

We don’t all have a full time studio setup but sometimes a midi keyboard and headphones is enough to take with to go outside and produce. Take a walk to the park and sit down on a bench watching the ducks.

Don;t even take a laptop, just a guitar – or a pen and paper and write down lyrics. Or a voice recorder and record a melody that you make up on the spot.

So much inspiration can come from just being alone with your thoughts. My recording gear combines a few of these elements but sometimes just a pen is all you need.

Try something different to inspire you. Write when you don’t feel like writing. Change a songs key and swap the bassline around. Invert the chords. So much can be changed by doing so little.

Finally, take breaks – a few minutes, a few hours. Days, weeks even if it helps. Don’t force inspiration. Listen to your body and give it what it needs. Your best work is either written or waiting to be written. Wonderful things are still possible.

Happy producing.

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