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Breaking Down Artist Growth In The Houston Music Scene

An Interview with Nathan Williams of Artistic Elevation We break down artist growth in the Houston area and what aspiring artists need to consider before stepping into a recording studio. 

When it comes to your hard-earned money, you want to ensure you’re getting the most out of your studio time.

We also touch on how to find the positives whether you’re in a large music market like Houston or a smaller market. 

Nathan Williams on Artistic Elevation – “We founded Artistic Elevation Music Studio so you can have access to what we needed: quality studio time at low rates. 

We strive to help you release high-quality music at an affordable price. With our mixing, mastering, and producing expertise, you can create music that you and your fans love.” 

Nathan Williams

Nathan Williams Interview Timestamps:

2:04 – Learning more about Nathan and how he got involved in music

3:02 – Learning more about Artistic Elevation and who is all involved 

4:21 – What services are offered at Artistic Elevation 

6:03 – How the pandemic has impacted business 

8:53 – Opinion on what artists should focus on when working with a shoestring budget 

12:40 – Experience dealing with multiple artists and creative styles 

16:10 – Best practices when recording at a studio 

19:37 – The best piece of music advice received 

22:55 – Artists coming out of the Houston Music Scene

27:03 – Advice for what artists should focus on when it comes to marketing 

34:41 – Closing words 

38:59 – Market in Houston

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