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Quick fire 10 questions with Polarity

We catch up with Berlin based Drum and Bass producer, and more importantly Bitwig Studio wizard, Polarity. Polarity offers some of the content found within the default Bitwig install known as Polarity Tools.

How long have you been producing music for?

For about 25 years, if you include the first attempts.

Tell us a bit about your style of production?

I combine a lot from the styles Drum & Bass, Ambient and everything in between.

What influences made you want to take up music production as a hobby?

Back then I really listened to a lot of big beat music. Big loud breaks combined with synthesizers. Chemical Brothers & Prodigy had a big influence on me.

Is there a particular memorable piece of kit you have used that you loved or hated?

Not really. I’ve never been particularly fond of things or tools. Tools are only a means to an end for me and are actually replaced or renewed regularly.

How much time do you get to spend producing?

Every day I try to produce something, try something new or continue my studies. Some free time is always available and practice makes good results more frequent.

What tips do you have for making the most of your time?

Don’t delay decisions.

Aside from music production, what other skills would you say are important for amateur musicians in getting noticed?

A steady, public & appropriate content flow can help massively. Be present everywhere and share your knowledge.

What would you change about the “industry” if you could?

Music industry without money would be very interesting.

What is the big dream?

I don’t have a really big overriding goal, but I’d like to keep making music & sounds as long as possible and maybe make a living from it.

Dead or alive, who would be the one musician you’d like to work with and why?

A nice nerd talk with Hans Zimmer would be fun.

In Conclusion

Polarity offers some great insight in to the world of Drum n Bass and continues to offer fantastic Bitwig tutorials and video guides on Youtube. Take a look at his website for more information.

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