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In The Meantime: Artist Spotlight With Jonee

We had the opportunity to catch up with Jonee of Port Arthur, Texas to discuss her New EP “In The Meantime” – and learn more about the influences that have shaped her music. 

Artist Spotlight Interview With Jonee

The Singer-Songwriter, is an up-and-coming artist from Port Arthur, Texas, she brings her Neo-Soul/Pop vibe throughout singles like “Intentions” & “Own Beat”

Check Out Her New EP – “In The Meantime” Available Now On Spotify & Apple Music. 

Song from the interview: “Own Beat” 

New EP Out Now – “In The Meantime”  

Artist Spotlight With Jonee

“Port Arthur, Texas native Faith Johnson is one of those rare talents that has it all – charisma, beauty, and brains, and a raw penchant for learning all she can in order to hone her crafts. 

Music, acting, and modeling have allowed Faith to see the world – while being a good steward of her God-given gifts. Never one to quit, Faith faces challenges head-on. 

This 21-year-old has that down-home, Southern charm that captures one’s attention and doesn’t let it go! Faith is a Music Artist, Actress, Model, and Activist!”

Apple Music:… 






Interview Timestamps

2:14 Introducing the artist

4:02 Describing the kind of music she creates

4:58 Discussing her writing process

5:54 Musical inspirations

7:15 How other experiences contribute to the music

10:12 Inspiration for the new EP

13:05 How much of a challenge has it been to release music given the pandemic

16:22 Favorite track from the EP

17:50 Learning more about the collaboration process

20:14 What the music scene is like in Texas

23:56 Dream collaborations

26:03 Silver lining of the pandemic

28:31 Best advice received from a musician

31:00 Music related superstitions/rituals

34:06 What’s next for the artist

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